Lovely Links: 8/28/15

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harriet stretching

World Champion Stretcher Harriet McGraw (First seen on Instagram)

I’ve got a burgundy leather skirt lurking in my wardrobe, and I’m seriously considering copying this sleek outfit.

“Feminism isn’t an underground club. Feminists don’t meet up in car parks and Brad Pitt isn’t our leader. The first rule isn’t that there are no rules, although close. Similarly, we don’t wear pink on Wednesdays, you CAN wear a tank top two days in a row and ‘fetch’ may or may not be happening. Contrary to popular belief, feminism is not exclusive.”

Kiah brackets her light graphic tee and slouchy pants with black sunnies and heels. Perfection.

The Curvy Fashionista gives us a peek at the fall collections for plus size lines Ava + Viv and Anna Scholz.

What a cool way to remix a maxi wrap dress.

On I highlighted back-to-school deals that non-students can get, and picked out pieces that can be the foundation of a work wardrobe.

A Heartfelt Message for Everyone with Eating Disorders That Aren’t ‘Bad Enough.’ (Thinspiration, eating disorders discussed)

Wrap coats look so fresh for fall, and I’m eyeing this one and this one. Tahari seems to have the silhouette just right, in plus sizes, too.

“Practical reasons aside, I stopped myself before bringing a colorful cloth to my head, wrapping both sides into an intricate contraption and stepping into my office. Can I wear a headwrap to work? I asked myself, as I felt my hair itching for a break from being done every morning.”

Dietainment. Wow, that really hits the nail on the head.

Anett uses a gold belt and gold-accented shoes to complement her simple black jumpsuit.

Dazed Digital published an article highlighting self-portraits by female-identified photographers, including Cindy Sherman, Petra Collins and Jo Spence, and the piece shows how these artists use their medium to explore gender fluidity, identity, illness, and more. But as Rookie points out, not a single woman of color was included in the list. The Rookie post links to several influential women of color artists who focus on self portraiture, including Juliana Huxtable and Carrie Mae Weems. (Some images are nudes, others depict violence.)

I’ve become fascinated by Tarina Tarantino’s quirky, macabre jewelry, nearly all of which is made in the U.S.A. Because, ya know, skulls.

Blue gingham looks so fresh and fun with red and tan accents.

Angie offers four reasons to keep items that you seldom wear. That “donate after six months unworn” rule can bite you in the butt …

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I showed some alternate ways to wear button front shirts, plus gapping solutions like The Shirt and Pinx!

This post charts the media’s attitude toward pregnant women, pregnancy, and pregnant figures over the course of several decades.

Aarti rocks a sassy orange-print ruffle dress with cool studded flats.

This. Exactly this.

On the GoDaddy Garage blog, I reviewed five free Photoshop alternatives.

Crap like this makes me despair of the world: After a young woman engineer appeared in her company’s recruitment materials, she was trolled by men and women alike for “not looking enough like a real engineer.” In response, she launched #ilooklikeanengineer.

Pantone’s fall palette picks look luscious to me.

I’d never heard the phrase “others focused,” but Imogen breaks it down and explains how, if you’re others focused, it may impact your wardrobe and self care.

These gorgeous black and white layers hit me right where I live. Wow, that’s a strange idiom now that I see it written out. Still love the outfit, though.

They’re not really my style, but I’m still mesmerized by these elaborately embroidered Valentino ankle boots.

A few weeks ago & Other Stories released images from their gorgeous fall campaign, which was entirely modeled, shot and put together by a transgender creative team.

You might think a printed pencil skirt and graphic tee would be too busy together, but Jyoti proves they can work in harmony.

This tartan jacket is Vivienne Westwood-influenced and amazing.

“The poem was meaty and confrontational, unapologetic and searing as it deconstructed the stereotypes we have emblazoned in our minds when we see people of color, whether they are Black, Asian, Latino, or Native American. It was a poem that spoke to the almost incessant questioning I endured growing up by people, Black and white people — mostly white people — very interested in asking me about my entire family tree. My curly hair, my sometimes peach-colored, sometimes beige-colored skin, along with my African name, seemed to throw them for a loop.”

On the Style Encore blog I offered some color pairings for marsala and talked about what makes a bargain.

And from the Department of Random: No one can stop me.

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7 Responses to “Lovely Links: 8/28/15”

  1. BartSkipner

    Oh dear– please don’t suggest people buy Aran sweaters that are not actually made in Ireland. Wool Overs is fine but their merchandise is made in Mauritius and Madagascar. Aran sweaters are a Irish traditional folk craft and well worth the price. Standun of Galway was the first to export the sweaters to the US and employed women all over Ireland as it still does today.

  2. Cleoxymore

    I was surprised to see you working for GoDaddy. I had a look around, and it seems that they are cleaning up their act, good news!

  3. Anett

    Thank you so much for sharing my post, Sally. It’s much appreciated! And I love your cat — it wins the price for the longest cat ever! I’m about to adopt a dog and I can’t wait to have this soft, furry creature to cuddle and go for long walks with. Pets bring us so much joy, don’t they!

    Anett | Tall Girl’s Fashion

  4. janejetson

    I liked the article on feminism because it showed the good feminism can do for people who are not feminists. I was disappointed because I thought it would be about intersectionality.

  5. Stephanie

    I love the printed skirt/graphic tee link – I’ve been wearing graphic tees and patterned skirts this summer as a foray into pattern mixing (and not-jeans), and it’s been a fun way to explore being geeky and girly at the same time.