Lovely Links: 9/9/11

Want to see how eyebrow grooming trends have changed over the decades? Of course you do.

This infographic on the best times to buy is completely fascinating. (Created by, via Fashionably Marketing Me)

“Listen, I can’t say I ‘love my body,’ all right? But I love what athleticism has brought to me, and I treasure the ways it’s visible on my body. My athletic body doesn’t need anyone’s fashion advice. It doesn’t need anyone’s categorization. It does not need to be dressed around, typed, or even acknowledged. It just needs to move.”

Check out this incredibly fun infinity sandal DIY tutorial.

Another celeb is claiming to be “barefaced” on a mag cover – this time, Lady Gaga – but in the age of Photoshop, can any image be considered entirely untouched?

These images from Ulyana Sergeenko’s debut collection for FW11 are utterly stunning. Love those dramatic, floor-sweeping maxis.

TLC shares 10 ways in which the definition of beauty has changed. (Via Average Fantastic)

I’m blown away by this post on how to coordinate colors. So clear, comprehensive, and inspiring.

Style Rookie Tavi’s new project, Rookie, is pretty fab. Check out this post on how to put a stop to useless girl hate. She’s speaking to her teenaged peers, but her insights are pretty durned universal.

This essay about slut-shaming, modesty, and the male gaze is utterly riveting. (Via The Beheld)

Need an easy, chic way to dress up a sleeveless dress? Tie a colorful scarf around one of the straps. Brill!

Psyched about the upcoming Missoni for Target launch? Here’s a very insightful Q&A with Angela and Margherita Maccapani Missoni about the collaboration.

Sonja serves up advice on how to deal with seven common beauty blunders.

“Suddenly, I understood a whole new truth: Choice – choosing your behaviors to best respond to what your body needs and most responds to – is medicine.  Food can be medicine.  Movement can be medicine.  Taking on challenges in moderation can be medicine.  Living a deliberate life is, in fact, medicine.”

Idiosyncratic Fashionistas show us how to make a turban from a pair of leggings. LOVE this.

College Candy gives us, “If you like this expensive store, you’ll love this cheap store.” Do you agree with their comparisons?

Rocquelle’s Your Body is Fabulous project is … well, fabulous!

And from the Department of Random: Freestyle Disco Darcy, courtesy the ever-hilarious “That Mitchell and Webb Look.” (Vid contains the f-word. Beware!)

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11 Responses to “Lovely Links: 9/9/11”

  1. Miss T

    As I read the 10 ways the definition of beauty has “changed”, I realize that I must be pretty ugly.

  2. Rocquelle

    A lot of bloggers do weekly post sharing links from around the web, but you find the BEST links (not just because mine is included lol)!!

    I am totally smitten with the ladies of Idiosyncratic Fashionistas now!!!!

  3. Sandie

    So excited about Tavi’s new project. Thank you for posting the link!

    I read *Sassy* magazine in my late twenties, and can’t wait to see how Tavi re-imagines it. (Or that kind of magazine, since I guess she’s not working so closely with Jane Pratt anymore. Too bad.)


  4. Mari

    Didn’t get to these til Monday, but oh my… Disco Dancing Darcy was just the thing I needed this morning!