Lovely Links: October 30

Still have mixed feelings about the Campaign for Real Beauty, but dang, this Dove/Wal-Mart commercial is DARLING. And a simple, earnest reinforcement of self-acceptance. (Courtesy Lemon Love.)

Sarah Von has written a survival guide to days when you feel like you’ve been hit upside the head with an ugly stick.

Where do we draw the line between “diligence” and “obsession” when it comes to healthy living?

Eco-friendly styles really are getting more and more covetable. Jennine spotlights a Canadian line that is breathtakingly gorgeous and, sadly, breathtakingly expensive. But great eye-candy!

Imogen points us toward the Australian government’s recently penned Voluntary Code of Conduct on Body Image. Thoughts?

Oh Honey No’s got some great resources for the color-phobic. And Futurelint doles out some advice on how to wear color without looking like a nutjob.

A very personal story on the link between exercise and reduced risk of breast cancer.

Imelda Matt‘s Jean Brown window installation is GLORIOUS. I mean, obviously.

Facial hair. Is there anything more hateful? Dr. Lissa Rankin weighs in on whether it’s something to worry about, or just deal with.

Look out world: Saturday Jane has joined a gym.

Missa muses on how she became a goddess of thrifting.

Have I mentioned that I’m giving away a pair of Tsubo Acreas, my signature shoe? Have you entered the contest yet? Well, why the heck not?!??!!?

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7 Responses to “Lovely Links: October 30”

  1. Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP

    Thanks for the link love – interestingly I saw the magazine without the airbrushing today and yes she's a gorgeous model – but she has wrinkles and sun spots like the rest of us!

  2. SR@MyStyle

    Hi there-thanks for all these links and hope you have a good weekend too!

  3. Missa

    Aw, thanks so much for including me in your lovely links Sal! I feel so honored đŸ™‚

  4. Sarah Von

    thanks for the nod, friend! (PS we need to get together to a coffee soon so I can relate to you how I met Winona IRL and how she was exactly as awesome as we would expect.)

  5. futurelint

    Yay, thanks for the link love! I was wondering why my readership suddenly doubled!