Lovely Links: 8/5/11

Reader Nina shared this link in the comments on yesterday’s post about manufactured discontent and I HAD to pass it along. Hilarious. Not surprising considering the source, the fabulously zany “That Mitchell and Webb Look.” Cheers, Nina!

I love these suggestions for 10 ways to help yourself feel better.

“I was so tired of hiding my body. I was so tired of being ashamed. So I went to the other extreme, which is more-or-less where I hang out today. Because it is subversive in the US to be fat and to proudly inhabit your body.”

Fabulous tips for how to deal with disappointment … in yourself. (Dun dun DUNNNNNN.)

Marvelous mixed polka dots make for a sassy ensemble.

What are your thoughts on shapewear at the gym?

I’ve got a guest post about my long-since-concluded shopping ban over at My Year without Clothes Shopping – take a peek!

On a related note, Pink Sneakers Productions contacted me this week looking for folks who consider themselves shopaholics, as they’re developing a documentary series with a major TV network. If you’re interested in speaking with them, you can e-mail or call 407-464-2080 EX. 120. You can also check out their website at for background on the company. They’re very helpful and can give more details about the project and participation.

Check out these fabulous summer shoe options for the narrow-of-foot!

Doesn’t S. look marvelous in her maternity stripes?

Elissa’s fascinating musings on dress practices and social tribe identification led me to this piece on dress codes at New York clubs. Both are worthwhile reads.

Charlie looks utterly ravishing in her strapless maxi and cutout heels.

Is it too early to talk fall? Probably. Nevertheless, this post on fall’s top color trends got me a wee bit excited.

Filmmaker Elena Rossini recommends some films and TV shows that she feels portray women as courageous, active, and bold.

How many of you have been told, “You look good for your age“? Not exactly the most complimentary compliment, is it?

Reva is rocking the boho chic look. Check out those doubled-up dresses, and the chic knot in front!

Cool isn’t created by what you wear, but by who you are and how you interact with others.” (My own thoughts on coolness here.)

I wonder if United Nude would let me live in their new London store.

Kendra looks regal in her rich, jewel-toned ensemble. Especially digging the purple sandals.

Not sure I could pull off a menswear tie, but this bow of ribbon at the collar of a button-down has me intrigued.

This discussion of what dieting means to different women is marvelously varied and eye-opening. I’m in the process of making yet more medically-motivated changes to my own diet, so some of these thoughts really resonated with me this week.

Check out this quick intro to color matching and color theory.

Peter picked up on a NYT article about “fashion camp” for kids, and is dumbfounded that the program completely omits sewing and garment design.

Petite powerhouse Kelly shows us another marvelous way to style a vest.

Cynthia recently purchased this vintage deodorant ad from 1938, and her post discussing its contents relates beautifully to our discussion of manufactured discontent.

You are worth more the size of your jeans. You are worth more than someone else imposing THEIR body image issues on you. I am advising you to start acting like it.”

Gracey wears an outfit full of “don’ts” and looks smashing.

And from the Department of Random: Leave it to the Dutch. They’ve installed a “transfer accelerator” – A.K.A. enormous playground slide – in the Utrecht train station to help passengers get to the platforms faster when they’re running late. (Via A Cup of Jo)

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11 Responses to “Lovely Links: 8/5/11”

  1. what would a nerd wear

    sal, it’s such a funny coincidence that you posted this video because i was JUST about to send it to you in a link. i watched it the other day and thought of already pretty immediately…such a germane (and hilarious) rendition of your idea of manufactured discontent.

  2. S. of Narrowly Tailored

    Thanks for the shout-out Sally!

    Ps — LOVE the new hair!

  3. C

    It’s the funniest thing…you and I have completely different tastes in fashion but I stumbled across your blog awhile back, added you to my Google reader and have followed ever since, mostly because I truly enjoy your writing and find your message inspirational. I must say I look forward to your links every Friday because you pick great articles and posts to share. Thanks for doing what you do!

  4. Gracey at Fashion For Giants

    That video is fabulous, and so are all of these links! I’m flattered to be included in such wonderful company.

    And I agree that it’s never too early to talk about fall. I’m especially intrigued by the cobalt, magenta and lemon yellow.

  5. making50fabulous

    Holy cow that VIDEO!!!! It’s just perfect. I can’t wait to pass it around. You always have such great links. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the good stuff.

  6. Tiffany

    Thanks so much for the featured link, Sal, and thanks for the diligent work you do in putting these posts together. That slide in Utrecht looks like a blast; the Dutch seem to have such an enlightened approach to life’s more trivial activities

  7. Autumn

    Okay, there’s lots of great stuff here (I’m particularly loving Elissa’s tribes post), but currently what I’m oohing and ahhing over is ICELAND, concealed in your shopping ban post. Wow indeed!

    And thank you for including Elena Rossini’s guest post on The Beheld! I’ll be sure to let her know.