Lovely Links: July 15, 2011

Let’s kick this one off with a hilarious, fashion-related video, shall we? (Cheers, Amirali.)

The lovely Ashe included me in an IFB article on the realities of blogging while maintaining a full-time day job. Thanks, Ashe!

Elissa argues that holding onto clothing that is too small to fit your today-body may damage your self-esteem.

Know who has got the best dress collection in the history of dresses? Why, it’s Roisin. And she’s made many of them herself.

Do you subscribe the the French women beauty myth? This post explores its up- and downsides, and notes that since young French girls aren’t obsessed with notions of “popularity,” they may naturally grow into women who feel more self-assured.

This watercolor-print maxi dress may prompt me to write to Zara corporate and BEG them to open a store in MN.

Loved this simple, no-nonsense message about spending on clothes versus saving for long-term goals.

Rocquelle styles her jumpsuit as pants, and my, my, it looks fabulous.

Super excited about The Bridge Project, which is “a matching service that can introduce feminists from different generations and encourage partnerships with the intention to establish a true lineage in the American Women’s Movement.” Join the VFA to participate. (Via Cartoon Heart)

On the lookout for some cute pairs of flats? Manolo for the Big Girl has declared July Flat Month. Yes!

Franca consistently inspires me with her bold use of color. Check her out in green, yellow, and turquoise.

These guidelines for how to edit your closet make sense to me, but as someone who loves a large and varied wardrobe I can’t fathom limiting myself to a three-week window of evaluation. You?

This advertisement for Special K gets an earful from a creative passerby. (And yes, I know ads don’t have ears. TECHNICALLY.)

The Other Emily gives some great tips for effective packing.

Intrigued by this product designed to combat underboob sweat … but wondering if baby powder wouldn’t do the job just as well.

Calling all fashion bloggers! Care to take part in some fascinating research? Lovely Elly is working on her dissertation about the relationships between fashion bloggers, the fashion industry, and contemporary social structures. She needs style and fashion bloggers to fill out some survey questions so she can gather data. Can you lend a hand?

Check out these eight darling polka-dotted pieces for under $20 apiece.

I found this post about embracing graying hair to be inspirational and uplifting. I’ve often wondered how I’ll react when I start to gray, and hope I’ll just go with the flow. (Cheers, Jill!)

Reminder: Your body does NOT have “problem areas.”

Kat has some stellar suggestions for anyone transitioning from a conservative dress code office to a more casual one.

This is PRETTY.

Could you go a year without using a mirror? That’s what this gal has committed to doing, and she’s getting married in October!

On hair color, depression, and being visible.

In response to the now-widely-read piece on the dangers of photo-based body image blogs, Marzipan points out that nothing about the body positive movement is that simple.

And from the Department of Random: What happens when we edit famous literary passages “with economy”? This happens. (I generally believe in attempting to say more with less, but still found this hilarious. Especially, “I love Lolita.”)

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15 Responses to “Lovely Links: July 15, 2011”

  1. Lynn

    I use baby powder (Avalon Organics brand, which is talc free, yay!) to combat *underboob* sweat, and it does indeed work very well 🙂

  2. Roisin

    Sal! You have flat out made my day with your link to my blog – you’ve long been one of my blogging heroes, so that means a lot. Thank you.

    Also, that video? Is IMMENSE.

  3. Sara

    Hate to nitpick, but Silky Underwear is definitely not “designed to combat under-boob sweat”. Haha! It’s just a lovely body powder that has kaolin clay for absorbancy and cocoa butter for moisture (so your skin doesn’t actually get dry) and smells to me like heaven. =) The biggest plus for me is that it’s talc-free, as I am allergic!

  4. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Thank you so much, Sal for the mention.

    I’m laughing my butt off at the “Writing with Economy” examples. I can hear my old English professor screaming.

    And big yay to Elissa, who brings it every day. Like you do!

  5. Christine

    Ahahaha. The editing “with economy” link made me LOL literally several times, and that’s a rare thing because I’m cursed (blessed?) with a picky sense of humor. Thanks Sal :-)!

  6. Cherri Porter

    As a boob sweater, I will say baby power is crap (and don’t use it for anything)!

    Corn starch is okay, especially if you are prone to rashes.

    I use the Rock under the arms during the winter and other non-sweaty times and it’s great for under the boobs too. It works on the feet as well and keeps the shoes from stinking to high heaven.

    Because I teach and need a heavy-duty stink and sweat stopper (even though I do know the risks), I use this scent free one. It’s great. And, it too works for the boobs.

  7. Berna Bleeker

    “Elissa argues that holding onto clothing that is too small to fit your today-body may damage your self-esteem.” That was a good article, and I’d definitely say that too-small items should be kept out of sight, and not somewhere you see them every day. But personally I’m glad I kept that one lovely skirt I can wear again now, and I think that keeping *too-big* clothes around is even worse, since you’re basically signalling to yourself that you expect to get fat again.

  8. E

    As a size 34H living in sweltering Washington, DC, I know a thing or two about boob sweat – and I know that a $4 bottle of Shower to Shower powder works great to combat it.

  9. hellotampon

    I don’t like powder building up in my bras, so I use that heavy-duty antiperspirant “Certain-Dri” under my 32DDs. It’s the best!

    • Autumn

      Thank you so much for including my post on les françaises! Some great comments are popping up over there. (You have quite a coterie of expat readers, it seems!)

      I used to go out with a dude who wore Silky Underwear as…underwear. It worked for him, that much I can say!

  10. Rocquelle

    So, I don’t know what rock I have been hiding under, but I had never heard of your blog until I was looking at my stats and saw I had traffic coming from your blog!

    Your blog is amazing! I adore how you modernize vintage pieces, and these lovely links post are awesome (not just because you linked to me in it). Thank you for linking to my post as well!!!!