My Trusty Outfit List

I’ve mentioned my outfit list previously, but since I wrote that post, this little notepad of ideas has begun to take a FAR more prominent place in my personal style arsenal.

I’m a fairly organized person who likes to have a plan. But, weirdly, I have tended to leave outfit selection to the absolute last moment. Even for really, really important events! So you can imagine that less important events – like going to work on a Wednesday morning – get sorely neglected. And I rifle through my belongings, frantic and overwhelmed, until something easy comes to hand. Or something weird that I don’t realize is weird until I see myself in the office bathroom.

But my outfit list has totally transformed that ritual of disorganized dressing. Here’s what I do now:

  1. I spend a big chunk of time – three or four hours – every month going through my closet and mentally assembling outfits. I walk from room to room with my notepad, staring at my shoes and scarves until inspiration strikes, and then jot down a complete outfit. Shoes, tights, bottom, top, and some larger accessories if I can think of them at the time. My most recent bout of this included crafting potential outfits from every blazer, dress, and skirt I own. Yes, it was a loooooong list.
  2. I put the letters “fr” in a tiny circle next to outfits that are only appropriate for Fridays or weekends. This shorthand makes the whole list easier to scan.
  3. Then, in the morning, I flip through the list until I land on something that strikes my fancy, or suits the weather, or includes a certain item that I’ve been looking forward to wearing. And … well, I’m done. OK, sometimes the outfit in my head looks a mess on my bod and needs some revision. But generally a few accessory tweaks is all I need, and I’m out the door looking stylish.

I’ve found that, in addition to making me feel more organized and stylish and considerably less stressed, my outfit list has many other unforeseen benefits:

  • It helps me utilize the contents of my wardrobe. In fact, even when I’m not working on the outfit list, I jot down items that I consider “underutilized” on the same notepad. Then, when I have time to brainstorm, I can start by crafting outfits around those neglected pieces.
  • It helps me appreciate the contents of my wardrobe. Nothing kills the urge to shop for shoes like the realization that you have a brand new pair that’s gone unworn for six months.
  • It helps me be more creative with my wardrobe. When I go down the line of dresses and come across a really distinctive one, I challenge myself to think of varied ways to wear it. Thinking harder about how my clothes can be worn fuels the creation of better and more interesting outfits.

I am totally reliant on my list, now. I’d say there might be one day per week when I create an outfit on the fly, and it’s usually a weekend day when I’ve got loads of time. Sometimes I’ll ask HM to pick a number, and just wear whichever outfit corresponds to his selection! It’s really an amazing tool, and has revolutionized my methods of outfit assembly.

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90 Responses to “My Trusty Outfit List”

  1. Rebecca

    What a great idea! Since I've only been Wardrobing with Interest and Intention (call it Wii)for a few months, I do welljust to get it together, photograph it, make adjustments and move on. I'm thinking 2010 might be a good year to move UP to a similar list to yours. Thanks for planting the possibility!

  2. Christina Lee

    Hi Sal! Hope you're feeling better today. I am impressed with your lists. I think about my outfits and try to keep them in my head (what will I wear tomorrow, what looks best with what) but writing them down would be WAY more organized!

  3. Clare

    I thought this idea was awesome when you first mentioned it, and now even more so. I've actually been drawing out some of my outfits ahead of time (I'm NO fashion-y artist, who can draw proportions all awesome and such, but I'm handy enough with the charcoal, I think) and I've really been enjoying actually envisioning some of my ideas. I wish I had done it more while I was remixing old outfits so that I'd have a plethora of new ideas I could go to now that the project is over!

  4. Lesa

    I do the exact same thing, although not quite as often, I have been doing this for years, and I get made fun of a lot, because I plan for the week on sunday and write it down in my day planner.

    I also put the date next to an outfit after I wear it so I can mix it up and not wear the same thing again for a while–works for me!

  5. Rachel

    Funnily enough, considering how super organised I am about everything else, I'm an outfit on the fly sort of girl. Having said that though I guess I do something similar in my head and I always plan my outfit the night before (occassionally the crazy British weather means I am inappropriately attired though!)

  6. fabutrash

    What a good idea. I would love love love to have a system in place like yours. I have lost track of the number of times I have been late because of a morning clothing crisis. And yes I have piles of clothes that have gone unworn for years that just aren’t considered in the frenzy of trying to get out the door. But I know myself and I know I could never be that organised, it’s just not worth me trying. For the most part I enjoy the organic decision making process that goes on when I am getting dressed. I often dress depending on my mood that day so I am not sure that outfit predictions would really work for me.

