Lovely Links: 9/11/15

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I’m a total pushover for this cat. Can you see why?

The feminism of culottes

It may be September, but summer dresses like Megan’s teal and navy halter-neck will have staying power into the fall.

On I rounded up some stylish denim skirts and dresses for fall, and offered advice for curbing impulse buys.

Rose McGowan is making waves by quitting acting and calling out the rampant sexism in Hollywood.

I had never considered the possibility that drag might be offensive to some people, but this post explains how a practice that exists primarily to bend and break heteronormative ideas of identity and performance can also veer off into phobia and privilege abuse.

A truly uplifting read: 29 Lessons I’ve Learned About My Body in 29 Years

H&M is one of the worst perpetrators of the fast fashion model, but they are desperately trying to combat their toxic reputation with moves like this: Offering a massive prize for ideas that will help to effectively recycle clothing and textiles.

Related: Where do your old clothes go?

Ranti’s steel blue dress and snake print heels work together beautifully in this minimalist outfit.

Minnie Mélange blogger Sinéad Burke writes about the challenges of being a fashionista who stands at 3’5″. (Cheers Leysia)

“Melissa McCarthy, everyone’s favorite comedic actress-turned-fashion designer, has become an outspoken advocate for plus-size shoppers, calling out the industry for neglecting shoppers and keeping the clothes ‘hidden by the tire section.’ Now, McCarthy has rightly taken a jab at the term “plus size” altogether, saying it’s an inherently problematic concept that devalues women. The actress, who recently debuted her own line, told Refinery 29: ‘You’re taking your biggest category of people and telling them, “You’re not really worthy.”‘”

Loads of yes to this skirt-purchasing guideline from Angie

26 Women Who Expertly Shut Down Their Body Shamers

“Oftentimes I feel as though I am playing a balancing act, always attempting to find the sweet spot between my desires. It is easy to find the time to be male, but I often struggle to find the time to be female. And for most of my life the balance of power is in favor of my maleness. When I don’t get enough time for femininity is when I become worried.”

These chain-embellished ankle boots have been a summer staple for me, and now I’m coveting them in moss.

Currently swooning over absolutely EVERYTHING Margot Meanie wears

Underutilized feminist secret weapon for creating instant personal space: Farting.

Dazed asks: Is disability fashion’s forgotten diversity frontier?

Related: The Fashion Spot’s advertising diversity study is always a fascinating, if disheartening, read.

The publication Business of Fashion will soon be offering free online fashion courses.

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  1. Psals

    I love the piece by Minnie, thank you for the link! And that farting piece? Hilarious! I am going to share it with my best friend who lives and commutes from Brooklyn!