My Fashion Confessions

Although I hand-wash my bras every Sunday, I put my tights in the washing machine. And the dryer. My heather gray pair is now approximately as tall as ME.

I have never watched a single episode of “Project Runway,” have only caught “Top Model” in occasional reruns, and worship Trinny and Susannah via their books only.

I cannot iron. I send stuff out to get professionally pressed. When I do iron, I make matters worse.

I let my hair air dry. Every day. It frequently takes four hours to become completely dry. I have no earthly idea how to blow it dry and no real desire to learn.

I don’t know how to pronounce most designer names. Luckily, the only one I say them aloud to is Husband Mike, and he doesn’t know any better.

I positively loathed “Sex and the City.” Forced myself to watch three seasons on DVD before accepting that I would never, ever relate to nor care about a single character on that show.

I washed my face with Dial soap until about five years ago. And wondered why I was breaking out all the time.

My favorite part about shopping is placing the newly acquired item in my closet. I’m a Capricorn, what can I say?


Image courtesy It’sGreg.

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40 Responses to “My Fashion Confessions”

  1. rb

    I have bought shoes that I absolutely can’t walk in, and I knew that in the store, because they were so pretty and made by one of my favorite designers. More than one pair.

    I can’t figure out how to wear prints. I think I just hate them.

    I almost never wear white blouses or shirts, despite owning many of them because they’re so “essential.” They make me feel manly and large.

    I wear things as many times as possible between dry cleanings because I am secretly convinced dry cleaning ruins them.

    I get hooked on an handful of items every few months and wear the heck out of them, forgetting the rest of the clothing in my closet.

    Not so with shoes. Every pair of shoes I own (more than 100 pairs, seriously) gets worn unless I absolutely can’t walk in them (see above.) I pretty much plan my outfits around my shoes.

  2. lisa

    Most of my blogging is done in a hoodie and a pair of faded cotton twill trousers I used to wear for dance rehearsals. (Hey, I’m just hanging out at home on a Sunday afternoon!) Whew, I feel lighter post-confession already. πŸ™‚

  3. Iheartfashion

    I’ve never owned a hairdryer either (or a brush or comb for that matter).
    And I HATED Sex and the City.
    My favorite part of shopping is the adrenaline rush I get when I find that beautiful designer item on sale, regardless of whether I actually ever wear it. Which is why I should stay out of stores.

  4. Sal

    rb: I dry clean more than I ought, but am ALSO convinced that dry cleaning ruins my duds!

    Lisa: The moment I get home, I change into my sweats. THE MOMENT.

    Iheartfashion: Wow, no brush or comb? You’re hardcore, lady! Are you a curl girl like me?

  5. Sharon Rose

    Hi there-LOL, I love Sex and the City, hate catalogues, love charity shops and boot sales, hate shopping centres, love monthly mags, particularly Elle and Vogue-oh gosh, what am I like!!

  6. Laura.

    1. so glad to find someone else who hates sex in the city! i’m also a capricorn and i LOVE putting my new purchases away in their new spots.
    2. if i could, i would wear the same things every day a la michael kors–a black shirt and my levi’s, mmm, so comfy.
    3. i loved your post on proportion the other day, my sister sent me the link and i was glad to see you are in mpls, hurrah! and i think i actually knew your husband from a short-lived (for me anyway) art group a year or so ago. connections are everywhere. . . .

  7. Sarah R

    I don’t own a single white shirt, either. I’m a mom to three, plus I’m a slob. I just don’t even bother.
    I have not ever watched one episode of SITC.
    I know the fitted blazer is totally in, but I feel like an idiot in them. Florida is uber-casual. If I wear more than slacks with a t-shirt to work, people ask me if I’m going for a promotion.
    I’ve worn flip-flops to church.
    I own a hair straightener, a curling iron, and a blow dryer, and never use any of them. My hair is almost waist-length and I just don’t care to bother with that stuff. I bun it or pin it, and go.

  8. Kate Coveny Hood

    I have just a few very boring bras left in my undewear drawer and put all of them in the dryer regularly. I am proving the apathetic housewife stereotype true (except I work – so I'm technically not a "housewife"). At least I don't wear granny pants!

    I buy everything I like in mulitples if possible. ESPECIALY shoes since it's hard to find shoes that are exactly right.

    I've only watched Project Runway on Netflix. Tried to watch last season on TV but could never get my act together. I generally watch all programs on the computer at odd hours. You MUST watch Project Runway. You will become immediately addicted.

