Lovely Links: 9/23/11

Wow, Internet, way to go this week!

For starters, let’s check out this fabulous tutorial video: 25 scarf ties in 4.5 minutes. (Cheers, Elizabeth!)

” … for decades I hewed uncritically to those rules, with ‘slimming’ as my clothing mantra. But in recent years, I’ve found that sometimes ignoring my Prime Directive allowed me to find and wear pieces that I loved and felt best expressed my inner self, even though they may not have been the most ‘slimming’ choice.”

Stephanie looks smashing in her classic trench and fedora.

As you can imagine, I’m THRILLED to have found a Tumblr called Wear Color. I want to live in there.

Another great reminder that feeling proud and strong and beautiful is not a crime. Be your own champions, my friends!

So clever! Natasha has belted her loose-fitting dress with a brooch.

This week at The Frisky, I talked about why I don’t diet.

S. continues her fabulous series on style and the pregnant body, talking about how to deal with trendy items within the context of a maternity wardrobe.

Kyla rocks her rust-colored midi and leopard print flats.

Taking her measurements was an eye-opener for Katy, and explained a lot about why certain styles work for her and others just don’t.

Buyer’s remorse can be so tricky. Ashe asks, “Is there a limit to the cost to making ourselves feel good? Is there a difference between an expensive blender for making soups and juices or an expensive pair of shoes … or an expensive dye job?”

Tips for riding a bike in heels. LOVE! (Thanks, Nancy.)

Love this tough-chic mashup of black and pale pink with marvelously badass boots.

“So long as I have people to love, work to do, books to read, and new ideas to think about, I will be full of passion. Passion makes me feel more youthful than any neck cream.”

This mix of kelly green, black, and animal print has me planning a copycat outfit.

I’ve been tempted to try wearing one of HM’s shirts as a skirt, but wasn’t sure how to make it happen. This step-by-step tutorial might just push me over the edge.

Fascinating commentary on social views of tattoos, women, and gender performance. (Via The Beheld)

Miss Plumcake shares her tips for how to look fab in a statement necklace as a plus-sized woman. Her advice is sound for anyone looking to wear a large necklace without looking over-adorned.

Still color crushing on Lucky So and So. Purple and circus stripes? Amazing.

Alice gives us 75 things she learned from her mom. All of which are, unsurprisingly, hilarious.

Today’s marvelous guest poster, Autumn of The Beheld, muses on why scientists are eternally fascinated by the concept of human beauty.

On a related note, Elissa explores what we’re willing to sacrifice to feel beautiful. Some women have said they’d give up an entire year of life in exchange for their ideal bodies.

Tamia jumps the gun in style, using a runway look from Karen Walker’s SS12 collection to inspire her autumnal outfit.

College Candy gives us 10 fashion finds that simply scream fall.

The lovely Ellie Di dishes out some tough love on the subject of media-fueled self-loathing.

Now THAT’S how you rock a short dress and a duster.

I’ve adored Pringle of Scotland knitwear for years, but now I’m swooning over their shoes.

In sharing her thoughts on being a tall woman, Caitlin says, “I realized that there is nothing inherently wrong with being physically intimidating, and that the only reason I was ever made to feel that it was wrong is because I am a woman.”

What makes an outfit fun?

Loved this story about a Louisville Unitarian minister who leads a double life … and learns about the real meaning of beauty in doing so. (Cheers, Kim.) Vid is a bit long, but stick with it.

And from the Department of Random: How to use an apostrophe. Features helpful examples, including, “It’s unusual to put crickets in your coffee, but I do it anyway.”

Another from the DoR: I learned a fabulous/funny fact at the International Wolf Center. Apparently, ranchers have begun using guard llamas to protect their herds from wolves and other predators. Why? Because North American wolves have never seen a llama, which means it essentially looks like A SPACE CREATURE to them. Additionally, llamas are totally badass and will defend an adopted flock in a most serious way. Including the spitting. Check out these photos of guard llamas. And respect the llama.

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26 Responses to “Lovely Links: 9/23/11”

  1. Sheila

    Also took my measurements this week and was very pleasantly surprised that the numbers were lower than what I thought. And I love the idea of using a brooch instead of a belt.

  2. Laura

    Thanks for the link(s)! And thanks for introducing me to Zarna’s blog…holy wardrobe envy, Batman! (In a good way.)

  3. Marsha Calhoun

    Not directly related to the links, but today while grocery shopping I saw a young mom who would have been called plump/zaftig in my youth, dressed in a fairly tight short dress, as I never would have dressed in my youth if I had had her figure – she looked great: flattering colors, nice coordination, overall pleasing effect. And I was able to appreciate it. Progress! Real progress!

  4. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    So much good stuff to read. Love your post about not-dieting. And you dig Lucky So and So too? She is so amazingly talented. Thank you for the mention, I am honored to be in such company.

  5. Lauren

    those scarf ties seriously just saved my life! (by life i mean my evening out=P)

    mcuh love! thank you!
    lauren xoxo

  6. MJ

    The men’s shirt as skirt option has opened up an entirely new section of the thrift store! Is this good or bad??

  7. sarah

    LOVE your non-dieting post. As a gal who could stand to lose 15 lbs, I appreciate this, because I, too, will not diet. I will eat less crap (for me, it’s less rich food – I’ve been more than “treating” myself in the last year, you know?) and I will get to the gym more now that I am ABD and do not have to take twice a full-time load of courses this year (my grad program is for masochists). Also, how fab is that tall girl post? And these outfits? LOVE that rust midi skirt with flats and the pink blouse – so pretty and autumnal!

    And I have to tell you – I actually give my students a stern lecture about “Sarah’s #1 pet peeve – apostrophe misuse!!” on the first day of class! I actually make them do an exercise as a class, and basically tell them that my head will explode if they don’t learn it. Because in my opinion, few things make you look quite the nincompoop as using an apostrophe to form a plural noun – and it’s just rampant in our culture, which drives me up the WALL, I tell you. So now, I will link to this fun infographic on the website as a great way to remind them how it works! Thanks!

  8. Raven1025

    So, I rarely, rarely wear scarves. Occasionally, I buy one thinking I will wear the hell out of it, then I don’t.
    If I were to do some of those styles from the amazing video, what is an ideal size to purchase?

    • Sal

      It really depends on what kind of look you’re going for, but a longish rectangle is a great place to start.

  9. Silvia

    I totally agree with you on your non diet post. I think you nailed it.

    After my attempt to diet lead me to anorexia, what took years to come out of it again, I now handle my food intake similar to what you described. I stay clear of fast food, but else I only keep an eye on the food group and make sure that I eat my veggies.

  10. GingerR

    The Oatmeal is the greatest.

    When I was writing cover letters I’d challenge myself to put a sentence with a perfectly used semicolon in it just to show off.

  11. Jess

    In the summers, I help run a camp out at this rural school, and the farm next door has a guard llama for their goat herd. The llama’s name is Gideon. Kind of awesome. He’s a scary mofo though, to be sure.

  12. Shannon

    Excellent links, as always! The scarf tutorial video was ESPECIALLY helpful, I’m always at a loss for how to style my ample scarf collection. Thanks!

  13. Allie

    Thank you so much for the link love! How did I miss this?? I would be honored and look forward to your version of this combination! 🙂