Lovely Links: 9/28/12

Huge thanks to Fashion Pulse Daily and Adorkable Undies for their fabulous reviews of my book!

From my favorite read of the week: “At worst, we see our bodies as wily adversaries, to be regarded with suspicion and kept in constant check. At best, we see them as accessories, merely vehicles in which to tote around what we see as our true identities — our minds.”

Stripes, full skirt, heels … triple love from me on this sophisticated ensemble.

Deja offers some creative ways to style scarves when you’re facing specific dressing challenges.

In other scarf news, check out this tutorial that shows how to convert a large scarf into a vest in two easy steps.

The headline says it all: Reddit Users Attempt to Shame Sikh Woman, Get Righteously Schooled. (Cheers, Rob and Cynthia) Also see this response that touches upon being your “best possible you.”

Best news of the season for Twin Cities residents: John Fluevog will be opening a store in Uptown. By January, I shall be utterly broke and ferociously happy.

Cyn is sassy as ever in her little lace skirt.

Harper’s Bazaar interviews a global fashion icon: Elmo. (Thanks, Hanna!)

In the market for wide-calf tall boots? Alison rounds up and reviews her favorite online retailers who specialize in wide-calf boot styles.

On a related note, Lisa picks out her favorite vendors and styles of cashmere sweaters and button-front shirts. And she should know.

These scarves from knitwear designer Roos Vandekerckhove are gorgeous, graphic, and bright.

Totally adore Katha’s burgundy skirt and polka dot top. And how fun to mix some lighter shades into this otherwise dark outfit.

Shini and Kit turn two huge scarves into a kaftan dress with a few well-placed stitches. See Shini wear hers here.

If you’re looking for some guidelines for wearing the winter white trend – a thriftable trend! – this post will help.

K.Line shares her thoughts on back fat. She is vehement and swears a lot and I love her for it. In her follow-up post, she shares some favorite bra styles and fabrics that can offer support to the bust while causing minimal pinching on the sides and back.

Sometimes a black and white mix can look just as fun and vibrant as colors.

What are YOU doing for Plaidurday on October 5?

Twin Cities folks, Patrick’s Cabaret is hosting their 3rd annual VOGUE|TRASH: Costume Fashion Ball on October 20!

These tips for how to deal when friends fall down the “I feel fat” conversational rabbit hole are spot on.

How do you rock a pair of heels if you’re tall? Like six feet tall? Gracey shares her tips.

Have you checked out Butane Anvil? I love a fearless dresser with a quirky shoe obsession. This outfit is a particular fave, as it features those amazing Prepare Guide Mary Janes. (Via Megan Mae Daily)

This post offers some advice for dressing to visually broaden narrow shoulders.

Library Journal shares a list of fashion-themed books, including The Secret Lives of Dresses by the wonderful Erin of A Dress a Day! (Cheers, Garrett!)

This mix of soft pink and black patterns is both sweet and bold.

There are levels of refinement within styling that apply to fabrics, accessories, and styles of clothing. This post explains the levels with some great examples.

And from the Department of Random: Did you know that baby porcupines are called porcupettes? Me either.

Another from the DoR: This commercial has nothing to do with what it is selling. But it is marvelous.

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14 Responses to “Lovely Links: 9/28/12”

  1. K-Line

    Oooh, Sally, I always feel like I’ve made it when you link to me! Thank you so much. Now off to read all of your other links…

  2. Amber of Butane Anvil

    Thank you so much, Sally! As a big fan of yours who looks forward to this roundup of great reads every week, I am absolutely thrilled to be included in Lovely Links. I’m so glad to see Nadine of Adorkable Undies here as well, and I love all the scarf ideas. Much appreciated!

  3. spacegeek

    I tried the scarf vest thing today–did it with three different scarves and it is easy!! Totally terrific!! Thanks for linking!

  4. Kathaleen

    Thanks for some highly interesting and entertaining links! I seem to be experiencing serendipity: I just thrifted three gorgeous large square scarves and now I see these lovely links! The universe wants me to enjoy my scarves, I tell you.

    If I had a punk rock girl band I would be very tempted to name it “The Porcupettes” and wear our hair in a crested style like that adorable baby porcupine! Cuuuute!