Lovely Links: 8/20/10

Geena Davis is one of the few women in Hollywood speaking up about how women are represented in the media.

Superawesome cosmetics guru Beauty Bets interviewed me about my favorite beauty products!

And for more cosmetics wisdom, check out Yes and Yes’s first podcast, makeup made fun. Beauty Bets is her guest there, too.

Ever feel like your body is a mystery?

Here’s a stylish reminder that monochromatic looks needn’t be head-to-toe, so long as you make sure all your non-neutrals are the same shade.

Indie Fixx serves up some fab tips on how to detox your beauty regime.

Know how style experts are always pushing you to do feminine with an edge, or romantic with a splash of modern? Well, here are some concrete tips on how to combine contrasting styles in one outfit.

“What it boils down to is this: I am okay with my body, but I don’t want other people to know that I am okay with my body, because then they will notice it, and what if they discover something that is not okay?”

A style love letter to Frida Kahlo.

Twin Cities folks, listen up! ARC has some fantastic sale promotions going on in August. This week: Women’s tops are buy three, get one free.

Oooh, other local goodness: le petit connaisseur de la mode has a smashing weekly roundup of local Mpls fashion news.

Sick to death of everything you own? Jezebel has cooked up some ideas that might spark creativity when you’re bored with all of your clothes. (Via College Fashion.)

This look is making me long for fall. Oh wait, wasn’t I already longing for fall?

Your body IS the good body. So there.

Oh, bridesmaid dresses. How effectively you enhance our body insecurities by allowing us such easy access to figure comparisons. Sigh …

What, exactly, does a personal shopper DO?

Annie Oakley may be a divisive figure, but dang, that woman knew how to handle libel. AND she’s described by historians as “one of the first American celebrities who was really branding herself.” Fascinating!

And from the Department of Random: I’m a big fan of the super-hilarious Old Spice commercials, especially as Husband Mike is a long-time Old Spice man. BUT! Just found out that the super-hilarious spokesman is doing personalized video responses to folks who tweet about the campaign. See his response to getting some Twitter love from Ellen DeGeneres below.

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6 Responses to “Lovely Links: 8/20/10”

  1. Audi

    I've always loved Geena Davis; how cool to see her doing something so worthwhile. And DAMN, she looks great!

  2. Sonja

    LOVED reading your beauty picks! So glad the Benefit concealers are working so well for you. And thanks for sharing the Old Spice video. I had no idea they were doing that – that's some serious marketing genius. Those videos are tooo funny! And Geena looks awesome. That's so cool that she's being so outspoken on the topic.

  3. Jadekitty

    Great links, my hubby and me laughed so hard at the OLD spice Vids

  4. CrankyOtter

    Thanks for the Geena link.
    A few years ago I watched the animated movie Antz. I had to turn it off for being such misogynistic crap that it was unwatchable. The queen was a dopey figure head who was led entirely by her circle of old, male advisors and was "allowed" no authority whatsoever. My extreme negative reaction to that delayed my watching "A Bug's Life" which was better, and other Pixar fun things, but still and all, even the Pixar stuff doesn't have as many females in it as I'd like. But Antz? I would not only never show it to a child, but I would destroy copies I came across. It really was that horrible w.r.t women's roles.

    After just a scad of movies out staring "group of aging male stars" or "group of random young men", I've started going to any movie featuring a group of women, even if I think I'll hate it, just for the principle of it. I'll be seeing "You Again" because of "The Expendables".

  5. Askew To You

    I'm a new reader here. Love your blog – my daughter and I looked at back entries forever the other day. 🙂

    I got one of those personalized Old Spice videos for my beauty blog. It was beyond thrilling – both for me and my girlfriends. What a charmer!