Lovely Links: December 18

Tricia’s question to fashionable mothers-of-daughters: Did your little girl take an early interest in clothes and fashion?

Some fantastically punky eye-candy. (Note to anyone with bales of spare money: My birthday is coming up in January and I’d happily take one of everything in this post.)

Many and varied thoughts on women in film, women filmmakers, and women as moviegoers.

Whoa. Invisible shoes. I’d wear those while piloting my invisible airplane.

Angie asks, why do YOU want to look fab?

Can you believe it? Eight great New Year’s Eve looks … for under $20!

Why do we constantly tear down the women who are trying to help us? Is someone who sincerely empathizes EVER not good enough to support a worthy cause?

OK, now I want to be a rodeo queen. Or possibly a surfer.

So boycotting pink toys is going to reverse years of gender stereotyping? Hmmm.

An Ode to a 37-year-old Mom’s Fantastic Bum. And some musings on appreciating your body RIGHT NOW instead of 15 years from now when it’s shifted. (My thoughts on this matter here.)

Amen to this.

The Freelancer has drawn up a fantastic diagram of a successfully layered winter ensemble. LOVE.

And from the Department of Random, Paste’s Evolution of the Hipster is spot-on, if you ask me. (Via The Midwasteland.)

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  1. Kate Coveny Hood

    This might sound strange Sal, but I just knew that you'd appreciate my ass.