Lovely Links: 9/24/10 UPDATED

In case you missed the announcement, I’m giving away a $150 gift card to MetroStyle and/or Chadwicks! Click through for a 30% off single item coupon code, too!

Check out all the amazing women who participated in No Makeup Week.I’ve discovered some amazing new-to-me blogs through this project, including the stunning Zoetica Ebb.

Have you seen Lady Gaga’s video about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? It was shot by Terry Richardson, a photographer accused of molesting his models.The hell?

Beth Ditto’s collection for UK plus-size chain Evans is beyond fab. (I mean, obviously.) And hey, Evans ships internationally!

Corporette tells us how some of the SS11 looks that went prancing down the runway might translate into wearable office looks … eventually.

Here’s a roundup of fabulous moto-style jackets for the budget-conscious.

I got to visit local plus-sized boutique Bombshell when it opened, and was just AMAZED by the selection. Check out this great write-up on the Anna Scholz blog.

Fabulous interview with the makers of “Picture Me,” an upcoming documentary about modeling.

Interesting post and discussion about equating care for one’s appearance with a lack of intellectual rigor.

If you’re a boot devotee like me, you’ll adore this roundup of comfy boots for fall. Check out part 2, too!

Speaking of boots, I adore my over-the-knee pair, but struggle to style them. Here are some fab outfit suggestions and overall tips for making OTK boots work.

Will legislating Photoshop use in ads really fix the problem?

What a way to rock a long black skirt.

I’ll admit to tuning out most of the Fashion Week noise, but Omiru always does a bang-up job of pinpointing the trends. Looks like spring will bring us collarless coats, sheer textures, and boxy blouses, among other things.

College Candy has a pretty concise roundup of what’ll be hot this fall, for those of you who are living in the fashion present instead of looking to the fashion future!

If you’re interested in seeing more trip photos from our vacation in Iceland, Husband Mike has been posting a bunch!

And from the Department of Random, this is one of my all-time favorite bits from Sesame Street. It’s all about the music for me. If someone could tell me how to make this song my ringtone, I’d be one happy lady.

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14 Responses to “Lovely Links: 9/24/10 UPDATED”

  1. Margaret

    The CDC reports that as of May 2010, 29.5 million vaccines for HPV (the Gardisil shot) have been administered. 53 deaths have been reported among women who received the vaccine. 29 of those deaths have been confirmed. The balance have not been confirmed due to no patient data like names, etc. Those 29 deaths have not been shown to be related to the vaccine according to the CDC.
    For this reason, it does not seem accurate to create a link that says basically 70 women have died from the vaccine. I clicked through, found no information about the deaths 'linked" to Gardisil so I went to the CDC website.
    Thank you!

  2. Julia

    oh my, I haven't seen that Sesame street video in forever, love it! and that would be a killer ringtone.

  3. Sonja

    It will be interesting to see how the whole Photoshopping legislation thing plays out. I wonder if that would ever go over in the U.S., where beauty companies still use false eyelashes in their mascara ads (I believe it was outlawed in France). It would be nice to see some truth in advertising.

    And thanks for the link to your Iceland pics!

  4. KatySue Pillsbury

    Play the video as loud as you can without distorting the sound. Hold your phone up to the speaker and record the sound onto your phone. Then you should be able to use it as a ring tone. At least that would work on my phone, good luck!=)

  5. Blume

    Hi Sal… not to harp, but those 29 deaths have not been shown to be directly related to the vaccine. I'm pretty leery when it comes to drugs marketed to women (having had some terrible experiences on the pill), but I find the linked website lacking in evidence.

  6. Sara

    I have high-risk HPV with severe cervical dysplasia. My doctor told me that she couldn't outright say this because it's not marketed this way, but that many of her patients who had HPV took the Gardasil and their HPV went away. So, I took it. Wish me luck.

  7. Sal

    Sara: Oh hon, you'll be fine. As several have pointed out, more benefit than don't from the vaccine.

  8. Sal

    Folks, I pulled the Gardasil link. I felt like it was a cautionary tale about being an informed medical consumer, but I NEVER want to fear-monger.

  9. Kelly

    I love that Sesame Street clip! I had forgotten all about it.

    That green dress from Beth Ditto's collection? SO COOL!

    That grey Loft moto jacket may have to be mine!

    And thatnks for the link to the Academichic conversation – it took me into one of those delightful internet wormholes!

  10. PrincessMia

    You can also try phonezoo, that's where I get all of my ringtones.

    And if it's not on there already, you can make your own. Download the youtube song with video2mp3 (I've used it many times, no viruses yet), then upload to phonezoo.