Lovely Links: 9/17/10

If you’re a SoCal resident, you’re in luck! The truly fabulous ladies at Reality in Style are having a trunk sale in Laguna Niguel. The sale runs today until 8 p.m., and tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you’re interested in going, drop a line to Denise for details.

A brilliant new way to wear a large, square scarf!

Rabbit Write has declared next week No Makeup Week. I’ll be participating, though I’m not sure how just yet … check the Facebook page for the No Makeup Week event for details.

I’m entirely unready to think spring, but the Pantone color forecast for the SS11 season sure is looking glorious.

Aaaaand speaking of Fashion Week, the Wall Street Journal chronicles one garment’s journey from runway to retail.

In case you missed Scholar Style Guide’s Wardrobe Workhorse week, they’ve got a fabulous little wrap up right here.

Wondering how on earth you can make motorcycle boots office-friendly? Here’s your answer!

Sports reporter Ines Sainz has made sexual harassment claims against members of the NY Jets. Some are blaming her attire on the incident. Your thoughts?

Ever feel like a war is being waged on women, with the goal being our collective feelings of inadequacy and inferiority? Yeah, me too.

Sartorial choices, gender performance, and the assumptions of others all hit A-Dubs in the fanny last week. But she’s not quite ready to drastically alter her presentation. (Ties in nicely to our discussion of showing your inner self on the outside earlier this week.)

A tribute to bangs. Or fringe, if you’d rather.

And while we chatting about coifs, here’s a quick history lesson on how hair styles/lengths have shifted over the years, and a lively discussion about how lock length relates to age.

France passed the burqa ban after all. Opinions? (Via Interrobangs Anon.)

A women’s magazine asked Kim Catrall to pose for their cover … with a cougar. Kudos to Kim for refusing. (Via Hope Springs Internal.)

Y’all know I love a full skirt. College Candy offers up three great ways to style full skirts, none of which I would’ve dreamed up on my own.

Nobody does androgyny quite like my girl SWINTON.

Christian Siriano’s Payless preview is making me salivate … but I’m certain they’ll water down these luscious looks before they hit the stores. Again.

And from the Department of Random: I’ve mentioned that the North American Badger is my totem animal, but my collection of badger-related memorabilia is surprisingly small. Enter Etsy. Now I can request a mother and baby badger brooch, a darling badger-encrusted ceramic bowl, and a handpainted plate of a badger saying “I eat cake in my pants” for my birthday. Of course, I’m always open to EARLY birthday presents … what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever searched for on Etsy?

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17 Responses to “Lovely Links: 9/17/10”

  1. Zeynep

    Does it count if I never really wear makeup? Actually, I spent a lot of this afternoon looking at new makeup products because I started thinking that I should wear makeup more often. It's funny that you posted this right when I wrote down a list of new stuff to try out. I think in the past six months I've probably worn makeup three or four times total.

    I have makeup bag with all sorts of tools (mostly MAC), and in college I loved wearing makeup because it was fun and it made me feel fabulous. But makeup is always my last priority in the morning, and I guess I'm so used to going without that I'm like… whatever. Hehe.

    Although I think I might want to get better at wearing makeup, I also don't want to get to the point where it makes me uncomfortable to go without it.

  2. sethrak

    ::sighs:: Why is brown part of the spring color trends, not fall/winter? I always want to wear lovely rich brown skirts and pumps in fall, and this year I am finding them hardly anywhere. (There's a nice one over at Boden I am yearning for, but need to save up the funds.)

    That shade of brown def. does not say spring to me. The other colors are great, though.

  3. Sal

    sethrak: ME TOO! Brown is so autumnal. If I find a cache of brown basics somewhere, I'll give a shout …

  4. Sal

    Zeynep: My daily makeup consists of an eyebrow pencil and MAYBE some lipgloss. So I hear you … but it's interesting, I've found that I'm anxious about doing a day or two without those things. Weird.

  5. Rebecca

    I like the idea of no make-up week, but I don't know if I'd have the guts to do it. I don't need to have make-up on to leave the house, but for some reason it is ingrained in my mind as being something that I have to wear to work in order to be office appropriate.

  6. Megan Mae

    Agreeing with Zeynep: Does it count if we never wear makeup?

    I wear it maybe a couple of times a month. My skin is just too sensitive to stand face-paint every day no matter how "gentle" the formula.

