Lovely Links: 9/20/13

I will be appearing on the Fox 9 Morning Show at 9:30 a.m. every Wednesday this month in a new segment called Trendy or Timeless! You can view this week’s segment on pencil skirts right here.

Registration is open for community ed classes! My Dressing Your Best class will take place on November 4 in Cottage Grove and November 13 in Champlin.

Have you signed up for the Already Pretty newsletter yet? October is coming, with exclusive discounts, unpublished outfits, and more!

My book is now on sale at Bachman’s gift shops! And, as always, you can pick up a copy at I Like YouCommon Good Books, and Subtext: A Bookstore as well as online.

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Elizabeth Cline, author of Overdressed, interviews models about the Model Alliance, a nonprofit group trying to rein in the largely unregulated labor practices of the cavalier business of fashion modeling.

I’m a sucker for a Peter Pan collar. I really am.

Alison shares her favorite wide-calf boot resources.

“In short, why do we believe that looking our best means spending our time, money, and energy making our bodies look different through what amounts to a series of optical illusions? Why can’t we learn to perceive beauty in every body instead of trying to make every body fit a single perception of beauty?

Patti shares some simple and fabulous tips for babying your wardrobe to keep it in tip-top shape.

This mix of floaty, eye-catching layers is so chic.

Does your glitter nail polish always come out looking goopy? Mine sure does. This tutorial will help.

Wrinkle-washing. It’s totally a thing. An infuriating and sexist thing.

Julie Chen, one of the hosts of “The Talk,” revealed last week that she had surgery to make her eyes appear “less Asian.” I watched this video clip a few days ago and am still feeling angry and outraged, but also torn and supportive.

I love that this series of makeup tutorials asks you to focus on highlighting what YOU love most about your face. YES!

Polka dot pussybow blouse for the win.

Not just another “haters gonna hate” post, Jes explores toxic comment sections by examining value, expectations, the validity of feeling hurt by negative comments, and the importance of moving on.

Wanna know how Weesha keeps her gorgeous curls so gorgeous? Here ya go.

Lots of fashion advice advocates for sweeping change and total transformation, but you can change your personal style in smaller, less daunting steps.

Wanna know how to turn your inner critic into a supporter? Me too.

This intro cracked me up, and the entire piece is well worth reading: “As a child, my body did not enjoy the feeling of clothing. It also hated the feeling of being naked. From an evolutionary standpoint, I probably shouldn’t exist if something so fundamental proved a hardship.”

Lisa shows us another great way to style ankle booties.

Four great, mind-bending reads on the relationship between fashion and color.

This diagram is clearly vintage, but it’s fascinating to see how the first set of hairstyles overemphasizes face shape while the second set complements them.

What is this, the fifth kiss-print blouse outfit I’ve linked to in the past three weeks? (And such a fabulous ensemble altogether.) I feel like a kiss-print garment is in my future …

This short video that shows shoe designer Chie Mihara in action is so inspiring. (Via YLF)

“And when we decide to care passionately about what other people think, we lose perspective about what we think. And, ultimately, we’re the only person walking with us to the end of our days. We cannot afford to lose our own perspective in search of how to alter someone else’s.”

Rent the Runway is now carrying plus sizes! Holiday party season is just around the corner …

A little reminder about pride and priorities.

You may have gathered that I have a mad-rampant crush on Janelle Monáe. This piece includes a lot of conjecture, but also illustrates why Monáe is busting boundaries left and right, including with her personal style choices.

Lovely LPC – a knockout in her sixth decade – got married in August. In this post, she shares the pre-wedding beauty tweaks she made to feel her best on her big day.

Can’t say I’m keen on the slipper-style flat, but I might make an exception for these.

See more of the lovely Foxcroft Style Stars in this video, and hear them talk about why they love teaching!

I’ve read a lot of commentary about Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance over the past weeks, but this post titled “When Your (Brown) Body is a (White) Wonderland” is an impassioned and astute summary of much of the other writing I’ve seen. (Cheers, Gwynne.)

The Brits are ahead of the game: Two retailers have committed to using mannequins that show size diversity, including plus and petite sizes.

“Yeah, my skin looked great after it healed, but I expected it to look great; it’s wholly possible that the facial itself had nada to do with it, my hopes alone providing whatever glow I believe I saw.”

Caitlin has a bone to pick with anyone who says that pink sports gear makes women less assertive as athletes.

The rich, embroidered details on this jacket and necklace are simply stunning.

Jezebel has crunched the numbers and it turns out that New York Fashion Week is still really white. STILL.

Have you nabbed your Thirty Pretty Projects yet? Series Two is just out! Series One is right here.

And from the Department of Random: A baby wombat scurrying across the floor. Oh, how I long for my very own wombat …

Additionally: Meet Food Critic Pug.

And finally:

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16 Responses to “Lovely Links: 9/20/13”

  1. Anna

    Oh, go on. Get the slippers with the cats. You know you want them—but what will your lovely kitties say?

  2. Lisa

    Aw thanks for the Lovely Links love, Sal! Off to check out some of the great reads you recommended.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Heidi/Frantic But Fabulous

    Thank you so much for including me! Lots of amazing stuff here.

    Jes’s post on negative comments is particularly fantastic. Such a hard topic to handle and she does it with compassion.

    And how beautiful was Lisa of Amid Privilege’s wedding dress? One of the loveliest I’ve ever seen. Simple and stunning.

  4. Gisele

    Argh!! Wrinkle washing!!!

    This month there is an ad on the back of a magazine I subscribe to. It features Courtney Cox, wrinkle-washed to alien perfection. The tagline is “We’re not getting older, we’re getting more demanding,” which I translate to mean “There’s nothing good that comes with age, we’d better buy some products.”


  5. Meg

    Can I just say that I LOVE that you always set your links to open in a new tab. Random thing, I know, but I like not having to track back to the original post.

  6. Lauren

    I’m loving your TV segments! You look so together & professional. Congratulations!

  7. Ruth

    Enjoyed the pencil skirt segment. Where did you get the top you’re wearing under the jacket? I love it! I want it!

    • Sally

      Oh Ruth, I got it at a clothing swap! I think it originally hails from Anthropologie, but not totally sure. Sorry!

  8. Chris


    Are you angry at Julie Chen or at the industry that pretty much insisted she change how she looked?