Lovely Links: October 16

I’ve always loved Mutual of Omaha’s “Aha Moment” campaign. Now I love it more. (More about Skye here.)

Baby Phat is making plus-sized clothes … and whadoyaknow, they’re actually the same as their juniors offerings, just tailored to a plus figure. Other retailers, take a hint!

I am surprised by how lukewarm I feel about the new fall/winter Fluevogs … however, I AM harboring an inappropriate crush on these olive green lace-up boots.

Speaking of shoes, The New Yorker examines the Cult of Zappos (via The Sunday Best).

Maegan divulges her height, weight, dress size … the works. She’s slim and fit and gorgeous and, as she points out, “fat” by modeling/Hollywood standards.

Modcloth is selling Winona’s book! AND they conducted a perfectly fantastic interview with the dynamo herself.

The gals at College Candy weigh in on the Glamour plus-size model deal. And get some FASCINATING reader responses.

Think Thru Fashion has rounded up the Spring 10 trends, A to Z. Well, Y.

Jennine at The Coveted responds to “real women” rhetoric eloquently and introspectively.

Next week is Fat Talk Free Week. Mark your calendars, and watch this video if you haven’t already. And take a peek at Gwennie Pie’s personal plug for FTFW.

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8 Responses to “Lovely Links: October 16”

  1. Julia Whicker

    I too love me some Fluvog. I haven't checked out the current collection but you've got me curious. Love your blog, by the way. Reading more avidly since I realized you're in Minnesota. We might be moving there & I'm uber curious about dressing for the weather.

  2. saturdayjane

    The article about Glamour's inclusion of a plus sized model reminds me of a recent conversation with a plus-size friend. She was unhappy about that 'Bachelor' spin-off, 'More To Love'. Somebody had told her that it was nice bigger people were getting exposed on normal shows.

    "If segregating plus-size people into their own specially titled shows and magazines is 'acceptance', then I don't want any part of it," she said. "This whole trend makes me feel like a freak show."

    I feel, similarly to the article, that the inclusion of plus-size models is the right step for the wrong reasons. A magazine that portrays healthy, beautiful women is something to be praised, but a magazine that highlights 'different' women as a novelty is hurting the cause.

  3. Katharine

    The only Fall 'Vog I absolutely love is the Silverlake. I tried on the tall ones (they were sold out of Silverlakes in my size) in Toronto, and… wow. Just wow.

    They're a little bit over the edge for work, but only a little. I think I could do it…

    The Frontiers leave me cold because I hate the bright tan soles. I hated them even more in person.

  4. enc

    Oh, I'm a "Plus Size," according to all that sizing malarky. Good for Maegan for being matter-of-fact about her size.

  5. Aire

    Hi Sally!
    Thanks for featuring a link to our interview on your blog! We love Winona, we're glad you do too!
    <3 Aire