Lovely Links: February 19

The ladies at Academichic have assembled a fantastic scarf-tying bibliography.

Model Coco Rocha refuses to lose weight, even if it means losing work. Via a very thought-provoking post from No Signposts in the Sea.

These are making me rethink my personal ban on moccasins.

WendyB hosted a panel on ethics in style blogging, and wrote about her views on gifts and reviews in blogs, and how best to handle them.

How’s THIS for an alternative perspective on eating healthy? (Via YBSPI.)

You all know I love pushing the envelope by wearing leather at the office. Kimberly has some great tips for dressing down a leather skirt to make it work-appropriate.

Hey Duluth! UMD Health Services is hosting a Q&A with “America the Beautiful” director, Darryl Roberts. Anyone else see this film? Opinions?

Anyone else a little bored with the Fashion Week frenzy?

I can lift quite a bit of weight and there’s loads of muscle in there, but my arms are just plain big instead of “sculpted.” I’ve been lamenting this lately, for whatever reason, so this post on the dangers of body comparison – using Jen Aniston’s arms as an example – really hit home.

Probably gonna have to wrap a scarf around my boot before winter ends. Simple, chic, brilliant.

Brain food to keep those synapses healthy for LIFE.

Marianna lists her current favorite plus-sized blogs. What are yours?

You guys know I don’t generally lose it over designer stuff, but holy guacamole, I’d sell my liver for ANY of these Proenza Schouler AW10 shoes. Any. No lie.

A few choice words (and a flip of the bird) to the traditional news media for bashing fashion bloggers.

National Eating Disorders Week begins this Sunday, 2/21. Do you know anyone with an eating disorder, or have one yourself? Please consider spreading the word, if so.

And, from the Department of Random, what does your website sound like? Put a URL into Code Organ and it will instantly compose midi music based on its content. The Already Pretty Theme song definitely has some Eastern overtones … not sure why.

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20 Responses to “Lovely Links: February 19”

  1. Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes

    Sal it would seem, you and I who are feeling the love for those Schouler stitts!!!

  2. K.Line

    Sally, you have the BEST links ever. I get someone new every time. I mean, who doesn't love a blog called The Fat Nutritionist!!

  3. Marianna

    Sally, thank you SO much for the mention again! You rock! πŸ™‚ Greatly appreciated!

  4. Kelly

    A moccasin ban? That's unnecessary! πŸ˜‰

    I just bought moccasins a while. Turns out they're too stumpy looking to work with my skinny jeans like I'd hoped, but I still wear them while I putter around the house!

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for posting the link with the curvy girl fashion blog links. Loved them!


  6. What Would a Nerd Wear

    another awesome set of links!
    i confess i too am a liiiittle bit tired of fashion week stuff.

  7. fashion herald

    I love your lovely links! Interesting, too, the post on Fashion Week burnout, v. refreshing.

  8. Kimberly

    Thanks for the mention, pretty lady, and love this list of great links!

  9. Sidewalk Chalk

    I really look forward to your link list every week.
    Love the moccasins you posted — and just curious, what prompted your moccasin ban?

    – JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  10. The Waves

    Thanks Sal, for linking me again! Not feeling the fashion weeks here either, but I will fight you for those Proenza shoes… πŸ˜‰

  11. Sal

    Kelly and Sidewalk Chalk: OK, so there wasn't an actual BAN … I just don't generally like moccasins. Not on myself, anyway! πŸ˜‰

  12. SWF_Terra

    Hey Sally… I have to thank you (and thank you again) for the mention. Two readers said they found my blog because of you! The power of the internet will never cease to amaze me!

  13. CompassRose

    Favourite plus blog: Manolo for the Big Girl, by yards and yards. Francesca, Plumcake (she's doing a series on 12 Months of Cocktails!) and Twistie are some of the hottest, funniest women around.

  14. tricia

    thanks for the link love sal!!

    btw, i know i rarely comment, but i am *always* reading. love what you're doing. don't ever stop. πŸ™‚