Lovely Links: 8/25/17

Weekly Kitty:


My audience for last week’s session of yard work.

3 Ways to add Individuality to a Formal Look

A voluminous ruffled top is perfectly offset by a sleek miniskirt in Kellie’s stellar ensemble.

“[24-year-old photographer Campbell Addy] is the brains behind Niijournal: a publication that exists as a platform for the discussion of racial diversity, celebrating and encouraging it with a unique and progressive visual language.”

Those of you who adhere to the white-bottoms rule will want to squeeze in some more white pants-based outfits like this one before Labor Day arrives!

And speaking of white-wearing rules, Liz explains, in no uncertain terms, why the idea that fat women shouldn’t wear white is utterly bogus.

AAAAND related: Seven Dated Style Guidelines

Danielle, a resident of London, lists six reasons she adores shopping at charity shops.

The Barking Dog Shoes team highlights six stylish and comfy pairs of shoes for fall.

Question the marketing machines that tell you, you are only worthy of love if you have a certain body type, a specific skin tone, or are of a particular sexual orientation … Discard the fearful, small-minded judgments, limitations, expectations, and obligations that have been layered on you, and are no longer serving you. Only you can give them the power to hurt you.”

Obsessing over Shaun Leane’s jewelry, which is a little out of my league price-wise, but very aligned with my current aesthetic. (More of his designs are available on Amazon UK!)

How to Create Multiple Looks with a LBD

Long layers can be summery if they’re sleeveless, as Joi proves. Une Femme sports a similar look over jeans.

It sounds like several people in the Indian state of Haryana have had their hair chopped off by someone in public. Without their consent.

So many details to love here, from the asymmetric ruffles to the lace-up waist skirt.

“A plus-sized woman like an average-sized woman doesn’t want to be desired just because of the kind of body she has nor does she want someone to be attracted to her in spite of her body. We all want someone who will appreciate our curves, voluptuousness, strength, and beauty without fetishizing us.”

I’m still living in the various Lysse pants and jeggings I bought off eBay, and noticed many of the cropped styles are now on super sale! (This one’s my fave, also in plus sizes.)

7 Ways to Resist Eurocentric Beauty Standards

I love the crisp lines and perfect proportions on this button-front shirt outfit.

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