Lovely Links: 8/6/10

Don’t forget to come visit me at Fabulosity tomorrow! I’ll be at the W Hotel in downtown Minneapolis from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

I got a supersweet shout-out from the folks at CRAVE this week, along with some other fab fashion-minded femmes.

The New York Times provides an overview of what they’ve dubbed The Plus-Size Wars. (Cheers, Nancy.)

Looking to spice up your officewear? Here are six ways to make classic dress pants more interesting and about a thousand ways to wear a gray pencil skirt.

Anyone seen the Girl Scouts video on “The Changing Face of Fashion”? Julie wonders if it’s sending mixed messages.

Christian Dior chose to use a group of identically dressed Asian women as a kind of human backdrop for the true subject of an ad: A tall, thin white woman. Jenny is PISSED. Articulately pissed, that is.

And via that post, I found this amazing one from Natalie in which she rejects the notion of the flattering outfit. (My thoughts on redefining “flattering” here.)

Peter asks: Is there anything more shameful in our culture than admitting that you want to be noticed?

Although several publications wrote about the crowning of Miss Chubby in an Italian pageant designed to foster positive body image, none of them would print a photo of her.

I am SO participating in the Wonder Woman Pose Conference. And you should, too!

Find out how a goth lawyer toes the line between corporate culture and stylistic self-expression.

Check out this fascinating discussion about curly vs. straight hair. As a curly girl, I’ve never been told to my face that curly hair reads as careless to some … but maybe people have been thinking it all along.

Twin Cities folks, listen up! ARC has some fantastic sale promotions going on in August. This week: Jeans are buy three, get one free.

What makes a lady? Is that term even relevant anymore?

No matter how hot it is today, you KNOW you’re thinking fall. Here are some fall transitional looks to tide you over until it actually cools down.

WendyB explains how her Wear What You Want™ philosophy ties into popular celebrity blog Go Fug Yourself.

The GAP has decided that some people shouldn’t be allowed to wear shorts. I beg to differ.

I’ve been looking for some new ways to wear my scarves, and this post has provided loads of new scarf tying inspiration.

Many of you have probably read about or seen the Christian modesty survey that’s been floating around, but reader virago pointed me to this dissection of the results by two sociology professors.

Here’s a great roundup of tips and tricks for mixing bright colors successfully.

The Bra Whisperer provides some input on common bra-fitting mishaps. (Man alive, I want to be The Whisperer of something.)

Caitlin of Operation Beautiful released her first book this week, and LOADS of bloggers are writing about body image in response. Check this roundup.

And from the Department of Random, a brilliant video on how to be alone. As a confirmed introvert, I LOVED this. (Via Yum and Yuk.)

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13 Responses to “Lovely Links: 8/6/10”

  1. Gillian

    That video made me tear up. Someone finally captured how much I love to be alone!

  2. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    Fascinating links, as always. Thank you.

  3. Kelly

    Fantastic links as always, Sal. (Especially the video!) I always love seeing Lovely Links pop up in my reader!

    (and thanks for the link!)

  4. Dorky Medievalist

    Ohmigosh. And thanks so much for the shout-out! I'm thrilled that you will be joining us in WW awesomeness. I seem to recall that you have a relevant t-shirt …

  5. A-Dubs

    WooHOO! Thanks for all the great links, and for the shout-out. We are super honoured to be included – and we can't wait to see everyone's poses for the WW conference!

  6. Meg

    Thank you for sharing the video! It was filmed in my city. 🙂

  7. LPC

    Sal, thank you so much for the mention. I thought of Already Pretty as I wrote – seems to me you are one of the people redefining lady, if it matters any more, of course. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Sal

    Suzanne Sergis: Oh hon, you made me tear up a little! THANK YOU.

  9. Susan

    Yaa That was a lovely piece. Introverts unite! (Singly, of course)
    I immediately recognized that bronze statue of Churchill.

    Hey there to you fellow Haligonians!!!

  10. meegiemoo

    So I'm watching that video and when I see the stature of Winston Churchill I realize that that's filmed in Halifax…my city! So I rewatch and the train tracks are 4 houses down from my house.

    *twilight zone music* SO RANDOM!