Lovely Links: 9/23/16

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A new house for Simon. (First seen on Instagram.)

Chioma looks ready for fall in an outfit that combines denim, orange, and leopard print. (BTW, did you know I’ve got an entire Pinterest board full of Fall fashion inspiration?)

Anyone checked out the retro-inspired Ashley Nell Tipton for JCPenney collection? Looks like it includes some funky pieces in size 0X – 5X and 16W – 30W. Amber looks amazing in a cape top and pencil skirt from the capsule.

Gender Free World creates androgynous and masculine attire from sustainable materials! YES!!!

Love this gorgeous mix of warm neutrals and luxe materials on Saskia.

Liz Black believes that the ever-shrinking sample sizes that designers use are sending a damaging message to women about their bodies.

The Surprising Similarities Between Fashion Week and Burning Man

A sculptural black belt anchors this flowy maxi ensemble.

Unfortunately, getting drive-by fat-shamed is part of the deal when exercising while overweight. People want obese people to exercise, but they don’t want to see them doing it. No before or during, just the after, please.”

On the recommendation of an art supply store employee, I tried Procion MX Dye and it managed to make my oatmeal-colored dress a sort of dusty purple-gray. (I was going for black. Of course.) And I followed the instructions! And now have a giant bag of soda ash! Anyone else tried this method and had success? I was so hopeful since you don’t have to BOIL your clothes to use it …

Giulia’s bomber jacket is on-trend for autumn, and the pastel hue makes it ideal for transitional wear. Check out more bomber jacket inspiration at Fashion on the 4th Floor.

Middle school students at Irvington School in Portland, Oregon, pushed for a gender-neutral dress code. And won.

Windowpane is one of my favorite geometric prints, and I love how Kristine complemented its starkness with her bold yellow skirt.

It’s a Nonlinear Process: 10 Tips for Loving Your Body (Disabled or Otherwise)

This lace-detail sweater dress would look so cute with tights and mid-calf boots!

It’s the middle of September and just as warm as it was in July. Angie muses on the disconnect between retail and the weather. (My tips on how to cope with this clash here.)

Designer Christian Siriano – ever the boundary pusher – cast regular and plus-sized models in his NYFW runway show. Kudos! (Via Adios Barbie)

This Kiehl’s sunscreen is tinted AND claims to help with acne. Trying it out, and quite impressed so far. It offers light coverage, mineral UVF protection, and hasn’t made me break out in two weeks of use!

And: Anniesa Hasibuan Becomes First Designer to Present NYFW Collection with Hijabs

Kelly’s lace-panel moto jacket is to die for.

LISSA the Shop just added San Francisco-made line Cut Loose! I’ve been a fan of this brand since my retail days (and I mean since I worked in a boutique in high school). Great, bold colors and basic-but-not-boring shapes.

Slightly older, but still worth noting: “After a month of intense national scandal and heightened international outrage, France’s highest administrative court, the Conseil d’État … overturned the burkini ban in a coastal area of the south of France.”

If you love the look of ankle boots but struggle to find a truly comfy pair, this post is for you.

Over on GoDaddy Garage, I talked about the importance of honoring the give-and-take dynamic in networking.

How to get the low-vamp look with a high-vamp shoe. GENIUS.

Gracey does long, lovely layers and white pants after Labor Day. SCANDAL.

A 23-year-old illustrator is championing body positivity in the hopes of finding solidarity with women around her. (Not safe for work viewing)

And from the Department of Random: When a Pretty Cat Goes to Sleep

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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3 Responses to “Lovely Links: 9/23/16”

  1. Jessy

    My experience with dye is that they like to claim on the packet that the dye is far more effective than it actually is. If you want to get a really pale garment all the way to black, you simply need to use much more dye than the instructions advise. Maybe you should re-dye the now purple dress, using about two or three times as much dye this time round?

  2. what not

    I dyed a bright pink rayon dress black with Procion MX and it worked out well, but I used a huge amount of the dye to up the dye:water ratio.

  3. S.H.

    Sorry so late to the party….

    Black is a tricky color to dye. I’ve made a few lovely brown things while trying to get black! Dharma Trading recommends using four times the amount of black dye as any other color, as well as twice the salt. (They have lots of good tutorials on their website.) Non-iodized salt works better, too. Another dyer (Paula Burch) has noticed that the chloramine in many water supplies interferes with the dyeing process.

    I’ve done a lot of home dyeing and have concluded that it helps to not be attached to the outcome. There are a lot of variables that are out of our control.

    That being said, I hope you give your dress another try!