Lovely Links: 8/16/13

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I was treated to an AMAZING facial experience at the new Bluemercury at the Galleria last week (evidence here), and am super impressed by the shop and spa. In addition to offering facials, waxing, massage, and professional makeup, Bluemercury stocks faves like Nars, Bobbi Brown, and Laura Mercier. If you’re in the Twin Cities, swing by the Grand Opening on Friday, August 23 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. They’ll be giving away totes with deluxe samples, serving champagne and hors d’ourves, and dishing out expert advice about skincare and cosmetics!

Fall is on its way, and most of us are revving up for wardrobe culling and style revision! Here’s a quick reminder of the tools I’ve created to help make those processes less stressful and more fun:

* * * * *

A friend asked me to give some pointers about dressing for workouts, and I was reminded of this great list of style resources over at Green Mountain at Fox Run’s website. (I helped them put this list together!) Especially of interest: Juno Active by Junonia, a company that creates activewear through 6X, including petite and tall sizes!

Here are 17 things you shouldn’t say to a woman with short hair. (Via Beverly Like Hills) Did you know Beyonce just joined the Pixie Club?

From the book Venus with Biceps, “There is something profoundly upsetting about a proud, confident, unrepentantly muscular woman. She risks being seen by her viewers as dangerous, alluring, odd, beautiful or, at worst, a sort of raree show. She is, in fact, a smorgasbord of mixed messages. This inability to come to grips with a strong, heavily muscled woman accounts for much of the confusion and downright hostility that often greets her.”

Katrina rocks a gray utility jacket, skinnies, and high-tops.

A quick reminder that self-acceptance is a process, not a destination.

On a related note, this article on the mechanics of self-love offers some really valuable and actionable ways to rewrite your inner dialogues about yourself and make choices that feel caring and loving.

Most debates over swimsuits aren’t actually about swimsuits.

And related to THAT, check out this amazing roundup of reviews of large bust swimsuits!

Sunflowers and windowpane – what an inspired print mix.

“Every time I see someone being complimented for ‘looking so great’ after their recent weight loss, I cringe a little. People who undertake weight loss attempts are often encouraged to motivate themselves by hating their current bodies. When they are successful at short term weight loss, they are encouraged to look back at their ‘old body’ with shame, scorn, and hatred. And that’s a big problem.” (My thoughts on this topic here.)

I’ll take that geometric print circle skirt AND that gorgeous statement necklace, thank you very much.

Nicolette dissects a Roitfeld-Lagerfeld collaboration titled Singular Beauties: An homage to the diversity of women. As you can imagine, it’s not as diverse as you’d hope. But Nicolette’s critique is insightful and measured, pointing out how the styling of Gabourey Sidibe could’ve been so much more inspired.

Oh, how I love Lisa’s red fascinator and yellow-striped dress!

Jes explains in great detail why we’ve learned to hate ourselves, which forces are at play, how world history and the economy figure in, and basically offers a detailed explanation for how and why we got here. With reading recommendations. AMAZING.

10 fun facts about false eyelashes. Including tidbits about some outrageously expensive ones.

Emily, the editor of The Closet Feminist, talks about how fashion magazines offer very little that is of interest or relevant to women who gravitate toward butch style.

What do you think of this outfit-building fashion formula?

“Women are taught from an early age to police each other. Whether under the guise of religious or moral edicts, or simply a “do’s and don’ts” page in a fashion magazine, we’re encouraged to apply an arbitrary set of standards and pronounce judgement, ostracizing those who transgress … Criticizing other women’s appearances is a way of keeping us divided, and a way that we participate in our own oppression.”

It can be a hard truth, but it’s still one worth remembering: You only get one body.

Since dealing with sexism in person can be daunting, I loved this list of snarky comebacks for sexists in academia. They can, of course, be repurposed for non-academics. (Via Geek Feminism)

My personal style challenge this week: Experiment with some booties/ankle boots looks and take copious notes. My findings here.

Patti talks about why she broke up with lady mags.

Thanks to The Good Men Project for cross-posting this week’s piece on male bodies and objectification.

On a related note and to PROVE that I have a sense of humor about my own opinions, I laughed my hiney off at this video in which HBO viewers/women comedians demand to see more dongs as a balancing measure to the amount of female nudity the network serves up. (Really, REALLY not safe for work. Also incredibly raunchy. You’ve been warned.)

Here are some great tips for making off-season purchases.

Brave Girls Want is asking media makers and companies to show that they care about the way their products impact society, and especially the young and impressionable children in their target audience.”

Since many of you have mentioned that you will probably never wear a denim jacket (again), here’s a roundup of denim jacket alternatives. (Including my fave, the military jacket!)

Liz lays it out quite simply: You are a miracle of human evolution.Complete with supporting GIFs.

And from the Department of Random: Skateboarding mice. THEY LOVE TO SURF AND SKATEBOARD, YOU GUYS.

Additionally: I studied Spanish for eight years and then let it all rot in the back of my brain. Still enjoyed reading these Spanish idioms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Pagar el pato. HAH!

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12 Responses to “Lovely Links: 8/16/13”

  1. Lisa - respect the shoes

    Awesome links, thanks for sharing? Why is it that I’m most shocked by Beyonce’s new ‘do? ;o) Brave girl, and she looks gorge, but I’m feeling sad for her gorgeous long locks!

  2. sue

    In regards to the newsletter…will our email address be kept private? or will any of your sponsors/associates have access to it?

  3. shebolt

    I didn’t even get past the link to “17 Things You Don’t Say to a Woman with Short Hair.” I nearly snorted coffee out my nose.

  4. marsha calhoun

    Regarding compliments – is it possible to compliment someone after something about that person has changed, without implying that the person was not okay before the change? Generally, I’ve tried to steer clear of any potential offense by limiting myself to such things as “Cute shirt” (but does that imply that your other shirts aren’t cute? Or that the shirt is cute, but you – not so much?). I think I’m going to avoid compliments from here on in, and just stick with “Glad to see you!”

    • sue

      marsha, imo, it’s fine to compliment someone on a change. If they lost weight, cut their hair, whatever, they most likely did it intentionally. So why not tell them if you like it? I wouldn’t be like “OMG you look so much better than you used to!”. But just acknowledging they look nice is fine. Has anyone ever met someone who’s been offended by this?

      • marsha calhoun

        sue, thanks – I think I just need to have a little more faith in my intentions and a little less concern over imagined potential offense. (Specifically, I was initially reacting to a linked blogger’s suggestion to compliment the person, not the clothes, and my reflection that sometimes it’s the clothes I like regardless of who is wearing them; my “cute shirt” is intended to be a sort of appreciation of the person’s taste, I guess.) If people are looking to be offended, they will be, and I have no control over that; my job is to think before blurting.

  5. katrina

    Thank you so much for including my layered look with the utility jacket! Hope you had an amazing weekend!