Lovely Links: November 6

Roni has been through a lot with her body, including ED and surgeries. Now she’s made her peace.

Want to see some truly stunning winter coats? Most of which neither you nor I can afford? And ALL of which are by Canadian designers? Daily Outfitting has put together a roundup that made me drool all over my keyboard. If those don’t do it for you, try these via IndieFixx.

Ya know those McQueen shoes that everyone went ga-ga over? Here’s how they compare to a normal pair of shoes. Additionally, that “style” of shoe has been available for years. Don’t believe me?

If you enjoyed my post this week about life with a spare tire, dig into this amazing older post from Daddy Likey, titled Autobiography of a Belly.

Marketing Mama highlights the MOA’s most recent ad campaign, which I agree is 100% brilliant.

The ladies at College Candy are madly in love with Bandits. And no, I don’t mean bandana-clad bank robbers.

Still a little freaked at the prospect of shopping online? Audi has written a fabulous guide to buying carefully and successfully from online retatilers.

Promise to tackle this myself soon, per many reader requests, but here are Imogen’s tips for minimizing a prominent bust.

Super excited to hear about the launch of Fab Over Fifty. And, in case you missed it when the first round of cheers went up, do check out Advanced Style. Who says chic is the exclusive domain of the under-25 crowd?

Stephanie’s imaginary outfit posts make me endlessly happy.

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8 Responses to “Lovely Links: November 6”

  1. Mary

    LOVE Roni's Stuff! She has a lot of great sites and is helping to, or putting on Fitbloggin10–So dying to go! Is it just these great links… or is Already Pretty the most bitchin' blog around? (MOA style!)

  2. K.Line

    I had no idea that McQueen's shoes are fetish-based. Of course, it makes sense. Lord I loathe that shape. And what great links!

  3. Gillian

    I love the comment on amazon about the fetish shoes. "These are not meant for dancing." Oh no! What shoes will I get now! >:(

  4. Sal

    Gillian: HAHAHA! I hadn't seen that. I wonder if they've had a ton of dancers buying these shoes, breaking their ankles, and then threatening lawsuits …

  5. Margaret

    I think if you look at the Fab Over Fifty blog….you might find it is not really in the spirit of yours. It seems VERY hoity toity: like of course "we" don't shop at Macy's but at little boutiques, and of course "we" like Botox while at the same time allowing that some people may not…etc. Seems very commercial and elitist, not fun. On the other hand, Advanced Style is like Sartorialist but we get to visit homes on field trips! Very fun, very open, very optimistic!

  6. Rebekah

    I know where I've seen those red fetish shoes! On "Him" from the Powerpuff Girls! His were the thigh-high version.