  7. Kiki

    I have a list too. I just started putting it in a binder along with pictures I've clipped from magazines that are inspiring to me. Some weekends I even try on new combos I think about. I've been listing off and on since high school. It helps a lot on those mornings when I "think" I have nothing to wear.

  8. La Historiadora de Moda

    I am intrigued and may have to try this, especially during this shopping ban. I'm curious, though, what you do if you put an outfit on the list, but then hate it when you put it on? Do you scrap it then and there and go for something else on the list or do you try for adjustments?

  9. Angela Pea

    Wow. I have always laid out my outfits the night before (thanks for instilling that habit, Mom!) but it has never occured to me to make an ongoing LIST! Duh!

    I love the idea, espeicallly for rotating in lesser worn articles. Thank You!

  10. Gillian

    I feel like this is a fantastic idea, and something I should start doing myself. Anything that could possibly make me less stressed in the morning would be a blessing. 🙂

  11. Dirty Hair Halo

    The right side of my closet has hangers that hold a complete outfit. I generally have "sessions" where I experiment with trying on an item with anything else possible, and once I'm satisfied, I place it on a hanger for an appropriate day. I've found that lists are often tragic for me- I need the proportions just so and my imagination stinks at it.

    BTW, I love reading your blog. You really help me think about my closet.


  12. oh lady e

    This is a FANTASTIC idea! Although… I'm the kind of person that oversleeps and can't remember exactly what outfit I had planned on, and end up grabbing something from the floor.

    Anyway, I hope you're feeling better! That pile of tissues was something else!

  13. Sal

    La Historiadora de Moda: It depends on how awful it looks! Often, I'll swap out an item of clothing or an accessory and forge ahead. But some outfits just do NOT work. And then I just cross 'em off the list.

  14. Faith J.

    I do something similar since reading one of Nina Garcia's books: I have a computer file at work. One page lists all the clothes I own (fall/winter). Another lists all the possible combinations of outfits. I check them off as I wear them. It does force you to try new outfits! As I find inspirations on blogs, I try some of their ideas. On a separate page I list all the purchases I am saving money for, so I don't make impulse buys!

  15. K.Line

    This is genius!! I love how you manage to accomplish everything a chic working woman wants to accomplish, with no muss and fuss – or waste. I would like to tell you, given all my organization compulsions, that I will get right on this. But for some reason, I doubt I will. Which is stupid. OK, I'm going to try and reproduce this system in my own wardrobe… Stay tuned.

  16. Diana

    Wow! I am in love with this idea! I jot down outfit ideas on occasion, but never with this much organization. I think this would make for much less stressful mornings for me. If I could take the time, I think it would be fun to take quick pictures of the garment items laid out too. I've got to try this!

  17. Casey

    Love your super organized outfit ideas! 🙂 I'm a bit more scatter-brained about daily outfits, but might have to give this a go: if nothing else to reassess what I have in my closet!

    I do, however, plot outfits in list-fashion before I go on a trip. Not only does it help me figure out what outfits I'll need for each day, but also cuts down on the amount I pack, since I can swap pieces between outfits. I literally cannot go away for even a couple days without doing this! lol.

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  18. goingungracefully

    I often do this too, but I actually try on the whole outfit because there is nothing worse than having the whole thing laid out, throwing it all on at 7:39 when you need to be out of the house at 7:40, and then realizing that some component of it just doesn't work!

    I *always* do this when I'm packing a bag to go somewhere. If I don't physically lay out each and every item for each outfit, I'll arrive missing something. Gauranteed, 100%. I also need the outfits written out, so that I remember what I'm supposed to wear with what!

    I spend the work week at my house and the weekends at my boyfriend's house, so I have to do this every Thursday night. I pack for Friday night, Saturday and Sunday day, potentially Saturday night-out, and something work appropriate in case I decide to stay over until Monday morning. I make little notes for each day in a notebook I carry all the time.

    What I really need is a good, honest friend to dedicate a whole day to helping me sort through my closet to find new combos.

    I have a question for you: How many numbers are on your list? My goal is to have 30 different outfits (changing more than a scarf) for each season, including work, weekend and going out styles. I'm nowhere near that!

  19. gina

    I do the exact same thing! I have a notebook in my closet, and when inspiration strikes, I list outfits.

