Lovely Links: October 2

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Tula of WHORANGE has cooked up a post to start the month in style.

A little late, Sewist Gertie has some astute observations about sewing and body image. (Thanks, Erin!)

Demoiselle Jennifer Nicole has some fantastic advice on how to keep your hairstyle fresh, and be bold in your cut and color choices.

Deanna is mightily annoyed that Reebok is charging her more just because she’s a lady. Check the comments for other tales of gender-related pricing.

College Candy wants to make sure you never get bored with your workout. Great suggestions for decidedly un-boring ways to get that adrenaline pumping!

Sarah Von dishes out 5 easy beauty tips that even a novice such as myself can take to heart.

Angie explains how to wear calf-length boots without stumpifying your legs.

Sydne over at Think Thru Fashion is going through the trends spotted at the recent runway onslaught one by one, with gorgeously illustrated examples. Find out which ones she’s loving and which ones she’s loathing.

And for our non-fash link of the week, Indie Fixx interviews animal photographer extraordinaire Sharon Montrose. Will someone PLEASE buy me her pygmy goat portrait? I wouldn’t say know to a sassy serval, either.

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