Lovely Links: September 18

Not interested in slogging through bales of blurry runway photos of NYFW? Omiru boils it down to three concise looks representing the major Spring 2010 trends.

Kimberly at Fab Finds Under $50 has selected 20 items for $465 creating over 40 outfits for the plus size woman. Rock on, K.

College Candy’s Budget Stylista has tracked down some adorable, affordable booties for fall. Such love for these!

Lissa’s mother-in-law visited from Ecuador and she was SO EXCITED to weigh herself on the digital scale. Lissa was amazed by how uncomfortable seeing her in-laws’ weight made her feel … about herself. Read the tale, rumination, and discussion on We Are the Real Deal.

Blogger enc of observationmode is back, and she still rocks my world with her contemplative posts.

Want to tinker around with the “strong shoulder” trend? Maegan has an embellished shoulderpad DIY that will let you do it fun, fast, and on the cheap.

If you’re looking for some affirmational art that’s hella edgier than the “Hang in There!” kitten-on-a-branch, check out these darlings at WHORANGE.

Michelle at VenusVision compiled a piece titled “Fashion Advice for Every Woman,” and I contributed!

Kristophine outlines how to approach style as if it were hard science. Which, in many ways, it is.

Winona of Daddy Likey dressed like a sitcom husband for months … and finally realized that she wouldn’t feel better until she started dressing better. Amen to THAT.

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4 Responses to “Lovely Links: September 18”

  1. kristophine

    Thank you for including me! And, hey, turns out I love Whorange. Who knew?

  2. enc

    Oh Sal! I was so behind on my reading, I just saw this! I'm sorry to be so late to the party.

    Thanks very much for including me on your list. đŸ˜€ I'm honored.