Lovely Links: September 25

Remember this weird vest that I bought? Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own out of an old tee.

Susan Wagner discusses the use of plus-sized models at the Mark Fast runway show last weekend.

Super Kawaii Mama weighs in on being an impeccably-dressed parent … and the bizarre feud that has sprung up between “Slummy Mummies and Yummy Mummies.” (You can bet your ass that’s not my terminology. Nor SKM’s.)

Hillary wants to know why people lie about dress size. Me too.

My girl Donna Karan did a bang-up job at NYFW, though I wasn’t nearly as enamored of her spring dick-knee offerings as I was of her fall line.

What do you think of the French government’s proposal to ad “health warnings” to fashion photos?

College Candy has some great suggestions for dressing sustainably.

Queen Michelle is threatening to “die a death of fashion.” Someone SAVE HER.

There is absolutely no style or body image link here, but I don’t care: Joanna posted this FLAT-OUT HILARIOUS vid of kids in a psych experiment trying their darndest not to eat a proffered marshmallow.

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6 Responses to “Lovely Links: September 25”

  1. Samantha

    I don't suppose that you, Sal, or any of your lovely readers might post a video of themselves making that vest? It looks totally cool and right up my alley, but my spatial intelligence is not the best, and I cannot translate the drawings into reality. Silly me.

  2. La Belette Rouge

    Fantastic reads. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    p.s. Now I had no problem loading your page. It was definitely the Tweetme's fault.

  3. kristophine

    This is why I'm in Psychology. Adorable small children. (True story: I came for the little kids, stayed for the numbers and human brain dissections.)

  4. Queen Michelle

    I pretty much did die by the end! Glasgow is freezing so polyester and PVC usually not a problem…London however? Considerably warmer, therefore my clothes nearly killed me. I think I might have actually cried at one point trying to walk back to the hotel after a day wearing The Shoes of Doom.
    Now I'm home I have a horrible cold and a huge cold sore! Bleugh.

  5. hillary

    thanks so much for the link! I was afraid people would dislike the topic. It was something I was just getting really annoyed at!