Lovely Links: October 23

Queen Michelle shows how she layers black pieces, artfully and gracefully.

Mary’s weight-loss journey is truly amazing. She is healthy and happy now, and changed her body for all the right reasons.

Twin Cities residents, take note! The Goldstein will be hosting a fashion film per month from now until April.

Should manipulated photos have warning labels? The debate continues on a NYT blog. (Via JunebugB)

Audi has some inspiring commentary on defensive dressing.

Forget “Pretty in Pink.” College Candy will show you how to be Pretty in Purple, one of the hottest colors of the season.

Love Charles Vintage has a great dip dyeing tutorial (via Indie Fixx).

enc has a few choice words for Neiman Marcus about a recent jeans ad aimed at moms.

On the other hand, this cheeky anti-ageism campaign is clever and thought-provoking.

Jill has outdone herself: Her visual comparison of Alexander McQueen’s SS10 designs and the moths of the world is mindblowingly cool. That’s right moths. As in spooky fluttery butterfly-wannabes.

Erin made a Tetris dress. And if she were nearby, I would STEAL IT OFF HER BODY. And I suck at Tetris!

Lisa has some fabulous and extremely practical advice on making winter legwear work for you.

Have you entered my Michael Stars Breast Cancer Awareness Tee giveaway yet? Even if you’re not interested in receiving the tee, please stop by and read the comments. Many of them moved me to tears.

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7 Responses to “Lovely Links: October 23”

  1. lisa

    Thanks for including me in your Lovely Links round-up! I just read a couple of the other posts–so interesting.

  2. Casey

    Oh! I am loving all of these links! 🙂 Especially the one on purple clothes; it's a color I recently discovered I could wear, and am eager to integrate into my wardrobe this year. 😉

  3. Farrielle Design and Fashionista

    Wow I just read all the comments on the giveaway. They really moved me. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. RML- Being More Through Having Less

    Thanks for the weekend reading, I was feeling like I needed some new blogs to add to my routine!

  5. enc

    I'll have to go back and look at a few of these, because I was away from the computer for about three days, and it appears that I've missed everything!

    (Thanks for the mention! 🙂 )