Lovely Links: 8/29/14

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Open-minded cats don’t limit themselves to PAPER bags.

“The people who say that ‘it’s what’s on the inside that matters’ are wrong. It all matters. We can’t divide our insides from our outsides; we are all the complicated, amazing marriage of the physical and ephemeral. If there wasn’t this body, there wouldn’t be this specific me writing these specific words.”

The Curvy Fashionista suggests five fall plus size fashion trends to thrift. My own recommendations for thriftable fall trends are coming up soon!

Are you a feminist and a graphic designer? Feminist Apparel is seeking designs for new tees. And unlike some similar calls for design, you’ll get both paid AND credited.

A woman’s relation to her body is often hesitant because she simultaneously experiences it as a thing and a capacity, whereas men tend to comprehend their bodies as the originators of motion rather than subject to it.”

I do believe Psyche has found the coolest eyelet dress ever made. And she paired it with zebra sandals because she’s awesome like that.

Labor Day is coming. And there is no need to put away your white jeans. (Unless you want to.)

Another thing you definitely don’t have to do? Wear traditionally figure-flattering clothing every single day of your life.

” … we apply technology to the fashion industry as well — what else would you call rapid prototyping, the rise of online shopping, and Pinterest? But when people talk about bringing technology to fashion, what we often mean is making it so a pair of jeans now needs batteries, and I’m not sure that’s really either a pressing need or an appropriate goal.”

I’ve become a little obsessed with online thrift store Twice and nabbed slouchy leather pants and a super cute metallic sweater over the past few weeks. And they ship to Canada! Rejoice!

Some ideas for cutting fatphobic language out of your life.

Holy moly: DIY new-sew neoprene circle skirt. My mind is officially blown.

Well hello, sassy cherry print dress.

A fascinating exploration of perceived value and beauty bargains.

We live in a culture where it is normal, even expected to be insecure—and where it is normal, even expected to scrutinize other people’s bodies, too. Just walk past a row of tabloid magazines and you’ll see celebrities being called out for being too fat, for being too thin, for getting plastic surgery, for not getting plastic surgery, for being too slow to get their ‘post-baby bodies’ back. No wonder we’re so hard on ourselves.”

V-shaped bib necklaces are incredibly useful if you’re a fan of the V neckline (as I am). Love this one and this one.

Filing away this look as a great way to make full, flippy skirts look a bit more badass. This one, too. Clearly, denim is a factor.

Bestselling author (and all-around amazing human being) Deanna Raybourn talks about how she researches clothing for her historical novels, and the choices she makes about their clothing shapes, fabrics and colors.

Muted tones are calling to me these days, so I loved this palette of neutrals and dusty shades.

How gorgeous is Kileen in her butterfly-print maternity dress?

“I do think the representation of minimalism in fashion — it’s so thin and boring and tall and white. But minimalism can be colorful and fat and disabled and all these valuable other realms of experience too. Right? … We need more critical dismantling of the aesthetics we valorize.”

It can be challenging, but always a good practice to realize that certain garments and looks can be loved and appreciated from afar and don’t need to be owned or re-created in your own closet.

An important message: When it comes to fellow women, you can choose support and connection over competition and alienation.

Always a dynamite combination: Hot pink, vibrant orange, and leopard print.

Fabulous advice for creating a versatile color palette within your wardrobe, including a whopping 36 sample palettes.

Newly smitten with these Lee skinny jeans. The rise is high on me and the washes are classic. And the style comes in petite and plus sizes!

Here’s why virtually every meme you’ll see about “real women” is both wrong and hurtful.

Sarah looks ever so chic in black ankle pants and a printed tee.

Such an important reminder about love and self-love.

“Baldness has a certain power to it. It’s not just freedom from the tyranny of hair products, unexpected rain clouds, and basic men in the street, but a liberation from other people’s notions of ‘womanhood.’

An amazing roundup of non-toxic and/or cruelty-free mascaras.

Many Canadian designers explored androgynous looks for the fall season, and did so with tremendous creativity.

Wow. SO much more politics and angst surrounding the dressing choices of women cyclists than I ever expected.

“There is no wrong way to be a body, and there are no wrong bodies. Every body is true, and right.”

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