    I hate ironing and actually get things dry cleaned so I don't have to (or I wear them wrinkley – back to the apathetic housewife thing).

    I don't believe in dressing up for the gym. If you do – the creepy older guys talk to you anyway.

    I would LOVE to let me hair air dry – but it looks like a half wavy – half straight mess if I do. And I'm liking my hair shorter these days – so that absolutely requires a hair dryer.

    I never thought about incorrect pronunciation of designer names…I'm sure I do that all the time.

    Funny enough – I resisted S&TC for a few years before finally agreeing to borrow someons tapes (this was back when it was normal to own a VCR and VHS taps). I became addicted and could barely turn it off at 2 a.m. when I was starting to pass out. Don't always get the fashion side (Carrie looks flat out silly sometimes) – but I did get sucked into the story and characters.

    I have no tattos. I'm not against the idea – but it sounds too painful. And I can't help but wonder what they'll look like when I'm 80.

    Major confession that I once blogged about: I use Cindy Crawford's infomercial skincare products. I joined the cult last summer.

    My favorite part of shopping is unpacking all of those wonderful bags and looking at the booty. I also have a hard time throwing out bags when they're pretty.

    I too prefer catalogs and magazines to online. I love to read and research online – but when it comes to looking at pictures, there is nothing like print.

  9. K.Line

    I’ve had the same hairdryer since I was 15 – and I use it every day (admittedly, just for 2 minutes).

    I can’t sew on a button. I send everything out or ask my housekeeper to fix it.

    Oh, and I’ve never seen an episode of Project Runway etc. – nor have I ever ironed a shirt.

    I don’t feel the remotest bit inadequate about any of this.

  10. In Yr Fshn

    Lucky lady—bf corrected my pronunciation when I said “Comme de Garcon” incorrectly.
    I boxed him in the ear.

    I can’t really get all to into designers either. I like catalogs too and only love Alexander mcQueen because he was the one designing the dresses I kept picking out to lust after.

    Sal, thanks for your kind words re my lack of job. No goals, but happy enough.

  11. Kelly

    I spend more than my underwear than I do on clothes. And only two people (me and BF) ever see my underwear, while the whole world sees my clothes. I don’t think twice about dropping more than $100 on a bra-and-underwear set, but the thought of spending more than $40 on a dress or shoes leaves me all nervous and uneasy.

    At least, if I ever get in a car accident, the doctors will get to see not only clean underwear, but pretty underwear πŸ™‚

  12. Sal

    K.Line: Noooooo, nobody should feel inadequate about ANY of this. I look at my list and giggle is all! Sometimes I’m surprised by the seemingly contrary aspects of my love of style, ya know?

  13. Hot Bot

    Whenever I go shopping with friends, I always try to steer them away from black and white. But lately…all I wanna buy is black and white.

  14. futurelint

    I’ve never owned something with an animal print… they mystify me and just make me feel like an old cougar.

    I’m amazed and saddened by the lint in the dryer every time I do a load (seriously, so much so that I once referred to an item of clothing as future lint… a company and blog were born!)

    I’ve never seen Gossip Girl. or Mad Men. or the Hills. I don’t get all the references.

    Last month I combed my hair for the first time in 2-3 years. It’s curly, I don’t need to do it more than that!

    I cut my own hair.

    I’ve never waxed my eyebrows (or anything else!)

    I’ve never put on foundation or powder. I don’t understand how or where to put on eyeliner.

    I don’t own a black skirt or black pants.

    I give a lot of my unused clothes to charity, but I have a PILE of clothes in my closet that I refuse to give up. They are things with nice fabric or patterns. I need to just get rid of it, but every once in a while, I yank something out and turn a dress into a skirt, a shirt into a purse, etc.

    I could go on and on… I’m such a bad fashionista.

    oh and the worst one – I still bite my nails! I’ve managed to stop for a few months at a time, but I always accidentally start again!

  15. Leigh

    I am sooo bad about my bras, every time I buy a new one, I promise myself that I will hand wash them.. I know I am bad, yes I through it the washer and! dryer.

    I also dress from the shoes up a lot. I am obsessed with shoes.


  16. Kayleigh

    Ok, you are too funny πŸ™‚

    I’m game, here goes:

    I also don’t know one designer from another and truthfully don’t care. I just like affordable clothes that are a decent quality and that flatter my body.

    I totally buy multiples of anything if I like it (shoes too, even handbags).

