Lovely Links: 8/26/11

Esme discusses how you can wear colors that clash with your skin tone more easily if you tweak your makeup.

Totally digging Rocquelle’s color blocking and long lace cardigan.

“… when I hear ‘you’re beautiful,’ more often than not I feel as though I need to stop whatever I’m doing in order to continue being beautiful.”

Sherry looks dynamite in her fab orange frock and lovely purple cardigan.

Still can’t imagine wearing them, but I do love Kobi Levi’s whimsical shoe designs.

Once again, Patty has sewn a dress that makes me ache with object lust. AND she shows five fabulous ways to style it. She’s basically my idol.

Between a Racial Rock and a Gender Hard Place, an insightful analysis of a new batch of TV shows lauded for featuring female leads, points out that, “… if we boycott absolutely everything, we don’t give creators time to grow, change, and get better. But lines are continuously crossed, and it is eroding the tentative gains that nonwhites in entertainment have fought for.” Such a great read.

Weesha takes the basic tee and skirt formula, and knocks it out of the park. Dig those ruffles!

I absolutely adored this tribute to Frida Kahlo which explains how she dealt with decades of back pain by creating amazing plaster corsets that illustrated her suffering. What a brilliant, strong, driven, genius she was. (Via Yum & Yuk)

Lilli rocks a belt with a heart-shaped buckle. AND the gorgeous pair of Wittner platforms that I’d totally buy if it didn’t cost a bajillion bucks to ship ’em from Oz.

“To you, writing about cupcakes and drinking ‘vintage cocktails’ is a sign that we’ve left badassery behind. To me – to many of us – badassery and toughness aren’t mutually exclusive with cupcakes.”

College Candy has some tips for staying fashionable on a college budget.

Kyla looks so fabulously rockin’ in her leather jacket and pleated maxi.

I loved Miss Plumcake’s take on the Codie Young/Topshop flap that’s making the rounds this week. She says, “Topshop hired a very skinny model and through photography and Photoshop made her look even skinnier because that was the exact look they wanted. They got busted and now the blame and vilification is falling on the shoulders of a teenage model who, she insists on her blog, is just naturally thin.”

Keri’s take on pink and red worn together is fresh and fabulous.

Psychotherapist Martina Verba is conducting a study on eating disorder recovery, and is hoping to recruit women of color to contribute their stories. Click through for more information.

Can’t say I’m thrilled to hear that choker necklaces are “in” for fall, but these shirt collar necklaces might be a fun and funky substitute.

These vintage ads for Wate On remind us that current societal pressures revolve around thinness, but there was once pressure to be curvy. And that, in the end, it’s all about controlling women’s bodies.

This article is a little glib in its treatment of figure flattery and body confidence, but I agree with the underlying sentiment: More dresses with sleeves, please. (Via YLF)

Tiffany combines kelly, cobalt, and plum beautifully. I fully intend to copy her.

Australian designer Gisela Ramirez has a very simple message for clothing manufacturers and stylists who say that the only flattering clothes are the ones that hide all our jiggly bits and make us look as tall and thin as possible: F*ck flattering.

An from the Department of Random: Putting Food Network Hosts Under the Hogwarts Sorting Hat.

One more from the DoR: I believe this week needs a little bit of Eddie Izzard to round it out. And so, I give you the Welsh Pavlovian Cat Experiment. (Vid contains swear words.)

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14 Responses to “Lovely Links: 8/26/11”

  1. Bridget

    One of my friends from high school wrote the article about the Food Network and Hogwarts…it’s odd to watch my online/offline life collide! 🙂

  2. Laura

    You can never give Patty enough props for inspiration. The girl is a force of creation and inspiration to be reckoned with.

    And I’m dying over those culottes with the lace cardigan!

  3. Sandie

    About Patty’s dress: me too! Her dresses are supremely beautiful–I want her wardrobe so badly.

  4. lyrebirdgully

    Never heard of Eddie Izzard before, but he is a scream, thanks for featuring him. I checked out his other vids too – “Puberty/dressed to kill” is hilarious too.

  5. Rocquelle

    You share some of the most amazing links each week! I totally loved the piece on Frida Kahlo! I now want Kyla’s pleated maxi and leather jacket. 🙂

    Thank you for including me among these amazing links!!!

  6. Tiffany

    Thank you for the shout-out! I was pleasantly surprised at all the love those colors got when paired together. Also, thanks for the Eddie Izzard video. He’s one of my favorite comedians, way underappreciated.

  7. Kay

    Fat or thin, skinny or fluffy – every women is REAL!

    If it is wrong to discriminate a woman because she’s fat (I’m fat), then it is totally wrong to discriminate a woman because she’s thin!

  8. Bubu

    Thanks for the Eddie Izzard – love him! forgot how funny he is – ended up watching a bunch of other you tube clips of him that came up… welcome relief from all the hurricane talk around here!

  9. Anonymous

    Great roundup, as always. And thank you for linking to the “you’re beautiful” piece!

    I love the “fuck flattering” bit–I do use the word but have always winced a little about it as well, knowing that part of its meaning can be about disguising or hiding a “flaw” instead of how I intend it to mean, which is just simply looking really good. And, yes, hiding a flaw can help you look good! I just don’t like it being used exclusively for that. Tricky word.

  10. Weesha

    Thank you so much linking to me 🙂 and I only came to know about Eddie Izzard because of you, my boyfriend and I LOVE him. It’s one of our weekend rituals hehe