Lovely Links: 9/6/13

I’ll be participating in the Galleria’s Flights of Fashion event on September 20! Swing by the shops listed to sign up for a FREE 15-minute figure and style consultation with me.

Registration is open for community ed classes! My Dressing Your Best class will take place on November 4 in Cottage Grove and November 13 in Champlin.

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Anna writes about what she wishes she’d said when a yoga student asked her how to love her body.

Looking for a color change that’s bold and bright, but low-commitment? Give hair chalk a whirl.

Print mixes can be subtle, like this darling striped dress and floral peeptoes.

Audi explains how to seed a travel wardrobe, and the advantages that this process provides in terms of shopping on the road.

Wondering what to do with your old nail polish bottles? Make them into bud vases!

Une Femme absolutely ROCKS her new pair of drop-crotch pants.

“If fashion had taught me any lessons, it’s that you can use your appearance as a form of game theory – that looking good gets you where you want to go. My life is like an adventure – I’m the hero – and I need to dress for the part I want to play.”

Erica’s black jumpsuit with a sultry back cutout is making me wish for my own. Perhaps she’ll make me one, too.

Completely adore the concept of the five languages of body love. (Via Weightless)

“To be a female athlete in these times is to be a living, breathing part of a tectonic shift in the cultural narratives told about what it means to be a woman. Certainly the path has not always been a straight shot, but progress never is. But make no mistake about it, progress is happening and it continues to happen every single day.”

This ensemble is wonderfully edgy, combining a silky leopard-print blouse and statement necklace with distressed boyfriend jeans.

So many women have told me similar tales, and here Lilli explains how learning to sew boosted her self-confidence and body image.

I love everything about this outfit, from the spiky necklace to the sheer blouse, to the high-waisted skinnies.

This post, in which the author questions the meaning of ethical fashion, is a completely engrossing read. (Via Final Fashion)

Amazing, inspiring, comforting words for those who have gained weight and don’t know how to feel about their new shapes.

Roquelle talks about what it means to be an emotional dresser.

I, too, hope to have a shoe room someday. Although HM has suggested a shoe turret with rotating shelves …

This post offers some great insights into what your clothes can broadcast about you in the corporate world. Refinement, structure, color, and more are all discussed.

Mia is all elegance in this flowy blouse and white widelegs.

If you’re feeling a bit low, take a peek at this roundup of body-positive quotes. Some of my own faves are in there.

“When you dress to please yourself, you stand taller, you have more confidence, you smile more. People feel this and will be more drawn to you. Not only that, the right people who understand your style will be drawn to you. Being authentic to your personal style helps you develop more authentic relationships.”

The gals at Corporette discuss how to button up your cardigans at great length.

And from the Department of Random: I CHALLENGE YOU to read this meta pun and not-laugh.

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  1. Mia

    Aw hey, thanks for the link-up, Sal!

    That article about ethical fashion is great, and is a topic that’s on my mind a lot. See, I just lost another 5 minutes staring out the window and thinking about it…