    I always wear sweats and tee’s when I’m in the house, no matter what you see me wearing on my blog I dress that way for public consumption only — even if it’s just a walk in the neighborhood or a trip to the market. Otherwise, baggy sweats.

    I can’t get enough of ‘What Not To Wear’ but otherwise I haven’t seen any of the other fashion related shows.

    I rarely shave my legs in the winter. (I’m light haired, so it’s not as bad as it sounds)

    My bedroom, nay, my whole house can be a holy wreck but my closet is completely organized. I’m a Virgo with the moon in Gemini, go figure.

  17. Nina (femme rationale)

    i love this post. thank you for sharing these with us.

    1. i am usually in uggs, yoga pants, and FM’s old sweatshirt when i’m blogging.

    2. i rather buy thrift than shell out a ton of cash for designer pieces.

    3. but i will splurge on bags. πŸ™

    4. sometimes i want to chop my hair off. i have bad hair days, too. πŸ˜‰

    5. i like to blog and visit other blogs because most of my friends aren’t really into fashion and designers and FM’s eyes glaze over when i mention anything fashion related. it’s cathartic for me.

    6. if anything is too long, i have no problems taking a pair of scissors to them. i don’t mind unfinished hems.

    7. i can’t sew buttons, i can’t hem anything, and i hate ironing. i rather send it out to be done than do it myself.

    8. i rather watch cooking shows than any fashion related shows.

  18. AsianCajuns

    Sal, I love this post! And I think it’s genius that if you find a shoe that works for you, you buy multiples- makes sense to me!

    Confession: There are days where I can’t be bothered with fashion/fashion blogging and throw on a skirt and shirt that I’ve had since high school. It usually passes after a day, and I’m back trying to pull off Isabel Murant’s latest runway look. I just get fashion-ed out every so often.

  19. Imogen Lamport

    I get very stressed when deciding what to wear when going to meetings of image consultants.

    I watch and Trinny and Susannah for research purposes (so I know what crap they’re spinning today) but don’t agree with lots of what they have to say and write – there is a lot they don’t know.

    The one space in my house that is always organised is my closet, the rest is not.

  20. ohhoneyno

    i will never, ever understand “high fashion”.

    i still don’t take proper care of my face.

    i too have beautiful shoes i can’t really walk in… because i can’t really walk in anything higher than 2 inches. MAX. if i could i’d stick to 1-1.5 inch heels every time.

    the reason i take so long to get dressed in the morning for work is that i have to “casual” myself up for the office. if i could i’d wear my pretty things all the time, but in the uber-casual (read: sloppy) atmosphere of my workplace, i am so, so out of place. in my dreams i construct outfits out of my clothes that will allow me to show off my true style. in real life, i dress myself down. sad, innit?

  21. Summer

    Hi Sal.
    I’m also using iron for my long sleves.For me to look neat..;D
    I like your post friend.Have a nice day.

  22. Michelle

    I think most runway fashion is overrated. To me, it’s either boring or “oh look at me I’m so avant-garde”.

    I tried to make it through that “What You Wear Can Change Your Life” book and I had to stop halfway through because the authors’ negative attitude towards their bodies annoyed me to no end.

    I tried watching like two episodes of SATC and it annoyed me to no end. I’ve never seen Gossip Girl (nor do I want to, to me, it sounds gagworthy) either. Give me Buffy any day!

    Oh yeah, I don’t like stilettos either! Give me a chunky heel over that any day.

    BTW, Sal, Prettiest Kittiest is the funniest thing ever!

  23. fleur_delicious

    I have two fashion modes: on, and off. On, I actually put something together and people tell me I “always look so cute”; my students immediately recognize when I wear a pair of shoes or boots they haven’t seen before (so apparently, they are looking and keeping track!), even my frat boys compliment me when I wear their favorite of my coats. I own and don certain items of clothing to quote favorite literary references (eg: my red slip is a ref. to Synge’s account of the Aran Islands; I aspire to one day have a green silk dress that invokes Clarissa Dalloway’s, etc.), I dress as characters, or with the seasons, and include jokes (my “Weaseley is our King” brooch) in my fashion choices.

    Off = I wear the same pair of jeans for 5-10 days in a row. I basically know it’s time to wash them when they begin to smell like dirty human. (I know, I know, it’s gross.)

