Lovely Links: 9/10/10

I’ll be speaking at the Minnesota Blogger Conference this Saturday, so do let me know if you’ll be attending! Here’s a guest post I did for the conference about why I blog. (Oh, and if you can’t make the event but are in the Twin Cities, stop by the pre-conference networking event tonight at 7.)

Christine Baze – founder of The Yellow Umbrella, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating women about HPV prevention – writes candidly about her experience with HPV, cervical cancer, and the link between the two.

Why do women shop? A former sales associate breaks shoppers down into four categories: Those who shop for need, those who shop for mood, those who shop for fashion, and those who shop for therapy.

Men represent 1 in 16 eating disorder individuals, 50 percent of people with body dysmorphic disorder, about 15 percent of cosmetic surgery patients, and almost all steroid users.”

Ten amazing women divulge exactly what makes them feel beautiful. (Via Yes and Yes, who contributed an answer.)

Corporette’s readers engaged in a lively discussion about religious jewelry worn at the office. What’s your take?

Dinosaur insight into the meaning of dressing. DEEP stuff, people. (Via Interrobangs.)

Totally adore Lady Smaggle’s tips for driving in style. Someday, I will master the headscarf …

Do you reserve your graphic tees for weekend/jeans-wear only? Here are some great suggestions for creative graphic tee ensembles.

Holy cats, I’m supposed to clean my makeup brushes once a week? (Still true if I only use them once a month? Not sure.) Luckily, Sonja has a tip about an easy-to-use brush cleaning formula.

Sara ponders how one woman’s dressed-down can be another woman’s “fancy.” What does “fancy” mean to you?

I’ve got a DIY’ed pair of leather shorts waiting to be worn, and have lots of rocker-ish outfits planned around them. But Emily’s leather shorts ensemble is making me think twice … perhaps juxtaposing some feminine details is the way to go.

Whew, isn’t Weesha radiant in red? Actually, she’s radiant in pretty much everything …

Following up on a question raised by The Sartorialist, Gertie asks: When you work out, do you incorporate your fashion sensibilities into your ensemble?

Hey, it’s Fashion Week. Did you know? Are you being absolutely inundated with coverage and opinions and images and suchlike? Bloggers have definitely infiltrated the madness that is NYFW, but Fashademic weighs in on how magazines still claim the lion’s share of power in the world of fashion. Even if that claim is unfounded. (Via Nubby Twiglet.)

Have you checked out the newly redesigned You Look Fab? Damn, it looks gorgeous!

I’m absolutely delighted that the bizarre “rules” about the wearing of white after Labor Day are relaxing. I plan to wear it year-round myself.

Petite women, I certainly hope you’re reading Alterations Needed … but if not, start now. This blog’s lively forum now features a marketplace for selling and swapping petite clothing.

Many years ago, I saw a Keith Haring exhibit at the Whitney. It’s the only visual art exhibit that has ever made me weep. I can’t imagine how I’d EVER afford a pair, but I’d be overjoyed to show my love for Haring’s work by wearing a pair of these Nicholas Kirkwood-designed shoes.

And from the Department of Random: Things Organized Neatly. This Capricorn rejoiced at every image. (Via The New Professional.)

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11 Responses to “Lovely Links: 9/10/10”

  1. Weesha

    I LOVE your linkage posts and to actually be mentioned- OMG! Thank you so much! The 'What makes me feel beautiful' post is so inspiring, it's definitely the best thing I've read all week.

  2. Marsha

    I greatly enjoy your blog, and have also enjoyed clicking around to other interesting blogs that you suggest. I have a peculiar questions that almost seems impertinent, but I assure you that it is not meant to be. I was just wondering why, in so many of your excellent photographs, you (and so many other bloggers and professional models) choose to turn one foot inward, or hook one foot around your leg, or do something else unusual to create an odd stance (odd to me, that is – and I don't really see many such stances being taken in everyday life).

    Last year, when I was scouting around for possible (informal) dresses to wear at my wedding, I began to notice this, and when I ran a few past my fiance, he asked why all the women in the photographs were twisting their legs around. I didn't know how to answer him, and I'm seeing it more and more often, so I thought I'd ask you, because you would give me a thoughtful answer. Please don't think that I mean this disrespectfully in any way – I am just curious. And I repeat – I really enjoy your blog – writing, pictures, topics, suggestions, everything!

  3. Sal

    Marsha: No worries, lady. A straight-on, hips and legs forward stance is seldom employed because it can look almost aggressive. The reasons for the leg positions have to do, I think, both with attempting to get the best angle on one's figure and attempting to create a variety of poses. Many bloggers take their cues from models and celebs, who also tend to contort a bit when photographed!

  4. Marsha

    Sal, thank you. Now that I think of it, male models often seem to be leaping forward a lot, or just starting or finishing some sports movement (there's probably a dissertation in here somewhere . . . when I googled my question, I got a lot of stuff on women walking pigeon-toed and the cultural ramifications of that!). It makes sense that a variety of positions would make for more interesting photographs, and we all have our "best" sides and feature that we want to emphasize. If I want reality, I can go hang out at the mall and people watch.

  5. Bianca

    Is "shopping for fashion" the same thing as shopping for fun? I shop for fun. Its not very "fashionable" per se though. 😛

  6. MJ

    Re: One womans 'dressing down' is another womans 'fancy'.

    I get this a lot at work. I teach elementary which means apparently I'm suppose to spend my days in ill-fitting Dockers, 'comfortable' shoes & teacher-themed tops. Uh, no. I wear everything from full on dresses (the same ones I'd wear to church on Sunday) to nice pants & tailored shirts. And shoes? Well, just call me Imelda!
    I hear all the time 'Wow you look so dressed up' or 'You must have a huge closet'. I finally explained to 1 co-worker that I went through a period of probably mild depression where I didn't care what I looked like (& I have the photographic evidence to prove it!) & that since then I cannot dress in a way that I feel does not make me look good.
    I think what makes me so annoyed is that its really not that much effort. 10-15 minutes as I'm getting ready for bed & I'm set, down to my jewelry & shoes. In a pinch I can do it in 5 but I enjoy the creative process & love spending time 'playing'.
    I do agree with the writer that I wish more people made an effort. I shouldn't look 'fancy' just because I'm not wearing PJ bottoms & a tank top in public.

  7. orchidsinbuttonholes

    Sal, thank you so much for the mention! I always love your round up of links, since it's a great way to find new-to-me blogs, and I appreciate being included. So thank you!

    Hope the conference went well! Wish I could have gone to hear your talk!

  8. Sonja

    D'oh! I missed that you linked to one of my posts until just now. Thanks for the shout out on the brush cleaner post! Now what do we need to get you to use those brushes more often. heehee! 🙂 xoxox