Lovely Links: November 13

Need some justification for your shoe-buying habit? The New York Times delivers.

Dreamecho’s musings on closet organization, purging, and maintaining a well-tended wardrobe are fascinating and illuminating.

Oranges and Apples has a really fun take on assembling a capsule wardrobe.

The Fluvog site has an anonymous Fluevogger posting a photo of herself wearing a different pair every day this month. WOW. Shoe envy, over here.

We’ve already talked about how important it is to include a little weight lifting in your workout. Now, here’s a complete weight-based workout that’s simple and fun.

The Budget Babe assembled a list of beauty don’ts that really resonated with me. (See my recent post on beauty for more thoughts on this topic.)

Corrine suggests you think of your body as a car, and think of your food as fuel. A great way to re-think eating for those of us that use food for … well, non-fuel reasons.

BB and Angie teamed up for a giveaway, and the winner is a woman named Marianna. And I DESPERATELY want her to start her own blog because she has some of the best apple-shaped style I believe I’ve ever seen.

I was really moved by Jennine’s ideas and thoughts about the true nature of beauty.

And since I secretly long to blog about animals, this vid makes me wish I were a fox. And I don’t mean a foxy lady because I ALREADY AM THAT.

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4 Responses to “Lovely Links: November 13”

  1. Anonymous

    The fox video literally made me LOL, not easily accomplished these days! The last time I remember laughing out loud, by myself, was while reading "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" in an airport. Thankfully they still let me board the plane. I love your blog very, very much. Thanks! –Beth

  2. Kelly

    " I ALREADY AM THAT." ahahahahaha

    Also, the shoe article resonated with me because well…today I bought my most expensive shoes *eva.* I cannot wait for them to show up at my doorstep!

  3. poodletail

    I secretly long to have you blog about animals, too. (Not instead of Already Pretty). Would that there were 36 hours in a day …

  4. Kat Astrophe

    Awesome that you linked to the weights workout. In addition to that, I would strongly suggest that anyone who's interested in strength training should mosey over to — Krista has a hilarious writing style, an amazing outlook on body image and strength training for women, and some really great workout ideas for anyone from a total newbie up to an experienced lifter. I credit that website with totally changing my life.