    When it’s summer and hot, I wear a ratty old sport bra (I have about 8 left of the original 12 or 13 of these I had in 2001 – I used them on biking trips to Moab) with a tie-dyed rayon wrap-skirt and go barefoot most of the time. If shoes are absolutely necessary, I have my 14-year-old pair of Birkenstock sandals.

    And if it’s really hot out, I kind of roll the wrap skirt around itself, making a little skirt-coil or spare-tire-of-skirt around the widest part of my bum. THis shortens the skirt and makes me look like some kind of rural village fisherwoman; I do it because it makes this lightest-of-lightweight skirts shorter.

    IN summer, I will forego combing my hair after a shower, leaving myself with virtual dreadlocks all day.

    Why yes, I *DID* grow up in a hippie town, how did you guess?

  24. The Peahen

    I like leaving tags on clothing long after I buy it. I tuck it in of course so noone can see! I don’t know why I do it. Perhaps it is so it feels “newer” longer! I’m certainly not planning to return it. I’m a Capricorn — I don’t know if this is significant.

  25. Kristen

    Ha! I totally understand about ironing. I'm horrible at it, and can never figure out how to lay the seams flat, or whatever, and end up making much worse wrinkles than ever were there before. Needless to say, I wear a lot of knits. πŸ™‚

    I hate Sex & The City too, for the most part. I never watch TV either, so I never watch those shows.

    I think it is great that your hair looks that way, naturally! Maybe your waves could teach my waves a thing or two.

    I also love catalogs, and magazines. However, it is mostly because I love flipping through them and looking at pictures. Once, I made my mom laugh at me because I was having a conversation with her, and simultaneously flipping through a magazine. However, the funny thing was that I wasn't even LOOKING at the magazine.

    I guess I just like to flip pages. Maybe I should try it with a notebook or something, and see if it still works. πŸ™‚

  26. valerie

    oh, gosh where do i start? your list is hard to top.

    a. i also hate ironing. and i also send my clothes out.
    b. i once bought a pair of size 6 shoes because i couldn’t live without them…i wear a size 7.5
    c. manicures are not priority to me…i will literally leave my polish on until it all chips off.
    d. there is no shame in buying your clothes from good will…and telling people it’s from a small boutique in the city.
    e. i only wash my jeans once a month.

  27. KATLIN

    Uh…. I Dryel or wash things that should be dry cleaned, go to sleep with wet hair right out of the shower, wear big shirts to work out (too), and others I can’t remember. Haha. Really liked reading this post!

  28. Laura

    I cannot, and I mean CANNOT bring myself to ever spend big chunks of money. And for me, as a student, this mean anything over 60$. I therefore own a plethora of great dresses, skirts, tops, more dresses, you name it. But shoes, and bags (every other girl’s weakness it seems) leave me cold with their huge wad of cash pricetags. My shoes are always bought on sale or on ebay, and my bags are just pitiful. Again, most are thrifted little purses.
    One thing that I am able to shell out for, however, is the perfect coat. Living in Montreal means that one’s outfits are topped with a coat from October to April, so spending on a coat seems reasonable to me. Funnily enough though, my new topshop coat was also ebayed, as I would never have spent the 300$ original price!

  29. Sheri

    Great confessions! Winter maintenance confession: I have scarcely even looked at my feet since November. Come April, I will give myself the Pedicure to End All Pedicures.

    Sal, do you really need to wash your hair every day? I thought that relatively infrequent washing (twice a week, maybe) was one advantage of gorgeous, curly, thick hair like yours. I have straight, pretty wimpy hair, and I wash it every other day. In between, I just brush it, perhaps run a damp comb through the front, and add a bit of pomade if necessary. FOUR HOURS to air-dry?? Wow.

  30. Sal

    Sheri: Nope, not every day! I have to wash it if I wear it down, though, so that’s maybe every other day. I’ve got a hair post coming up with more deets!

  31. Linda

    1. I almost never launder skirts in any way.

    2. I own zero button-down shirts …

    3. … but a number of calf-length skirts.

    4. I have never worn nail polish.

    (As for hair, as a fellow curly girl .. I never owned a blow dryer till a few years ago, and then all of a sudden I got tired of hair icicles in the winter. To dry it curly with a diffuser doesn’t take any particular know-how. I wouldn’t begin to know how to dry it straight, not that I want to!)

  32. Kara

    I also dislike Sex and the City. I have been sort of hedging around when people ask me, not wanting to see looks of outraged disbelief. A co-worker loaned me the first 3 seasons about 6 months ago and I’m only halfway through season 2. Maybe I should watch with the sound off and just look at the crazy clothes?

