Lovely Links: 8/17/12

A few quick notes:

My book launch party is TONIGHT! Won’t you join the fun? Details here.

Nook version should be available next week. Fingers crossed.

Huge thanks to Angie and Inge of You Look Fab for a glowing review of my book.

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An expert in public speaking suggests avoiding color, pattern, scarves, obvious jewelry … and other items that make Sayantani feel like there’s a definite bias against “ethnic” pieces when it comes to notions of professional dressing in Western cultures.

Over at the Huffington Post, I wrote about shopping for your dominant season.

Let us not forget that men can be feminists, too.

What could be better than stripes? Why, stripes on stripes, of course.

I’ve known for a long time that when it comes to style, I’m a minimalist at heart, in regard to both quantity of items and clean visual effect. But I’ve struggled with achieving the kind of well-edited wardrobe that would allow for space between hangers and the kind of simple chic I associate with French style and my own style icons.”

Love these tips for celebrating the person that you are right now, today.

Oh, gold polka dots, you are so fantastically sassy.

It’s amazing how difficult it can be to track down a great basic tee. Patti shares her faves and sparks a great discussion about resources.

41-year-old model Stella Tennant participated in the Olympic closing ceremonies, and looked radiant. (Sidenote: Right after that portion of the gala, Annie Lennox came rolling onto the stage in a whirl of gothic glory. Since we’d just seen a bunch of fashion-related stuff, HM turned to me and asked, “Is this an Alexander McQueen tribute or something?” It wasn’t, but I was so proud.)

Coveting this vibrant yellow pencil skirt.

Why is it that most models look stony-faced in their photos? Fashion is fun! Isn’t it?

This size acceptance FAQ addresses lots of common questions that come up when the Health at Every Size movement is discussed.

“Your wardrobe should be full of options for the body you have now, not the body you wished you had last season or the body you want to have next season.”

Rosie challenges us to give and receive compliments with grace.

This red, white, and blue pattern mix is cheeky and fun.

The pressure to tan can be intense, and this post explores the emotional and social implications.

“MODERATOR 1. Okay. Which designers do you prefer?
SECRETARY CLINTON: What designers of clothes?
SECRETARY CLINTON: Would you ever ask a man that question?

Is your shoe collection a mess? Check out these tips for shoe storage and display.

Kjerstin wonders if discussions of celebrity sizes, vanity sizing, and weight are making our ideas about these subjects even more blurry.

I’m head over heels for this ensemble of summer brights.

In light of our conversation about blogs, mags, and inspiration, Alison’s post about a recent article stating that there aren’t enough “high quality” blogs run by women who fall outside the current beauty standard seems especially relevant. Also see Love Brown Sugar’s heartfelt response to the same article.

Sometimes a loose, drapey silhouette feels best in the hot, hot heat.

And from the Department of Random: Kitten vs. TWO Scary things. The music is extremely important, so listen with sound on.

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20 Responses to “Lovely Links: 8/17/12”

  1. Rebecca

    Thanks for including me in your lovely links! Hope you have a wonderful time at your book launch party!

  2. sarah

    what a great roundup, Sal! I’m bored out of my mind (laid low by a sudden heatwave in Seattle) and so grateful for the distraction and entertainment provided by these thoughtful reads!

  3. Cecelia

    Hi Sally, could you do an article on what to wear to the State Fair next week?

  4. Emily

    I do believe you were the one who linked to “The Vagenda” before, which I’ve since been reading a good bit. I guess I’m trying to figure out my views in the whole feminist world. There are certainly degrees and intricacies to proclaiming yourself a feminist, but for the meantime I find that website to have some good information and writing.

  5. Ruth Slavid

    I liked your piece in the Huffington Post but can’t believe that you don’t think it is worth shopping for summer. I have been looking at your posts all through our London ‘summer’ with envy, wishing I could wear what you were wearing instead of something warm and waterproof.

    • Sal

      Ruth, I never said it’s not “worth” shopping for summer. It’s winter here for most of the year, so my point was to say that there are only so many lightweight, summer-only clothes that I can invest in before it becomes frivolous overkill.

  6. Julia H. @ Going Gulia

    Oh I sooo want to high-five Clinton for her response to that designer clothing question. Her response was awesome, and makes a really good point. I can’t stand when people comment on the appearance/clothing/etc. of female politicians as if that’s at all relevant to what they do.

  7. shebolt

    I’m curious what advice you’d offer to those of us who live in a place where there may be two dominant seasons. I’m in NJ. The summers are generally hot and humid and I am usually sick of the heat by the end of July. However, the winters can also be cold and seemingly endless. The winters are less consistent, however. Some are mild and snow-free. Others are brutal.

    I find that my wardrobe contains a lot of summer items, and a good number of winter items (some of which may not be used in any given year). I put my summer items away in the fall, knowing there’s no chance I’ll need them until late spring. I put my winter items away in spring, because even our coolest summer days are still too warm for boots and jackets.

    I also have a few “transitional” pieces – like a fall color on a sleeveless shirt or a spring color on a long sleeve cardigan. I’m guessing, following your advice, those transitional pieces are the ones I can buy sparingly, since our falls and springs are so short.

    • Sal

      Yep, it’s true that pieces that will only work in spring and fall won’t do you as much good as those that work for true winter and summer weather. But some of the advice from the HuffPo piece may still help – especially the layering bit. Super summery tops might need to get stashed, but the basic items like tanks and tees can be used in transition with cardigans and blazers. And bridging pieces like tights can make otherwise summery items work for fall and spring. This post on transitional seasons has a few tips that might help, too!

  8. Stacey

    I think this may be my favorite link roundup of yours yet! I especially loved the “men can be feminists” link and the quote from Hillary Clinton. (I will always love her, and always be sad that she didn’t win the nomination for President.)

  9. Natasha @One Woman's Style

    As usual great list of posts. HOWEVER, that random cat video was so funny that I literally fell off my chair. I am sure all cat owners will relate to this. My cat still does stuff like this and she’s been with me for the last 7 years.

  10. Lisa

    How did the book party go? I’m not close to MN, but would love to hear how it went!!!