    I go back and forth on how much I rely on the list. This summer, I was wearing something off the list every day. Right now, I only look at the list once or twice a week, on mornings when I'm in a hurry or just completely lacking inspiration.

    I've had the list for close to 2 years, and it's been great in helping me rethink items in my wardrobe and keeping my outfits fresh, rather than falling back on the exact same combos I've used several times before.

  20. Eliza

    I keep a sketchbook for my clothing. When I find myself wearing an outfit that I really like, I sketch it out and label certain items for clarity. Sometimes I add alternative ideas for accessories. Occaissionally I'll draw in items that I'm considering buying, or a dream accesory that I'm still searching for, but most of the time the drawings are just outfits I know WILL work when all my clothing seems to be conspiring against me.

  21. Emm

    Brilliant idea! I'm going to have to try this. BTW, for some reason, Sal, when you use the word "bod" it cracks me up–strikes me as so 70s, but endearing.

  22. Sal

    Emm: Hahaha. Husband Mike is always laughing at me for using weirdly outdated terminology! He thinks I'm a major old lady at heart. Like 87 years old old. Never thought of "bod" as fitting into that lexicon, but I see what you mean!

  23. Shannon

    Thanks for this post. I try to do this, but never keep it up for long. I am now inspired to create my own outfit list. Hope you're feeling better and keep warm. I had frozen pipes this morning. Ugh!

  24. childfreelife

    I have been setting out my outfits the night before. I wouldn't say there are terribly stylish, but they are put together and match. That's a good start for how tired and busy I am.

  25. Christine

    I've been keeping track of my outfits this way for the last 3 or 4 years (ever since I went back to teaching) but I never get to writing it down until after I wear it. Maybe this year I will get motivated to do this ahead of time and avoid the morning stress of standing before my closet with way too many options. Though I will say I go back to my list and check what I wore this time last year.
    Thanks so much for your blogging and great ideas Sal! Discovering your blog has been inspirational.

  26. Stephanie

    I can't see myself caring about my outfits enough to document them, but I am allergic to mornings and hate trying to put outfits together while half-asleep in a rushed panic. The night-before method is too daily for my taste, so I tend to plan each week while I do the laundry on Sunday. My reasoning is that anything in the laundry shouldn't be worn again this week, and I have a better chance of seeing underused items while their mates are busy. It probably helps that I'm a fashion newb with a somewhat limited and freshly-pruned wardrobe. I will usually put about 5-10 looks together and mentally note the ones that don't make the cut so I can use them next week. I have a large over-the-door hook that I hang my chosen outfits from, and I fill in the undergarment and accessory blanks with the aid of a weather report and practical considerations for the week ahead. Sometimes I'll swap outfit days if the weather changes or I change my mind, and I tend to wear non-roster outfits on Fridays to keep it real. Since I started doing this I am less stressed in the mornings, and I make better choices because I have time to experiment and reflect rather than just grab and go.

  27. pretty face

    That is such a good idea! Today for me was a perfect example of not realising how weird your outfit was until you looked in the mirror…

  28. kateohkatie

    You are an absolute genius! I'm going to give this a shot – start with a closet full of clean clothes (uggghhh gotta do laundry :-D) for maximum opportunity.

    Thank you so so much for this! It's going to revolutionize how I dress in the mornings… 🙂

  29. What Would a Nerd Wear

    this is such a terrific idea. i do something sort of similar–i lay out a few outfits at the beginning of the week and it makes getting ready in the morning super easy!

  30. chiara

    Hi Sal! Hope you are feeling better…
    Every sunday night I write down the outfits I plan to wear for the following week, keeping in mind my plans for each day.
    Also, whenever I am feeling creative, I write down outfits that come to my mind – obviously using stuff I own.
    So, on Sun, if I am stuck, I go to the list of outfits I have written down in a moment of inspiration!

  31. Alli

    This is a fantastic idea! I'm a list maker too, and while I've taken your advice to start a running wish list to help guide my (very infrequent) shopping, I'd not thought about doing the same thing to shop my closet. Thanks for the great idea – I hope this will really help me push my creativity!

  32. lisa

    Hey, this is a pretty cool idea! I'm more of an outfit on the fly sort of girl myself…I'll check the weather forecast and in between my morning shower and brushing my teeth, I'll try to put something together that's appropriate for what I'll be doing that day.

  33. Mrs.M in MI

    I've been doing a loose version of this for a few years now, though I have the time in the morning to think about my outfits and I enjoy the on-the-fly creation.

