Lovely Links: 8/9/13

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In Ghana, most clothing is tailor-made which leads to less clothing/body angst for the women who live there. (Cheers, Ruth.)

Pantone’s Fall color report is out, and it’s all about jewel tones!

Just when we got our heads around BB creams, we’ve got CC and DD. Beauty Bets explains the differences. (My review of my favorite BB cream here.)

Callie looks smashing in this simple black jumpsuit. Love Cyn’s bright blue jumpsuit, too!

“I suggest that the sooner we give up the ‘I want to be a size x’ dream, the sooner we can start working on the “I want a better size-I-am-now” reality. Once we stop believing in the Thin Fairy – when we realize that our bodies are not the problem – we start to see all the actual problems.”

Singer-songwriter, actress, and all-around fabulous woman Jewel writes about the comments and criticisms she’s received about her crooked teeth, and why she will ignore them forever.

Susie Bubble’s kiss-print heels are utterly darling. And I’m super impressed that she can walk in ’em with that spindly heel.

There are some truly entertaining reads on this list of 25 gray-haired bloggers. (Via YLF)

A recent survey by the American Research Group found that 80% of surveyed U.S. residents would “never” buy someone else’s worn clothing. Huh. (Via Not Dead Yet Style.)

It’s summertime and all of us should be able to feel the breeze on our warmed skin. Yes, all of us.

My favorite bargain of the week: These Korks by Kork-Ease sandals. Cute, comfy, cheap.

In other footwear news, these woven leather ankle boots look vaguely houndstoothy and decidedly gorgeous.

Alison dishes out a fantastic lesson in plus sized rocker chic. And she KNOWS how to make that look work.

“Now, here is what I know to be unequivocally true. When someone comments on your physicality, your way of being in the world, it is never ever about you. It is about that person and what he or she has going on in his or her life around that issue.”

Jay Smooth offers searing commentary on respectability politics, racism, and the idea that black men should pull their pants up.

Might have to add a black leather moto vest to my fall wishlist …

Sometimes fashion model Shaholly Ayers uses a prosthetic arm in her photo shoots, sometimes not. Read this interview with her about her career arc and her views on including people with limb differences and disabilities in the modeling world.

I want this on a bumper sticker.

“I’ve taken some practical steps to be a more informed and discerning consumer, and I feel good about that. You know what else feels good? Letting go of the idea that I can be a perfect consumer or change the global garment industry on my own.”

Check out these stylish flats for plantar fasciitis. So many lovely styles.

Shoe earrings. Adorable.

Created by Eileen Goddard and Dana Dobreva, SKIN is an original performance and installation piece that explores the universal search for self-love and acceptance. Blending poetry, live music, and movement, it promises to be an amazing show. If you’re in New York August 15 – 18, do check it out.

Want to keep the flowy, comfy maxi skirt vibe going after the weather cools down? Meghan offers 21 ways to style maxi dresses for fall.

Speaking of, this printed maxi looks so polished paired with a metallic belt and sharp black blazer.

Have you entered the swimsuitsforall giveaway? Open to everyone, including international readers!

The sexualization of girls and the infantilization of adult women are two sides of the same coin. They both tell us that we should find youth, inexperience, and naivete sexy in women, but not in men. This reinforces a power and status difference between men and women, where vulnerability, weakness, and dependency and their opposites are gendered traits: desirable in one sex but not the other. Now, thanks to @BonneZ, I know that this has something interesting to do with Mickey Mouse.”

Caitlin wrote a note of apology to her thighs. And it is fabulous.

Wondering how to assemble a workable capsule wardrobe? The “base, accent, pop” method might be just the thing.

And from the Department of Random: On my “to watch” list: When Bjork Met Attenborough.

Additionally: 6 Creative Uses of Sentence Diagramming. (Written by my childhood babysitter. Hi Arika!)

Finally – Feline Friday: Tub Edition parts 1 and 2.

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8 Responses to “Lovely Links: 8/9/13”

  1. Anna

    Jewel tones for fall! I knew they would catch up with me if I waited long enough!

  2. marsha calhoun

    The sentence diagramming is freaking brilliant – I will now take up cross-stitching.

    • Sally

      Sophia, if you’d like to see why, you should subscribe! And if you’re not interested, feel free not to.

  3. Melissa

    Not just women’s clothes in Ghana, but kids too. We spent several months in Legon during my husband’s Fulbright. We took full advantage of wonderful fabrics for our daughter and had several dresses made ( see e.g., and–BYL89RB0kI/TrpJPjf_mBI/AAAAAAAADMo/9Vo8YUIcm5g/s1600/2011_10_22_grass.JPG) slightly large so they’d continue to fit.

    I also had three dresses made, my husband had pants and a few shirts. It was amazingly inexpensive to have a dress made as well, at least from an American perspective. I hem my own pants in the states because I don’t want to pay $10-$20 for the service in Baltimore. For the same amount in Ghana, I could buy fabric and have a dress made.