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Harriet says, “No pictures, please. I need my privacy.” (First seen on Instagram)

This minimalist take on the front-back pearl earring is so graceful.

On I gave some tips for leather jacket shopping and advice for shopping locally and stylishly.

Cathy shows off a chic denim mini dress, and also talks frankly about her anxiety about her knees and neck.

Gorgeous local blogger Amanda Williams of Bella Moxie will be hosting a plus-sized pop-up shop in St. Louis Park later this month – details here!

Why Affirming the Beauty of Blackness Is Not Same as Putting White People Down. Also a general reminder that people asserting that they deserve something doesn’t imply that others don’t deserve it, too.

The Budget Babe offers her picks for stylish maternity pieces that are budget-friendly.

What top fashion designers wore as high schoolers. Most are marvelously normal, a few are already fashionable fierce in their teen years.

These earrings have been on my wishlist for about three years. I should just pony up and buy ’em already …

Great suggestions for working the burgundy-blush combo in late summer

“As my skills grew, I started making clothes that actually fitted me well for the first time in my life, and my body image started shifting in parallel. As I shrugged off set clothes sizes and started making garments that precisely fit my dimensions, the feeling of abnormality and exclusion began to lift.”

I still love the look of a statement necklace worn in place of a tie over a button-front shirt.

If you dealt with body shaming as a child, this post may resonate with you.

There’s a treasure trove of an eBay shop called Linda’s Stuff, and it’s currently having a Labor Day sale with breathtaking deals. 25% off when you spend $100 or more. I’ve got my eye on this arty cardigan and this amazing blazer.

10 tips for making denim work at the office

Thanks so much to Beth from Style at a Certain Age for interviewing me as part of her Over | Under series!

It’s infuriating to note that anti-aging products are marketed to women exclusively. Ever seen a company try to sell neck cream to a dude? (Maybe this happens outside the U.S. … would love to know about it if so!)

Shop Adorn has the new fall Prairie Underground line, and it is spectacular.

Another woman learning to love her pale skin and resist the pressure to tan

The latest in her Literary Stylings series has Gracey wearing a chambray blouse and landscape-print skirt.

Everlane’s silk tank dress looks so perfect for late summer wear. And it’s sustainably made.

This week on the Fox 9 Buzz – at the Fair! – I offered tips for creating jewelry balance.

Yes, but which shade of pink?

“I love the ability to transform my face in 30 minutes, and emerge from my bedroom looking as if I have had way more hours of beauty sleep than I actually did. My obsession is often questioned, by feminists and non-feminists alike. Yet people rarely ask me why I love doing my makeup.”

I know it’s barely September, but I’m already scoping winter coats. This asymmetric closure one is a dream, and available in custom sizes!

6 annoying things you hear when you’re a tall girl

And from the Department of Random: See my MN State Fair photos over on Instagram. Including a very brave woman wearing a bee beard. ACK!

Also: In other bee news, Torch Songs Where The Word “Me” Has Been Replaced By “Bees”

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