Lovely Links: January 29

Yoiks. Jessica at What I Wore opened up ANOTHER can of commenting worms by bringing jealousy into the mix. Here’s her initial comment policy post, in case you missed it, although it now appears that she has closed comments and removed all comments from both of these posts. I have been working on a piece about commenting and this whole controversy and will post it Monday morning.

Andrea is a bona-fide goddess of thrift shopping, and she’s sharing her strategies! Check out: part I, part II, part III (which is especially awesome, as it contains tips on spotting true vintage garments), part IV.

In case you missed it, kristophine wrote an absolutely inspiring response to my post on blame and the patriarchy. Required reading, friends. I mean it.

CNN reports that doctors discriminate against their overweight patients. RARH! (Cheers to April for this link)

What Would a Nerd Wear put together some truly fab outfits using a skirt in a difficult shade of orange as a starting point. What a great way to make a misfit item more useful …

A-C was intrigued by our recent discussion of sexy secretary looks, and wrote a fascinating post on how dressing in this way as a female law student or lawyer can put a woman at real risk of losing respect in the workplace and opportunities to advance.

Six reasons to keep loving fairy tale princesses. In case you needed any more.

NPR’s Liane Hansen interviews supermodel Emme and “V” Editor Christopher Hartley about the magazine’s recent size issue. Liane didn’t know that this spread featured two different models, and thought it was all Photoshop. INTERESTING. (Thanks to Nancy for this tip.)

Gertie muses on the ideals of vintage beauty, and the dangers of feeling overly “done” when that feeling doesn’t jive with your inner self.

A Michael Jackson-influenced t-shirt DIY, in case you really want to embrace that “strong shoulder” trend.

Franca asks: Is the look-good-feel-good cycle working against natural body acceptance?

Audi’s scarf-tying tutorial is brilliant. I tied my scarf in the first knot immediately and felt cozy and chic all day.

You people need to stop turning me onto new daily outfit blogs! This week alone I added: Blooming Leopold, Calivintage, Clever Nettle, idée_géniale, Kendi Everyday, Orchid Grey, renéesturme, Sidewalk Chalk, Song of the Exile, Stylish White Female, and This Chick’s Got Style. AAAAAHHHHH!

Finally, from the Department of Random: I first learned about Banksy via Whorange, and was instantly enamored. Now Queen Michelle tells me he’s made a film? I’ll be in the front row, laughing my ass off.

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18 Responses to “Lovely Links: January 29”

  1. Alfalfa

    Love the link to the post about princesses!

    And looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the "What I Wore" debacle. 🙂

  2. brenda368

    Thanks for these – I'm new to your post, so I appreciate all the great places I can go to.
    I especially like the thrifting series from Andrea…how interesting and informative!!

  3. a cat of impossible colour

    Thanks so much for the mention, Sal! 😀

    And I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts about 'What I Wore.'

  4. La Historiadora de Moda

    Oh, geez! I can't believe this post on WIW, or maybe I can….

    Wow! Kristophine's post was truly fantastic! Thank you for linking to this!

  5. girlxoxo

    Ughh – now I too have more daily style blogs to fuel my obsession! I;m upping my style quotient this year and just wanted to leave a comment saying thx for blogging!

  6. Anonymous

    Wow regarding What I Wore. I stopped visiting that site the day that she posted the original comments policy. Its like she only wants people to praise her while she pimps her site in an attempt to colloct free stuff. She comes off to me as a narcissist. But I'm sure thats just me being jealous, lol.

  7. The Patersons

    Hi Sal,

    I'm a regular reader of many blogs and I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on the comments "issue" – from reading your blog previously I know that you might have had people say nasty things to you and yet you handle it all with such grace and a positive attitude, and a good dash of common sense all the time.

  8. orchidsinbuttonholes

    I added a slew of new style blogs to my Reader and my links this week – it's exciting isn't it? Whenever I find a new style blog it makes me rethink and resee and get all inspired! Some of these, though, are new to me, so thank you for sharing them.

    And there's been lots of great writing and thinking going on – I loved Audi's scarf-tying tutorial and Andrea's thrifting guide, so I look forward to checking out the rest of these wonderful links.

    Have a great Saturday, Sal!

  9. Sidewalk Chalk

    Thanks for mentioning the kristophine blog post — how eye-opening and thought-provoking.

    And I am really interested in what you think about What I Wore.

    Thanks for mentioning our blog…I'm a new fan of yours as well!

    – JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  10. Oranges And Apples

    Thanks for the linkage!

    I can't believe this WiW post, it's like NOTHING has been learned from the previous controversy. Quite baffling, really. Looking forward to your thoughts!

  11. Vix

    Will look forward to your post on comments (and the resulting comments!).

    My nosy-parker self is grumbling because all the WiW comments were deleted by the time I followed your link, ha.

  12. Julia

    Hey! Thanks for linking to me! I've always loved your blog and found it very inspirational. Thanks again!


  13. Annie

    I'm sure you'll have a level-headed viewpoint about the issues sparked by the What I Wore site (which I no longer read).

    Thanks for all the great links this week!

  14. Aury

    I love the post about princesses too! The WIW issue is very intriguing to me too and I would love to know what you think constitutes a good comment policy, because I'm a realatively new blogger.

  15. Kiki

    I can't wait to read about your view on comments. I read both of Jessica's blogs about comments. I thought they were very…I can't put my finger on the write adjective for her opinion…interesting, none the less.

  16. Brianna

    RE: Sexy Secretaries

    Ah, this drives me crazy. As an actual secretary, I get frustrated that while it is expected of secretaries to dress in a feminine way, as a lady with the lady parts (and substantial ones at that), when I do, it's "too much". If I wear a skirt and button down, I fall too close to sexy secretary "image"(in the omg boobs division, because my self esteem isn't nearly good enough for anything further than that).

    I don't wear skirts to work most of the time. I wear dress pants that fit relatively loosely. Wide leg pants. Sweaters that don't cling. Multiple layers. Because without trying, I'm "too much". The fact that being curvy and sexy makes women *less likely to succeed* makes me bitter and angry at both society and the expectations for women. While in a subservient position, I'm expected to be feminine, but when I try to, it's too much for everyone because my breasts are too big or my hips too wide and clothing hugs me tightly even if I buy a larger size.

    Also, if I try to pep up my wardrobe in other ways (more "stylish" clothes, changes to my hair or similar things), it violates the corporate code of plain, pretty, conservative clothing.

    It's a no win. And it makes me angry and frustrated.