    In my head certain days of the week are for certain things: Mondays are jacket days, Tuesdays and Thursdays are dress days, and Fridays are pants days. It helps to have a framework but I still get to play.

    I also have a dedicated calendar where I write down everything I've worn. It makes it easy to go back and see which jacket has not been worn in a few months or how I wore a dress the last time.

    If all else fails, I let my husband pick my outfit!

  34. budget chic

    Good idea, I'm not that organized so I rely on my blog a lot and I do go through it to resemble a look that I liked.

  35. rb

    I don't do the lists, but I do hang my clothes in specific sections : jackets, then blouses, then sweaters, then skirts, then pants, then dresses. Within each category, I hang the items by color. Black predominates but I do have some colorful top-half items (jackets sweaters blouses).

    I go with my rule that I never wear a color on top with a black on bottom, so that's when the non-black neutral skirts (browns, grays and navys) are worn. Otherwise, I do head to toe black or brown and use jewelry or scarves to break it up.

    So with this sort of organization, I don't need lists. I just choose a top half, and the appropriate bottom piece follows naturally.

    I'm more creative on weekends when I have more time.

  36. Melissa

    How have I not thought of this?! I am a list maker and (by most accounts) a very organized person. But, I regularly struggle getting dressed … I have taken to making a quick photo of myself before leaving to create a visual journal. I LOVE your idea – it's portable and more easily adapted when new items are mixed into the closet.
    You are a genius! Thank you!

  37. futurelint

    I try to plan my outfits the night before, so I'm not overwhelmed in the morning… usually at least once a week, inspiration will strike and I'll throw together three of four outfits at once and put them on a chair in my room, so they are ready to go when I need them! It's been sooo ridiculously cold here lately though, I'm lacking in inspiration and just want to wear something that I won't freeeeeze in!

  38. NotWithoutMyLipstick

    I love the idea of doing this to build outfit ideas around underutilized pieces and keep them on record! I'm famous for getting it into my head to empty my closet on the floor and just play around, but I'm usually too busy cleaning up afterward to commit it to memory. Thanks for the tip!

  39. Shannon

    I do this with my menu and grocery list for the week. I don't know if I could plan Friday's outfit on Sunday though. I don't know why it seems so much different to me, but it does. I would never go to the grocery store every night between work and dinner, so why do I insist on choosing outfits between breakfast and work?

    P.S. – I LOVE lists!

  40. A-C

    Wow! This is amazing. Kind of reminds me of Cher's computer wardrobe thing in Clueless (what I wouldn't give for one of those!) If I were more organized I might try this, but I like the spontaneity of doing stuff on the fly.

  41. Andie

    this is a fantastic idea. perhaps I will try it to keep myself from buying more clothes!!! can I link to this on my blog?

  42. Crafty Green Poet

    That's very organised of you! I usually just grab whatver seems appropriate – at the moment dictated by the snow and ice we're surrounded by. I spend a lot of time though deciding what to wear when I go out in the evening…

  43. E and O

    I've made organizational tasks for my wardrobe at times to help maximize what I already have when I don't have money for shopping. Or to note outfit ideas for things I've recently purchased, to make the best use of them. I also try to re-evaluate my closet a few times a year (I recently found 2 lovely pairs of shoes that had been "lost" in there!)

    But I've never made a list as you've described. It's something I'll look into now. 🙂

    One thing I have done that others may find helpful:
    I'd take quick photos of outfits that worked well so I could reference them later. Like those Wildlife Fact Cards from when I was a kid. 😉 This was a HUGE help for the days when I was so stressed I literally could not figure out what to wear, or even where to start. Or so sick that I couldn't think straight.

    These little flashcard type photos made things super easy: flip through the pile, pick one, follow it. Move on. 🙂

    These were not photos I'd share. They weren't pretty blog-worthy pics, which took the pressure off when taking them for my own records. In fact I used polaroids, not digital. They were quick, I didn't have to deal with a separate print stage, and I could write notes on them about shoes, accessories, or or special undergraments needed.

  44. AsianCajuns (Lauren)

    OMG! I think you might have just changed my like, Sally! (or at least my early morning routine 😉 Cath and I have always had our outfit inspiration books, but I've never thought of an honest to goodness list out of my own closet. I'm going to make time to do this… I'll probably embellish my list with sniped out photos from mags (I'm really, really right-brained so images help me). One of my resolutions is to come up with more interesting outifts this year… and your list idea is brilliant for that! Thanks, Sally!
    Oh! And Happy, happy New Year!


    hi Sal,
    I started doing some sort of lists the year before but since I had a major clean out in my closet and was left with clothes i love wearing I started doing lists more and more often.I also like to use all my clothes and find new combinations for them so doing lists seems the only way to achieve it.In addition when I started blogging a month ago lists have become indispensable to me.

