Lovely Links: January 1

How’s THIS for a twist on New Year’s Resolutions?

I’ve read the statistics on educated and empowered women in developing nations, and those statistics support everything that is said here. Simplistic, yes, but true no less. And microloans really do make a difference. (Thanks to Snidder for this wonderful link.)

Ambika has found the cutest vegan shoes I’ve ever seen. And affordable, too! (Oooh, but please see jesse.anne.o‘s comment …)

Do you feel like Barbie dolls have a negative impact on female body image? If so, how can we deal with it? Is there any other way, besides banning the dolls themselves?

Well, I’ll be hornswaggled. Women pay up to 50% more for drugstore staples marketed specifically to us when, oftentimes, the “men’s” versions are chemically identical.

Wanna read a seriously heated debate over issues of weight, health, plus-sized-ness, fitness, and just about everything body image under the sun? Here you go. (Via Fierce Beagle.)

At a loss for your own fashion resolutions for 2010? Here are some great ones that might serve as a launchpad.

Nadine posted some images of what might just be the most accurate scale ever. (Thanks to Herbee for pointing this out.)

And I MIGHT have just enough sewing knowledge to pull off this vest project. Sure hope so. (Tip of hat to Herbee, again!)

And from The Department of Random, “The Year’s Work in Lebowski Studies” is already in its second printing. Yes, that Lebowski. (Thanks to my girl Lisa for sending this one my way – I owe you a White Russian.)

Happy New Year, my lovelies!

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12 Responses to “Lovely Links: January 1”

  1. lopi

    This is a really lovely list of links you got there honey! I especially enjoyed the twist on New Year's Resolutions and the Fashion Resolutions. Funny things is, I decided not to do any of my own this year!

    Have a marvelous 2010!!!

  2. Alli

    I give a big YES to the Big Lebowski! Haha, love the article. The twist on resolutions is also fantastic.

  3. La Historiadora de Moda

    Holy shitstorm, Batman! I cannot even begin to fathom how people can think it's ok to say some of the things that they did in their comments on Swistle's post. It's true that people do get all up in arms about weight – often judgmental on one side and defensive on the other, but still….

  4. Sidewalk Chalk

    Nice list of links you've got here!
    I do think Barbies can negatively affect body image — it would be cool if they made the dolls customizable to have all different body types, skin tones and clothing styles.
    Hope you had a great New Year's!
    – JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  5. chic

    Happy New Year, Sal!!!

    Great round up of links as always, thank you! S.

  6. Sam

    I totally buy mens razors and shaving cream. It's the same exact thing, but it's noticeably cheaper and it's not pink!

  7. jesse.anne.o

    The fashion resolutions made me laugh. I wish it only took me 5 minutes to get pulled together in the morning!

    Oh, and buyer beware: I had my eye on those Neuara vegan shoes til I checked them out in person @ Mooshoes…and they look like cheap plastic. So if you're ordering online, just know they look fake vs supple and sturdy. Although the heart stitching is awful cute.

  8. Sal

    jesse.anne.o: Uh oh, really? Thanks for the tip … I'll update the post!

  9. angie

    Happy new year Sal!!!
    The round up of links was brilliant and inspiring. Especially the project about empowering girls.
    They hold the future of their community in their hands .Great way to think about the future.Have a fantastic time!!!

  10. jesse.anne.o

    Yeah, they would be okay if you don't mind that you can tell they're vinyl (which doesn't bother me, depending on design!) but, unlike some of the Novacas and other vegan brands, they don't *look* very break-in-able and look pretty vinyl-stiff, which concerned me with regards to all that stitching!

    However, if anyone has worn them at length and has a contrary opinion, I'd love to hear it!

  11. Kelly

    I use men's stuff sometimes (especially shaving cream and razors – usually men's lines come out with better razors about 6 months before the same exact thing comes out in a pink version for the ladies!) but I can't always. The damn perfume they put in everything ruins it! If it's a scentless product then I don't care about the gender, but as soon as they put a fragrance in it, I'm running around with man smell coming from my hair and my pits. Doesn't mix well with my perfume!