Lovely Links: 9/16/16

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She loves being between layers. I missed the photo op, but she also sat upright with the sheet over her, cape-style.

Photographer and body image activist Taryn Brumfitt has created a film titled “Embrace” that aims to help women love and accept their today-bodies. (Via Inside Out Style)

The secret to an eye-catching all-black outfit is to incorporate a variety of textures, as Stephanie shows us.

“I hate all those style rules. That’s what I told the Telegraph when they asked me for advice on ‘navigating fashion through the menopause.’ Style is an individual thing … Yes, body shape changes around the menopause – mine has, I have that ring of flab around the middle and so I’ve adapted, a bit (basically I’m less inclined to wear a figure-hugging t-shirt) but there’s no one-size-fits-all just because you’re older.”

June J. Rivas responds to her boss’s discriminatory dress code in a kick-ass way: BY COSPLAYING.

So curious about this new sustainable line that’s size-less – oversized to fit women with a variety of figure shapes and sizes.

Ashi is radiant in her bold print peplum jacket.

In this episode of MTV’s Decoded, five women of color break down how whiteness is at the center of our cultural idea for beauty.

The best thing you can do to help young girls establish good body image is the same as what anyone else can do: be a role model for healthy body image and for having a healthy relationship with food.”

22 Things You Should Never Say To A Skinny Woman

Crystal tries out a stunning mesh-and-lace top, and reminds us all that sexy things are for everyone.

On Recovering Shopaholic, Debbie and her community members share advice, brand recommendations, and styling tips for dressing when your weight is fluctuating. (My tips here and here!)

My journey to reclaiming pretty meant telling the truth first about how I relate to myself. It also meant showing understanding and simple respect to others, and lastly it meant most radically being kind and forgiving to myself about everything.”

Love the Mandarin collar on this sustainably made dress from FIG. And the crossover-hem detail on this made-in-the-U.S. top.

Five years ago Angelina made a video equating thin-shaming to fat-shaming. Now, she revisits her previous beliefs and explains why she has a better understanding of thin privilege.

Angie explains why she believes every casual wardrobe needs some dressy items.

Why Women Bashing Other Women is a Thing

“Photos often capture unfamiliar angles, but even taken head-on, like a mug shot, they show us our true face, not the reversed face we see in the mirror. It’s the reflection that’s inaccurate, but to us, the unreversed face looks wrong.”

The ladies at MasterPeace make all their own products in Brooklyn, including a darling tee and Starry Night-themed knickers, and for every purchase made 10% of the profit will buy underwear and feminine products for a woman in need. Kudos, Heather and Dena!

The Style Crone shows off yet another of her stellar hats, this one black with hot pink feathers. Glorious!

Now that it’s cooling off and drying out, I’m re-incorporating this Kiehl’s face oil into my daily routine. Smells great, and SUPER gentle.

Planning some fall camping? This post rounds up the most comfortable and versatile hiking boots for women.

“The Women’s Equality party’s proposal argues for legislation aiming to increase size and shape diversity in fashion, including through larger sample sizes. ”

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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3 Responses to “Lovely Links: 9/16/16”

  1. Keilexandra

    Size-less is really the wrong way to go IMO. There just aren’t many pieces of clothing that will equally flatter a 5′ size 0 boyish-figured woman and a 5’10” size 14 curvy hourglass woman. Even if the fit is meant to be loose – e.g. this item:
    has a bust measurement of 63″. That’s literally double my bust circumference. Even the best drape can’t hide the fact that I would be swimming in this one-size-fits-most garment; it just makes me feel excluded because I don’t belong to the category of “most” people (although I am not actually that extreme in size, I know many women who are naturally smaller than me).

  2. Blume

    I’m a little confused about your entry on Japanese Weekend. This brand ended last March (as I discovered when I, 8 weeks pregnant, tried to go to their website). Some places that had previously sold this brand still had stock for a while (like Nordstrom), but they’ve mostly seemed to run out by now.

    • Sally McGraw

      Really? How odd! I added that link a couple of weeks ago and there were more options … but I see it’s just a set of PJs now. Huh. Well, I’ve always pointed folks to eBay for the brand, too, since it’s a bit spendy. Thanks for the heads up – I’ll take the link from this post to eliminate further confusion!