Lovely Links: 9/29/17

Weekly Kitty:

One of each.

“We’ve all done it — commenting on a friend’s weight whenever it changes. When they lose weight, we say they look amazing and to keep up the good work, and when they gain weight, we assume they’re going through a hard time or there’s something wrong. Why are we so fixated on the idea of weight gain or loss in others, and why are these assumptions so dangerous?

A visual history of that 90s standby – and current fashion fave – the slip dress. Monroe looks smashing in hers.

Danielle laments the lack of sleek minimalist pieces available in plus sizes. And I agree.

Changing seasons often mean changing color palettes. Here’s advice on how to shift your colors seamlessly.

“By being more present, we open ourselves up to conscious thought that shifts us away from the state always feeling the need to have more, more and more.”

The fall looks from Good American – which is, as the name implies, made in the U.S. – are delightfully edgy. Plus sizes available in many styles.

More than a little envious of Monroe’s graphic tee.

Designer Jeff Cafone offers gorgeous plus sized leather jackets that can be customized!

This piece on shutting down diet talk gives some tough but actionable advice. (Disordered eating discussed.)

I picked up a pair of these Diesel low harness boots on eBay and I’m in LOVE. Unlike many other Diesel styles, these appear to run true. (They’re usually woefully small and narrow!)

“Most organizations don’t intend to lack diversity. Some try to fix that deficit through purposely seeking to diversify their industry, staff, classrooms, and so on. Many hire diversity outreach coordinators, set up programs welcoming marginalized groups, and find numerous ways to recruit people of various backgrounds into their organization. Their efforts are a good start. But what they don’t understand is that they really need inclusion.”

So much to love here, from the long cardigan to the kitty tee to the bright pink pumps.

Angie rounds up and reviews 15 trends for fall and winter.

Like Jean, I’m so ready to wrap myself up in a ginormous plaid scarf. I don’t even care that loving fall weather is a cliché.

Related: Wearing a Jacket is Nice

Check out this roundup of ballet flats for fussy feet.

The dry air is moving in, and I’m keeping a bottle of Aveda Hand Relief on me at all times.

“Dressing is a way of expressing ourselves. It’s a wonderful one, because we can do it every day, and we can change our expressing whenever we feel like it. We can convey joy, boldness, introversion, fantasy, creativity, and confidence.”

White denim for fall? Yes, please.

And from the Department of Random: An Antarctic research station is currently looking to hire … a hairdresser.

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