Lovely Links: 9/8/17

Weekly Kitty:

He’s an excellent napper.

Plus-size stalwart Torrid will be presenting at New York Fashion Week in just a few days.

Ethical brand Everlane launched denim this week, and jeans come in several styles at price points slightly below what a pair from Gap will cost you.

“With all the meaning fashion has – both overtly and subtly – wearing the same dress can easily be thought of as a lack of possibilities. For me, it opened up more possibilities than I had ever considered before. It was the perfect way to express myself, my ideals, and my ideas – without getting wrapped up with society’s expectations. Wearing the same dress for a year became my expression, it became my lifestyle, it became my interpretation of fashion.

Joi makes a summer dress more fall-appropriate by layering it over a long-sleeved blouse.

Why Gyms Need To Be More Aware Of People With Eating Disorders

I’ve been stalking this Frye hobo for ages, hoping it’ll drop in price, show up for cheap on eBay, or that I’ll win the lottery.

Steph looks stellar in her peach peplum top, printed pants, and slingbacks.

“Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has insisted that Rwanda will proceed with its plan to phase-out importation of second-hand clothes despite threats from the US that the move could lead to a review of his country’s eligibility for duty-free access to the American market.” (More background on this issue here.)

How to Wear a Hat With Natural Hair

Jenny’s shirt-style skirt is making me green with envy.

Body liberation is not an endpoint journey. It’s a fluid continuum of education, awakening, apologizing, and doing better.  … All I ask for is progress. Unstoppable learning. Active listening. Stepping back and looking at our uncomfortable biases. We are all sizeist, racist, ableist, ageist, etc. and it comes from our upbringing. But it doesn’t need to be so. We need to do the work to actively fight these prejudices, instead of pretending that they don’t exist within us.”

My Fair Indigo long-sleeved striped tee is one of my fall staples, and it’s held up beautifully after many washings!

5 stellar picks for size 12 shoes. Yessssss.

Why there are no rules on what to do, say and wear over-40

Never did I think of bravery in terms of the ordinary process of loving myself. The process of learning to take care of myself because I am a worthy person. The process of ridding myself of the negative self-talk that permeated my every waking moment because I deserve to hear positive things.”

How to cope when everyone around you is dieting or “watching their weight”

And from the Department of Random: Under Dogs!

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