  7. J.rose

    Ines Sainz was definitely asking for it–you strut your stuff, and people (hem, guys in the locker room) will notice. That doesn't mean that the players weren't being jerks, but really. (Self-dubbed "hottest sports reporter in Mexico"? Clearly she realizes the effect she has on people!)
    And by the way, can you imagine what they would do to a male reporter who went into a female locker room while some of them were in the nude? I'm seeing a bit of a double standard.

  8. Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP

    Thanks for the link! Great round up as ever! I don't know where you get the time to read it all.

  9. firefly

    Sigh. Burka ban? Moreover, 246 to 1? How is this any better than being FORCED to wear one (besides jail>stoning)?

  10. Maggiethecat

    You'll wash the makeup off my cold dead face. I have a confession (i.e. rant) to make – I can't help being annoyed when somebody makes a production of not wearing makeup… I mean, what's so difficult about not doing it if you just don't like it? I'm genuinely curious about this, since I'm one of the few people I know who actually wears makeup on a regular basis – most women I know who go to work every day, some in rather stodgy and corporate environments, don't seem to care much for makeup, don't wear it, and don't look one whit less professional and pulled together for it (and if they do, it's because of other reasons that have little to do with makeup or the lack of it). Is it an Euro thing, perhaps? Meanwhile, I hate this subtext that says that because I use lots of unnecessary, icky, patriarchy cosmetics, I'm a subservient little birdbrain. Uh, no, I just really love and enjoy them, or else I wouldn't bother, same as I just don't bother with other typically feminine pursuits.

  11. Sal

    Maggiethecat: I get the same critiques for wearing skirts and heels, and it drives me batso. (Post to come shortly on that, in fact.)

    But I highly recommend looking in on Rabbit's project. She's cerebral and wise, but also rebellious and headstrong and unlikely to draw conclusions about all makeup-lovers being patriarchal pawns. Especially since she loves makeup herself. Her goals are to ask women to explore their relationships with makeup.

    Though I see that the FB page has responses mainly from women who aren't makeup-lovers anyway. And if someone sponsored a "dress androgynously" week, I'd probably pass. Just cuz I wouldn't WANT to participate.

    OK, now I'm rambling. Just wanted you to know I hear what you're saying.

  12. Julia

    regarding Ines Sainz:

    First off, I don't think sexual harassment is ever deserved. That being said, I do have some questions on the situation in general.

    Is it typical for female reporters to go into a male athlete locker rooms? do male reporters go into female athlete locker rooms? These are honest questions, I guess I'm a little shocked that she went into a pro-football locker room to begin with. Does ESPN reporter Erin Andrews go into college football locker rooms?

    Personally, I wouldn't. I would not feel comfortable interviewing men while they are changing. If I enter a room that is designated for men to change in, I would expect to see men changing. Also, I would not be comfortable getting changed in a locker room to be interviewed by a reporter (male or female). Why are interviews conducted in locker rooms to begin with? This whole situation is really confusing me.

    Maybe I need to read more on the situation and about typical behavior by male and female sports reporters.

  13. Maggiethecat

    Oh, I know – I've only skimmed Rabbit Write's articles superficially, but I like that she isn't about the black-or-white POV I'm used to hearing – I especially like what she says in one of the comments posted: 'Beauty is not a virtue and neither is shunning it'. Yup. It's just that in my experience a lot of people aren't as live and let live, so I felt the need to throw that out there.

    And as an inveterate skirt and heels lover, I can't wait for that post!

  14. Christina

    i find the dovetailing of the article on ines sainz's harrassment and the blog post on dressing more formally to influence academic colleagues interesting. in one, we're defending the right of one woman to dress how she wants to and avoid negative behavior in a professional situation. in the other we're watching a woman change how she'd usually dress to avoid negative behavior in a professional situation. certainly no one deserves sexual harrassment, just as no one deserves to have their intelligence correlated with their trouser jeans, but clothing and self-presentation can affect both. so where do we draw the line and say "my body, my sartorial choice," and where do we conform to expectations to enhance or save our professional reputations?

    it's giving me a lot to think about today. what do y'all think?

  15. A-Dubs

    'Great round-up, Sal! I've got some reading to do.

    Also, thanks so much for the shout-out. 'Funny, isn't it, how there seems to be so much to talk about when it comes to gender and fashion?