Lovely Links: 8/26/16

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Bird watching on the porch.

The Accidental Icon talks about undergarment comfort – both the physical kind, and the kind you need to flash a little bra strap once in a while.

Nicole shows off a sheath dress with one of my favorite design elements: Contrast side panels. A great way to show off your waist sans belt.

Hi… I am one of the faces of the label. I will own the word transgender. And I want people that know me, to know who I am, to know when they are hating upon an idea, they are hating me. I will stand up, slowly, but surely, and give people a face to an unknown.”

Eco Warrior Princess rounds up 8 gorgeous ethical shoe brands – gotta add these to my list!

Vibrant red pants are offset by black and white accents in this fun and funky outfit.

The Curvy Fashionista previews a new plus size collection from Shavonne Dorsey, including some artfully draped dresses.

I have some fancy/spendy lipsticks in my cosmetics collection, but know what? The tube of Wet n Wild Silk Finish in Fuchsia with Blue Pearl that I got as a gift five years ago is STILL one of my faves. $0.79, friends.

Wow. Apparently we are in the midst of a massive ideological/sartorial battle over cargo shorts. I had no idea!

5 Ways To Actually Become Body Positive

Cyn’s sassy mix of modern and retro is always so perfectly balanced. And perfectly chic.

Love the sassy cutout in this sustainable Comfy USA tunic … and that it comes in sizes S – 2X!

Bright colors are a late-summer go-to for many, but this elegant, sexy outfit of dusty tones shows how subdued shades can amp up your late-August looks.

Great tips for wearing pastels with black.

Alison shares the capsule wardrobe she packed for a two-week road trip. Girlfriend is a packing NINJA.

Over on the GoDaddy blog, I shared networking tips for introverts.

“Conceived by product engineers and designers of color for Vox Media’s Hackathon, Tōnr is a new web application with filters that showcase and highlight the richness and beauty of darker complexions.”

This organic cotton long-line jacket from Eileen Fisher is on my wishlist. So is this shirttail hem turtleneck – perfect for leaving untucked beneath a cute jacket.

A Buzzfeed writer tried four high heel-wearing hacks. Turns out store-bought solutions aren’t as reliable as taping your toes together. Yep.

Gracey’s rich mix of jewel tones has me thinking of stained glass.

“Jade Johnson — a student at Birmingham City University — produced the “Un-Edit” campaign to highlight the impact Instagram users and celebrities can have on young women. The 22-year-old worked with fellow student Laura Dawkes to create images for the campaign, which explores the ways in which Instagram may be a factor in women dieting and considering cosmetic surgery.”

Plus size brand Eloquii is absolutely killing it for fall. This collarless blazer is right up my alley, and I love how many colors, prints, and styles of pants they offer.

Danielle teams slouchy shorts with a simple white tee, and adds a lemon yellow clutch for good measure.

Imagine your body is a room. Doing so may help you shed some body shame AND jettison closet orphans.

Gudrun Sjödén is known for bright colors and bold patterns, but I, for one, am thrilled to see some dark neutrals in the fall collection! (Don’t worry – plenty of saturated colors, too.)

And from the Department of Random: If e.e. cummings Were A Spambot


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7 Responses to “Lovely Links: 8/26/16”

  1. ainomiaka

    I can’t get the wsj article about cargo shorts to work without being a subscriber. Is that an intentional thing? I actually am really curious what the great cargo short controversy is.

    • Sally McGraw

      Huh! That was NOT the case when I added this link to the roundup! Sorry about that, I can’t view the story myself now either, even in an incognito window. They must’ve changed their policies.

      • Nique

        Drats! I was interested in that article, too, since that exact war is being fought in my own home right now. My husband LOVES his cargo shorts, and I’m not much of a fan.

  2. crtfly

    Oh, leave men or women who want to wear cargo shorts alone! The are comfortable and useful garments. If we’re going to go after “men’s” clothing, how about those ridiculous way-oversized pants that expose the underwear and butt?