Lovely Links: 9/18/15

Weekly Kitty:


That blue sheet she’s under? Yeah. That’s the flat sheet we put on TOP of the quilt to limit the amount of cat hair that gets into the bed. Harriet is unimpressed by this little “system” we’ve created and loves a good under-sheet burrow.

Sometimes all you need to perk up an all-black outfit is a colorful scarf and eye-catching heels. Or try cobalt accessories on an all-neutral background.

Why Americans dress so casually, according to the Washington Post

On I gave tips on where to shop for Fall’s fashion trends, and advice for finding a great bra in person or online.

Seeing Monique in her blue jumpsuit among the sunflowers makes me pine for the summer that’s sliding away as we speak.

Local folks, the 2015 Curvy Divas Expo – an event that focuses on new and gently used clothing in sizes 14 to 34 – is coming up on September 26!

UN Women asked artists to create cartoons related to or commenting on gender inequality: Here are a few of the winners.

“I’d also internalized the idea that my breasts were supposed to look a certain way: round, perky, evenly sized, and perfectly spaced apart. Clothed or otherwise, we see women’s breasts everywhere. Sprawled across billboards, advertisements, in movies, and on tv, we’re often looking at breasts that have been manipulated so much that they resemble breasts that only a small percentage of women naturally have.”

Marianne looks utterly ravishing in her LBD, and adds a kick of quirk with her handprint clutch.

Anyone following or aware of #ThighReading? It’s a tag meant to foster acceptance of stretch marks, but the author of this post has mixed feelings about it.

Apparently also trending: #thighbrows

Brittany is clearly both gorgeous and elated in her slouchy, comfy drop-crotch pants.

Flattering is subjective. Flattering is in the eye of the beholder. Flattering is blending the viewer’s opinions and personal preferences with societal norms and maybe a pinch of what they know about the wearer of the piece. What one may find flattering may leave another flabbergasted.”

John Oliver gives his two cents on fast fashion.

10 awesome women in 10 awesome bow-tie-centric outfits

“I realize now that all of my mom’s self-criticism and hate of her own body was her own way of confiding in me. She trusted me enough to be honest, and in turn I should have been supportive of her feelings like she has always been supportive of mine. It was never about me, it was about her. Still, every time I see her suck in her stomach when she stands in front of a mirror or try and smooth out the wrinkle between her eyes, I feel a twinge of sadness. ”

I’m with Gracey: My belt knots always look lumpy and bizarre, but a pre-knotted belt might be just the thing.

The impossible standards of a smile

Related: The demo for the iPad Pro involved a man Photoshopping a woman’s face to make her smile more

Grechen recaps a year of her Minimal Closet project, honestly and openly.

Oh those BOOTS. Well played, Directrice.

When I hear words like ‘disgusting,’ which is such an awful word but an unrelenting fan favorite, my stomach drops. I hate that word. Because I’ve felt disgusting before. I hate when my friends use it, I hate when family members use it, I hate when women I don’t even know use it. Because I know exactly what they mean when they use it on themselves.”

New York Fashion Week may be over, but comedian Ryan Raferty’s one-man Anna Wintour musical goes on.

Just like Margot, I’m a sucker for a star print.

And from the Department of Random: Miserable Tambourine Players in Western Art History

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  1. wonkyone15

    This might be old news to you, but I just found out today that Karen Kane is sold at Younkers now. And they frequently have $50 off a purchase of $100 coupons. FYI!