Lovely Links: 8/2/13

Registration is open for community ed classes! My Dressing Your Best class will take place on November 13 in Champlin and November 4 in Cottage Grove (registration for the latter opens in a few weeks).

U.S residents: I’ve got four pairs of shoes up on eBay this week, including some Fluevogs!

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Please meet the best menstruation-related commercial ever made. (Via Jezebel. Probably not safe for work due to loud talking about vaginas.)

I’m fascinated by this concept: A foundation garment that prevents pit stains and helps cut down on dry cleaning bills. Hmmm. (Via Bike Pretty)

Closet Confections offers up two thrift shopping routes for Manhattan. Wish I’d seen this last week!

A checkered pencil skirt is offset by simple emerald accessories. So classic.

“What I realised through the act of writing ‘my grandmother would not consider herself a feminist’ is that we need stories back. Because we don’t listen to stories anymore, we consume them. Glossy magazines, red top newspapers and social networking sites feed us news, but they don’t tell us the myriad of stories that make up a life. These missing stories and ideas are then destroyed because they are forgotten, which in turn becomes the destruction of memory.”

Solanah made a dress that is an homage to Supernatural in garment form. Then she did a photoshoot with a salt circle and a pie. Please applaud.

What are your personal body myths? What will happen if you let go of them?

Angie traces the arc of the Wardrobe Workhorse, pointing out that certain items can get worn to death for years and then fall out of favor. AND that it can be incredibly tough to predict which new items will become workhorses.

Dear pleated newsprint skirt: Get in my closet.

Twin Cities folks who are frustrated by the lack of plus-size options in the local thrift stores, do check out Plums Plus Size Consignment!

“There were lots of things you could be, I learned, that were all positive reflections of your face and makeup and clothes and weight and body and personality: You could be pretty. You could be lovely. You could even be hot. None of these words really allowed the presence of glasses on one’s face.”

This bold geometric frock is so perfect for late summer wear.

Although you can certainly deal with shoulder nipples fairly easily, petite women might consider smaller hanger sizes to keep blazers and delicates in shape.

Katee Sackhoff, Maggie Q, Tatiana Maslany, Danai Gurira, and Michelle Rodriguez tackle sexism in Hollywood head-on at a ComicCon panel.

Imogen offers yet more advice for petite, busty women.

Cobalt, citron, and giant fringed earrings make for a bold and beautiful ensemble. Also love bright blue with black – great contrast!

From an article studying recent findings: “People often rationalize that it’s OK to discriminate based on weight because it will motivate the victim to lose pounds,” Angelina Sutin, a psychologist at the Florida State College of Medicine in Tallahassee, tells Shots. “But our findings suggest the opposite.”

Patti rounds up some of the more stylish SPF clothing options out there. They do exist!

One of the performers in an upcoming MN Fringe Fest show will be naked during her performance. She talks about how working on the show has impacted her self-image. (Cheers, Shannon.)

This boho top pairs perfectly with a sleek pencil skirt. Great and unexpected combo.

Clothing from the 90s is now vintage. Whoa.

The shops and mags already think it’s fall, so if you’re looking for a new pair of wide-calf riding boots for under $100, peek at this post.

The floral embellished neckline on this simple white frock is utterly fantastic.

Yet another retailer is making but not stocking larger sizes. This time, it’s Lululemon’s 10s and 12s that aren’t making it to the retail floor. (Via Style It)

Loving Lisa’s tie-waist shorts and sparkly statement necklace.

At long last, H&M has launched online shopping for U.S. customers. Woo!

And from the Department of Random: I’m a sucker for a “Yes, this is …” meme. (I’ve seen this one a billion times and it still cracks me up. For no good reason.)

And in other meme news: A roundup of Sharknado tribute art.

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12 Responses to “Lovely Links: 8/2/13”

  1. Aya

    Interesting, the underarm pad underlayer has been a thing in Japan for quite some time. I have some unopened ones a friend gave me from a long time ago.

    • marsha calhoun

      I must report that the underarm pad has been with us for at least forty years. One of my friends wore them often to avoid staining her dreadful uniform shirt we were required to wear to high school. They were weird then, and they are weird now, IMHO.

      • Bike Pretty

        As a sweaty lady, I’m all about exploring different options for dealing with my pit gushers.

        My go-to method is using inexpensive “light days” panty-liners. Much cheaper than disposable “dress shields” sold at sewing stores.

        I really want to try the reusable dress shields that Irish Step dancers wear. They look like shoulder pads in reverse. Definitely weird.

        But when was the last time you saw and Irish Step dancer with pit stains?

  2. Tragic Sandwich

    Earlier today–literally–I had thought that maybe I just wouldn’t be able to find affordable boots. Thanks for that link!

  3. Viktoria

    That foundation garment looks like pretty regular underwear to me. But I`m clearly jurassic, still shocked no one wears slips any more… Underarm pads were much in use in the 18th and 19th Century, and probably before that as well, clothes were a lot more expensive then and no deodorants. Good ideas worth recycling, perhaps!

    I really enjoy these link posts – I would never find these things by myself.

  4. Nique

    Thanks for the Lululemon story. I’ll add that to the list of stores at which I will not be shopping. As a “plus-sized” size 10-12 woman who works out daily and spends a decent amount of money on workout clothes, I get the message that they don’t want my business anyway. I will shop at Athleta instead.

    • annr

      I’m just ss happy not to pay $98 for something I can buy for 20-30 at Target.

  5. K-Line

    I saw that HelloFlo ad earlier this week and I was blown away. That’s what you call marketing that far exceeds the concept being sold.

  6. Hetty

    I’ve decided that since I can I’m not buying my larger sized clothing on line if I also can’t get it in the store. Between my style and my budget this is possible for me. You don’t want me in your brick and mortar store I don’t want to buy your stuff. So there.