Lovely Links: 9/2/11

Gotta kick this week’s links off with this amazing video: 100 Years of Style. It’s a promo for an outlet mall, but SO well done! (Via The I on Fashion)

Barking Dog Shoes gives us a marvelous round up of cute, comfy biker-style boots.

Doesn’t Folake look amazing in her leopard-print blazer and asymmetric tunic? Gah, I want that entire outfit for myself.

Check out this fabulous tutorial on how to make image maps for your blog or website.

Vanessa pairs red and teal to great effect.

“The romantic narrative of the West has no way to deal with women who aren’t seeking a man, or holding on to one. It definitely doesn’t know how to deal with women who don’t experience romantic or sexual desire. Single womanhood as a sustained and satisfying state just doesn’t compute for a lot of people.”

Patti wants to know: How and when do you make the decision to let your natural grays show through?

Wide- and narrow-calf boot maker DUO is offering free international shipping for a limited time, and Miss Plumcake hand-picked her faves from the wide-calf offerings.

Eight fun cobalt blue pieces for under $20 apiece? Oh yes indeed to that.

Petites rejoice! Kelly, of Alterations Needed fame, has just launched Hemmed, which she envisions as an “all-inclusive, one stop shop for petite women of all shapes, sizes and ages.”

Owning your awesome does NOT make you conceited.

My inner sci-fi/fantasy geek is totally digging Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor. Even though, no matter how laughably they clothe her, I’ll always stay loyal to Wonder Woman. (Via The Frisky)

Everything about Reva’s outfit – from the vest and boots to the gorgeous scarf – makes me smile.

I was asked to comment on Kjerstin Gruys’ no mirrors project, and mentioned a few other ways to boost body image.

Who What Wear’s guide to fall trends is comprehensive and such fun to peruse.

Autumn comments on the recent media attention that’s being dumped on Sinead O’Connor, exploring the singer’s “…  long-standing tussle with the beauty standard.”

On a related note (kinda), Jaunty Dame shares her tips for those who may have accidentally shaved their heads. (Via The Beheld.)

So Elle’s editor-in-chief wants us to abandon “feminist” in favor of “feminine-ista”? FOR REALLY? That makes me want to spend my weekend poring over the archives of Geek Feminism, a blog I discovered just this morning.

Holly offers a hilarious – if difficult to execute – figure flattery tip for looking slimmer in your hot pants.

Curious about selling your clothes, but not sure how to get started? Katy Rose has put together a great video outlining the basics of selling clothing on consignment.

And from the Department of Random: What’s in your beard? (Filmed in scenic NE Mpls – via Stuff About Minneapolis):

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12 Responses to “Lovely Links: 9/2/11”

  1. Rocquelle

    Omg I adore Folake of Style Pantry!!
    Those DUO boots are the first I’ve seen for wide calves that are actually cute!

    I just LOVED, Owning your awesome doesn’t make you conceited! I’m going to put that statement on my inspiration board!

    Lovely links as usual dear!

  2. Mia

    That piece on Sinead is so thoughtful, thanks for linking to it. And hooray for the Jaunty Dame! Rebekah’s shorn head looks fantastic as always.

  3. Autumn

    Thank you for linking to the Sinead piece! It turned out to also be a great excuse to get all late ’80s on myself and dance around to “Mandinka” last week…

    And HA! on the hot pants wrestlers. A friend of mine just sent me a picture of us from our vacation last week and I was all, “Why do I look so…small?” I didn’t put it together until now that it was because I was flanked by two dudes who were 6’2″ and 6’7″!

  4. Nebraskim

    I’ve read your blog for a while but this is my first post. Thanks for the post called “Owning Your Awesome is not conceit.” I have NEVER been able to get past the idea that self-esteem/self love is not equal to vanity/conceit. I’m glad this woman was able to get past it. Perhaps someday I will as well, but I’m not optimistic. I love your sense of style and the blog is very thought-provoking for me.

  5. Vanessa

    I wondered why my stats jumped by about 1,000 percent this weekend… Thanks for linking to me! I can’t wait to go explore some of these other links!