  33. Gillian

    1. I don’t brush or comb my hair either. Yay for waves!
    2. I also hate Sex and the City.
    3. I can’t walk in heels and I’m petite.
    4. I see shopping as a social endeavor, I feel weird shopping alone.
    5. I hate shopping for jeans, so much so that I almost cry every time I go. One time I almost cried BEFORE I had even entered the dressing room.
    6. Some of my underwear has holes, and I own 17 bras, half of which are horribly unflattering. I really don’t want to be properly measured; the thought of entering the dreaded “double-letter” area is frightening.

  34. the iron chic

    I hate ironing too. You should invest in a professional steamer…it makes de-wrinkling fun! Promise.

  35. The Seeker

    I love when you say “My favorite part about shopping is placing the newly acquired item in my closet”… I am a Capricorn too… lol πŸ™‚

    And I hate ironning!!!


  36. Missa

    I’m an air dry girl too! I also never brush my hair, ever. I don’t even own a brush, I just go through it with my fingers to get out tangles before I wash it.

    Also, I almost never wear heels, unless I’m going somewhere fancy, which is rare. I find them uncomfortable and they make me pretty tall so I end up feeling self concious and overdressed.

  37. momo

    It’s fun to read all of your confessions.
    1.Because I ironed our entire family’s laundry for so many years, I own not a single item of clothing that must be ironed. That solves my ironing problem. I got tired of looking at the lovely wrinkled things in my closet and gave them away.
    2. I recently found the perfect camisole-bra item at Nordstrom rack for $10 and bought multiples in lovely colors and threw out all my old raggedy and uncomfortable bras. no more bras!! OK, one black bra for certain specific tops.
    3.dont’ watch any fashion shows, but I love to browse the book section of big book stores where you can find books that tell you how to put on your makeup or what to wear, even though I wear makeup only about once every three months. Fashion magazines I look at in the public library. They do inspire me when I go to the thrift stores.
    4. I have a lot of shoes with high heels (all very comfortable, actually) that I might wear once a year, but that I save for that purpose. With ice and snow 6 months out of 12, they don’t get as much use as I’d like. I’ve pruned the collection to shoes I actually do wear, but most of the time now I’m in shoes that allow me to wear a backpack with a computer in it.
    5. I cut my hair very short so it is now wash and wear. All my pretty hair ornaments were passed on to someone else.
    6. In the witer, I get into a clothing rut where I’ll wear the same things over and over. Right now I rotate the same three pairs of pants with a wide assortment of tops. When summer comes it will all change.
    7. At home I wear the raggedy stained T-shirts I can’t bear to give up and cotton pajama bottoms I bought at Good Will.

    for years, I dressed in MN as if I still lived in CA and discovered that my students thought I was a “colorful” dresser (not sure if that was a compliment). I blend in a little more now, but still miss the sense of street style I see whenever I return to SF. I try to thrift in SF as much as I can becuase the stuff there is so much more idiosyncratic than what i find here.

  38. Birdie!

    I love putting new purchases away and admiring them IN my closet next to their siblings.

    My closet/wardrobe is sort of coded – so everything has a same place (prissy Capricorn, you say?? MAYBE!).

    I’ve had to ban myself from buying things with dots, things with stripes and things that are green. My whole wardrobe reflects this.

    I constantly do not hand wash things that should be hand-washed/drycleaned. I don’t want to have to take something out to be drycleaned.

    I’m also not an ironer and constantly wear things that might be a titch wrinkly, or I pretend to steam them while I’m in the shower.

    I’ve been wearing the same outfits on rotation, all winter.

    I don’t have to dress up for work, so we’re lucky if I do.

  39. Keeg's Mom

    Late to the party here, but I have to wonder: if so many hate/hated SITC, who was watching it??!!! I tried one episode and just felt … embarrassed.

    Guess I need to contribute one confession here, at least: Ok, I harbor clothes I haven’t fit into for like, FIVE years. That’s pretty ridiculous. And it keeps me from buying replacements, that might actually FIT (“Oh, I already have a pair of gray mens’ style trousers….”).

    Here’s a second confession (Sal! Help me out here!): I am secretly craving one of those Kimara under-things, where you allegedly lose a couple of sizes. !!! Do they work? (Non tv-watchers may not know what I’m talking about.)

    (Off to the “gym,” my bedroom and a DVD….)