  46. The Raisin Girl

    I've tried to do this before, but I always manage to lose the list, or forget things I should have put on it. I'm the laundry procrastination queen, too, so that doesn't help.

    Ever since I saw Clueless as a kid, though, I've wanted that computer Cher has in her closet that helps her pick outfits. 😛

  47. Luinae

    What a FABULOUS idea- I well defenitely be doing that this weekend. There are so many combos I want to wear, but then forget to do. This is perfect!

  48. WendyB

    You're like Marie Antoinette going through her books of swatches but without that annoying revolutionary problem! 😉

  49. Francesca

    Hmmm, an outfit list is a bit too compulsive for my personality. I like to choose a color that suits my mood the morning of, or an item I want to build my outfit around, and put it together that day.

    However, when I hit upon a particularly inspired combination, I take a snapshot wearing it with all accessories & save it in an "Outfits" picture folder for future reference.

    Whenever I buy a new clothing item, I also try to create at least 3-5 different outfits with items already in my closet to make sure the new item is really something I need and won't be a wardrobe orphan. I take photos at that point in case I forget those combinations.

    Finally, when I see looks I want to recreate, I save that image to my Microsoft OneNote and go thru those images when I need inspiration.

  50. Melissa Blake

    This is excellent. I'm in desperate need of some organization!

  51. Rosie Unknown

    That is such a great idea! I generally just flip through my clothing before bed, and decide what to wear the next day then, but I may have to try this!

  52. Eyeliah

    I have a notebook thats got a bunch of lists of ideas I try to seperate into pants, skirts & dresses, weekend. Plus then just random ideas and once I wear an outfit I cross it off in the book. There are some hand drawn looks and pencil crayons involved as well….. 😉 I turn to this book atleast once a week when I am stumped for what to wear.

  53. lucitebox

    When I see things like this I think, "Holy crap! I need to buy more clothes!" Seriously, this is so enviable. I don't own that many clothes which I suspect you'd find that hard to believe, but it's true. What's more, I wear a lot of things that are what they are. That's to say, I can pull out a vintage dress add a cute cardi, tights and oxfords and it's a done look. Gee…maybe I need to accessorize or do something so that I can have a list, too. You've given me much to think about….including shopping (insert evil snicker.)

  54. The Closet of Kim (ShopKim)

    Ever since your original post about your list, I've start jotting down notes when I get ideas. It's helped me for sure! One of the things I've also started doing is moving the pieces I want to do something with soon to a special area of my closet. If more than one piece comes together, then they sit there together until I'm ready.

  55. Beatrice

    I also have an outfit list that I created about 2 years ago, and it is still growing, both with existing pieces, and as I add new pieces. My closet is fairly organized, but I am notoriously forgetful, and so my outfit list was born—so I don't forget an outfit I conjured in my head, and also to help me keep track of what I have and prevents me from buying a piece I already own!

  56. Dizzy Miss Lissy

    This is really interesting. I am also a big fan of making lists. Lists of lists I need to make. You know, that sort of thing. I'm not sure if I could do exactly what you do—write things down only—because I'm much more visual. I've considered drawing all of my varied outfits. And you know what, I just might after this inspiration.

    I've also found that if I write down on my calendar what I wore that day, it helps me remember the day in ways I wouldn't have before! It's strange but it seems to work!

    Thank you! I love your blog by the way.

  57. Audi

    Unfortunately if I make lists I either lose them or forget I ever made them. I do, however, jot down ideas on little post-it notes whenever they crop up, and stick those to one of the shelves inside my closet.

  58. Mandy in CO

    I totally make outfits lists….usually I check the weather and plan out the work week. I list everything too-shoes, jewelry, makeup. I am not a morning person, so the less I have to "think" in the morning the better! Plus, I do extensive outfit lists for trips….it definitely helps me in the packing.

  59. Sara

    I love this idea, Sal. I love, too, that you're always adding to it and finding new combinations. This, and other ways, are great because some days I really don't feel like playing stylist (but still need to get dressed), or I don't have much time to think about what I'm going to wear. And I'm such a list maker, so this is right up my alley and I'll give it a try!

