Lovely Links: 8/8/14

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Weekly Kitten:


I heard rustling. I found this: Harriet in HM’s office trash can. (First seen on Instagram)

So much to swoon over in this Missoni x Converse collaboration.

Ashley’s red and black minimalist look is so elegant. Also love this pared-down jeans look from Maren.

Unikitty is the best comedic representation of the limited emotional range women are allowed to express in media and in their lives. Every time Unikitty feels something other than what is expected of her, she literally has to fight herself to repress her angry feelings by reinforcing the most silly stereotypes of the peppy female.”

Just when IS “pre-fall” anyway? According to the New York Times, whenever you want it to be. Love the rebelliousness of wearing clothes that are “technically” out-of-season.

What a fabulous mix of pale pastels and dark accents. Well played, Sarah!

Gendered marketing: It’s RIDICULOUS.

“Please don’t spend one second of your beautiful life worried about the number on a scale or on the tag of your clothes. Numbers don’t define you. Your heart defines you and your beauty shines from the inside out.”

A great visual illustration of balancing volume on top with volume on the bottom – in this case, using a trumpet skirt.

Having just devoured season one of “Orphan Black,” I loved seeing this tribute to the personal style of character Cosima Niehaus.

‘Weighting’ shifts our attention away from our highest goals. The gym trumps our social life. Weight loss becomes the first necessary step to a better life. The dieting cycle puts our creative ventures on hold. It feels like focusing on weight loss is the right thing to do, and everything else is secondary. How many times have your plans for weight loss taken priority over your plans for your life?”

These pave studs from Noir have been a jewelry staple for me for YEARS, so I was thrilled to find them on Bluefly.

This week on the Fox 9 Buzz, I talked about my top five favorite shoe styles in advance of my shoe workshop!

Wonder Woman wasn’t the first female superhero — Black Widow and Bulletgirl beat her to the game — but she was the first molded from a distinctly proto-feminist perspective.”

This little phrase can cause such an amazing shift in body image perspective.

Totally fascinating: How “fear of missing out” or FOMO can drive compulsive shopping. (Via Recovering Shopaholic, whose post on the topic is also a great read.)

I’ve been craving neutrals lately, so I adore this gray and white ensemble with cognac accents. Also delighted to discover the blog Neutral Territory.

The Curvy Fashionista rounds up five French plus size designers to watch. Can’t … resist … OOH LA LA!

Thought-provoking musings on beauty work, skin-care, and inconspicuous consumption.

Fat-shaming is not about health. It literally can’t be – because there is no valid research to indicate that body-shaming makes people healthier; if anything, raising guilt and shame in people is considered in the public health sector to have the opposite effect. Fat-shaming is about the hatred our culture has taught us to have towards people of size. That’s it.”

These almost-flat sandals are my current go-tos for long days on my feet.

With four very different variations, this post illustrates how swapping out various bottoms can totally transform the feel of an outfit.

Wendy created a letter necklace that says LITERALLY, which I love. She informs me that one year ago, Merriam Webster added a second definition for “literally.” While the preferred definition is still “actually,” the secondary definition is “virtually.” Which I hate.

Oh, Nine West. “Anticipatory Walk of Shame” to sell shoes? Really? (Cheers, Lisa)

My latest foray into over-dyeing yielded some interesting results.

Sylvia’s printed pencil skirt and sculptural necklace are utterly amazing together.

“Basic self-care isn’t just an indulgence. It is an act of survival. It helps you function better, be better, feel better. Self-care improves your overall sense of wellbeing, allowing you to really give your best gifts to the world.”

Along the same lines: “Sometimes talking about self care in the midst of so many forms devastating forms of institutional violence seems like an indulgence. But then I’m reminded of Lorde’s wise words. They are not just platitudes, nor do they encourage selfishness. Lorde’s words compel us to consider that our selves matter, especially in a world where we were never meant to survive but where some of us do.”

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And from the Department of Random: Enormous Jenga.

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9 Responses to “Lovely Links: 8/8/14”

  1. walkercreative

    I must say, Enormous Jenga is advertising genius on the part of Caterpillar! Thanks for sharing that!

  2. fashionforgiants

    Great posts. And thank you for the Neutral Territory link; one of the things I liked best about Gretchen when she was on Project Runway was her personal style. Wonderful to see that she has a blog.

  3. crtfly


    You have such a nice voice. Do you sing? I think you would do very well singing jazz or blues.


    • Sally McGraw

      Thank you, Chris! And yes, I’m not singing now but have been in bands and choirs off and on since I was quite little.

  4. colormehappy

    A very nice collection of links–thanks! The MissoniXConverses are already for sale now at Nordstrom by the way—-and I will LITERALLY die for that necklace!! –LP

  5. Amy Vincent

    Has anyone figured out what manufacturer/model Cosima’s glasses are? I’ve been trying to find out for FOREVER, and nobody seems to know!

  6. Logan S.

    The article on fat shaming has me so frustrated. Yes, I agree, shaming has no place in medical care, but as a healthcare provider it seems to me incredibly foolish to advocate for people to go into a healthcare setting refusing to discuss weight or to even be weighed without knowing for sure whether that information may be significantly relevant to their care. Weight impacts medication dosage. Weight impacts a patients suitability for certain treatments. This is fact, not fat shaming. My own mom is currently battling uterine cancer. The best approach for this type of cancer is hysterectomy, but her weight has caused other significant conditions, most notably congestive heart failure, cardiomegaly and diabetes that has made her a poor surgical candidate. The bleeding caused by this type of cancer could be treated with a uterine embolization, but again she is ineligible for that treatment because of her size and the associated issues as outlined above. A simple CT scan is not so simple when she can’t fit in the gantry. So yes, fat DOES have relevancy in healthcare and refusing to discuss it does everyone a disservice. Nobody should be made to feel ashamed, nobody should have poor healthcare due to their size. I don’t treat my patients that way and any other practitioners that do are practicing bad medicine. But to not even discuss it as being relevant to one’s care is dangerous and short sighted.