Lovely Links: December 4

Gertie has prompted some fantastically passionate discussion on model sizing. PATTERN model sizing, that is.

Kate the Great muses on getting stuck in a fashion rut … and the phenomenon of feeling like the current era has no distinctive stylistic markers. Fascinating stuff! Be sure to read part two.

If you long to wear Chanel but also enjoy eating and paying your rent, check out this spot-on recreation of a FW09 runway look. $113 for the whole deal, including accessories!

Wow. What I wore today drawings? Wow.

I would like this book on superheroines for Hanukkah, please. (Thanks to KT for this link.)

Has anyone ever labeled you a “crazy ex-girlfriend“? Is there any label more dismissive?

College Candy highlights five swoon-worthy Etsy designers. Grab the smelling salts.

Here are some stats about proportions and weight that’ll make you REALLY glad you’re not actually built like Barbie. Helpful stuff in the Thanksgiving aftermath.

Holy cats, would you check out this No-Sew Suede Skirt from The Venerable Martha? I’ll be giving this pattern a test run sometime soon. (Thanks to Cecelia for the tip!)

Responding to a request I made a while back, Audi has put together a FANTASTIC tutorial on skirt layering. Woo hoo! Skirts ahoy!

Snapshot Fashion’s gift guides are fun, affordable, and succinct. Find out what to buy for your favorite cube farmer, fashionista, or quirky girl.

And, from the Department of Random, can we just take a moment to bask in the glow of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s irresistibility? OK thanks.

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5 Responses to “Lovely Links: December 4”

  1. K.Line

    Have you read blueprint?? Martha sold it so well. I want to read it now. And that skirt is totally adorable!

  2. Rebecca

    I love all your posts, but Lovely Links is my absolute favorite. The What I Wore drawings are fantastic. And Gertie's post, and….and…. Thanks.