Lovely Links: December 11

WOW, people. Big week for great content here on the Interwebs …

Sonja has a fantastic new beauty blog. And she’s already giving away some lovely cosmetics from Korres.

Which do I love more: Super Kawaii Mama or Super Kawaii Mama’s Christmas list? Don’t make me choose!

I’m just tickled that Emily at Some Girls Wander by Mistake is posting regularly again. (Thanks to my girl Alison for recommending this gorgeous blog about 6 trillion years ago.)

I’d like to be this lady someday.

Helpful tips on finding a great tailor. Followed by some equally helpful advice on how to deal with said tailor, including how to prep your garments for alterations.

In response to this week’s post about femininity and athleticism, WendyB pointed me to this fascinating article about Caster Semenya.

I’ve been considering a post on the hateful phrase “she’s let herself go” for ages, but Pseu beat me to it. And articulated what I wanted to say FAR better than I could’ve.

Lovely Marianna – an apple-shaped woman with impeccable style – imparts a plus-sized perspective over at You Look Fab.

So you bought a pair of ankle booties. How on EARTH should you wear those suckers?

As part of The Body Image Project, gorgeous Tiffani Sheriff talks about why you should love your body TODAY.

Has everyone else been reading Wayne Tippets’ streetstyle blog for a billion years? Just found it this week (via Lenorenevermore) and I’m totally hooked.

Nubby shares her shoe care secrets.

Do you ever feel like some of the things you own are “too good” for everyday wear? Here’s a great post on turning that philosophy on its ear.

I am a confirmed Grinch, but even I can’t resist Tula’s gorgeously designed holiday card picks.

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10 Responses to “Lovely Links: December 11”

  1. Sara

    There are so many fantastic links here – I love finding new blogs and have added many of these to my reader – and I'm so touched that my post is one of them. Thank you so much for the link!

  2. Julia

    My very first boyfriend (back in high school) told me the main reason we were breaking up is "You really let yourself go, Jule." I was 17 (and very impressionable) and had gained a few pounds and it took me until recently to get over it. I don't want to blame someone else for my insecurities, but there have been a lot of self-body issues that I've recently realized started after that.

    It realy is a hateful phrase! Thank you for posting that link!

  3. caffeinerd

    Love the piece on "she let herself go"…what a ridiculous phrase.

    Thanks for the links đŸ™‚

  4. Iheartfashion

    I feel the same way about growing up to be Iris Apfel. She's wonderful!

  5. Sonja

    Thanks for all the great links and for sharing my new blog!!! You're the bestest ever, chickadee!! xoxoxoxox