My Five Favourite Less Than Obvious Erogenous Zones

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Before we dive in let me say, that when it comes to bodies I have nothing but love for the sexy classics. I dig a heaving bosom, a gorgeous set of gams and great rear end.  But there’s such wonderful variety in our human forms and figures. Sexy isn’t always about the body parts that get top billing in a mini dress.  Personally, I’m not always in the mood for plunging necklines and high hemlines. Fortunately there are lots of other body parts to show off and admire on others. These are five of my favourites:


I didn’t appreciate how absolutely adorable feet were until a friend of mine told me of their passion for the little wrinkles that line the arches of our soles. Summer’s here and I have to tell you, it feels so good to cast off the confines of socks and full-coverage footwear. Strolling the sidewalk in a cute pair of sandals or walking barefoot through the sand, is a delightfully sensual experience. People and their painted toenails are out like flowers in full bloom. It’s a beautiful sight to behold.


A recent visit to my eye doctor revealed that my vision is great. I’m definitely grateful for my ocular health, but I wouldn’t have been entirely disappointed if I’d learned I’d needed glasses. Eyes are so darned sexy. Add a cute pair of specs and I it’s all I can do to resist. Confession: I have a big, big thing for old-school bifocals. You know the one’s with the little windows at the bottom. You better believe that when my vision does start to go, Imma be rocking some big, double-lens action on this tiny head of mine.


Bare arms abound this time of year. I whole-heartedly approve. I have a proclivity for forearms in particular, whether they be well-muscled, soft and voluptuous or super-skinny like my own set of pipes. Ottawa’s climate requires that arms be kept under wraps for most of the year, so when summer hits I let it all hang out in an abundance of sleeveless and strapless styles. Of course naked arms aren’t for everyone. The relative modesty of a short sleeve can be equally enticing, providing just a hint of what’s underneath.


Did you know that the ears are typically ranked amongst the top five errogenous zones of the body? Not surprising when you consider that our lobes have a high concentration of nerve endings that can respond very favourably to the right stimulation. Ears are also supremely cool to look at, with all their beautiful curves and contours. I’m especially drawn the folds and sweeping lines. A desire to accentuate the ear may explain why earrings and berets have long been my go-to accessories.


Is there anything more graceful than the sweep of the neck as it curves into the shoulder? I love the way the lines and tension can change with even a slight turn of the head. I also adore the Adam’s apple. I was bummed when my father told me I’d never get that cute little bump in my throat.

Despite my cervical inclinations, I’m not as much of a necklace fan as you might think. I can’t deny the wonderful way they jazz up an outfit. They look great.  But when I see someone I’m attracted to, I often imagine running my hand along the side of their neck. If they’re wearing a necklace, I always envision my fingers getting tangled in their ropey embellishment. It kind of ruins the fantasy.

What are some of your favourite less than obvious erogenous zones? On yourself? On others? When you dress do you like to accentuate those parts or do you prefer a more modest approach?

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Already Pretty contributor Nadine Thornhill is a sex educator and blogger at Adorkable Undies. She is a new resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, having recently moved from Ottawa, Ontario to pursue a PhD in human sexuality. Her writing tends toward subjects such as clitorises, feminism, vibrators, body image, gender politics and non-monogamy. She is a passionately committed Scrabble player and lifelong klutz, having sustained 16 concussions to date.



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6 Responses to “My Five Favourite Less Than Obvious Erogenous Zones”

  1. Heather

    The back of the neck/upper back area. It’s especially considered an errogenous zone in Asia. If you look at geishas in kimonos you’ll notice the back of the Kimono is draped just so for this area to be displayed.
    I’m planning on getting a small tattoo on the knob where my cervical vertabrae meet my thoracic vertabrae to enhance this area on myself.

  2. Osprey

    My “thing” for bald men is entirely due to that bump at the occiput, on the back of the head…

  3. Gracey the Giant

    I’m definitely into necks, mine and others. Especially where the neck and back meet.

    Feet are a no-go for me. I find mine to be hideously ugly but am ambivalent about other people’s feet.

  4. Chelsea

    The human foot is ugly and unhygenic. It looks like something that just stopped evolving, and with all the sweat glands and the wrinkles and the crevices in which things could get stuck….ew.

  5. Lynnski

    Me? I get turned on by spelling, grammar, and etymology. Erogenous zones are about Eros–sexual or intimate love. Not errors! So there’s just one R in erogenous, please. (Thanks. Fixed it!)

  6. f.

    This spring was so cold that I started to indulge my springtime need to show off, by accentuating my ankles. Never thought I would get into rolling up my jeans or wearing 7/8 length pants, but my ankles look so cute in heeled booties or little wedges!