    Right now and since I've begun my blog, I've organized my pictures – dresses with dresses, etc – so I can see the different ways I've worn everything, or what combinations I haven't tried yet, or what items I haven't worn too much of. It's helped to keep me wearing more of my closet, reminded me of what worked (and what didn't), and made me see things I haven't tried yet.

  60. tigresse pourpre

    Sal, even as an avid reader of your blog, I had forgotten about your list up to now. This truly is genius.

    I, like Rebecca, have gone Wii-ing only recently, despite me devouring more than one fashion blog ever since I've had (finally) enough (read: nearly too much) time on my hands at the beginning of last year while spending three months abroad when my better half was working. I digress!

    Now I am finally mustering the courage to put into action the knowledge and inspiration I have been absorbing passively for so long.

    This morning at work I instantly jotted down my very first list. I quickly realise that for the time being, I like to play around "safe" items, like putting on the same slacks or the same fitted blazer two days in a row, but combining them with different looks. Also, I am of the monochrome kind right now (cheers to the academichics).

    To cut a long story short: I like the "flashcards" idea a lot, but at the same time I'm afraid I might fall back on the same old outfit again and again. How do you steer clear of that pitfall, e&o?

    While I have a very well organized professional personality (hiding somewhere right now), I am also with Francesca on choosing first a colour or a garment that makes me feel good, and then build the look around it. As so many of you already pointed out, this tends to be time-consuming in the morning, and I am not a morning person neither. Also, this limits my choice of shoes (I am following your advice on different hem lengths for different heel-heights), and makes some shoes going unworn for weeks on end though I would love to make them the star of an outfit. (note: choosing the shoes first is not an option, they are down by the entrance and I am not supposed to run up and down the stairs in heels at seven in the morning in our rented flat).

    Thanks for reading so far, I really needed to get some of my fashion troubles off my chest 🙂

  61. Rachel

    Great article. I was so surprised you featured this, as the day before I had done exactly this – created a list of tried-and-trusted, plus some new outfits. I called it 'wardrobe stocktake'!

    I've only done it so far for my working clothes, because putting my free-time outfits together doesn't stress me out.

    I was due to go to a conference this week (until I got snowed in, that is) and used the list to plan interchangeable outfits to pack. I often get times where I have no idea what to wear and even forget what I have and what works.

    This is very easy to do, especially if you are quite a 'visual' person, as piling all your clothes on the bed / switching the hangers around in the wardrobe creates those aha! moments when you realise another good combination…

  62. Cecilia

    I little while ago I read "Before you put that on" by Lloyd Boston. I compiled all of the suggested outfits into a list, much like yours, and then I charted each individual item of clothing and how often it was worn. I then compared it to what I had in my own closet to inspire my own spinoffs. It has been a time saver! What I truly would love to do would be to go a step further and actually try on the outfits, fix any mishaps and photograph it for my own "look book". So many ideas, so little time!

  63. dandra

    I love the list. I do this for vacations, but not for everyday. I normally just layer on clothes and head out the door. Some days I care and others I'm still asleep.

  64. Jean

    Wow. Sally I'm impressed with how you pull all the various possible combinations together so beautifully and artfully.

    Do you have a specific system for clothing storage. I'm imagining a room dedicated to this only. I'm a new reader and would be interested to know if you have photos of your closet(s)posted. If not, is that something you may include in future posts?

  65. Sal

    Jean: Welcome, my dear! I don't have a dedicated room for my wardrobe, though I often wish I did! I've got a tiny closet and two Ikea armoires and there isn't much to my organization system … but I'll try to cook up a post on it soon as I'd love to hear about how others keep their closets arranged.

  66. C

    I'm not sure if somebody has already mentioned it, but there is a website called Polyvore where you can build outfits online and save them for future reference. You can even upload clothing that you own (I usually Google Image search something like, "Long-sleeved, white cardigan")or choose from clothing people have already uploaded. This is how I usually try to put my outfits together ahead of time.

  67. Jill

    I thought I was the only person who did this! I have graduated from a notebook to a Google document, and I love it. It helps keep me organized and creative with what I wear each day.

  68. Kelly

    Sal, I love this idea. I must have missed it the first time around somehow, because I just found it through a link in one of your recent posts and I think this is the first time I've read this. I SO need to do this, I usually put together outfits fresh every morning and it's time consuming and they always come out just a little less awesome than I want, just because I'm rushed and bleary-eyed.

  69. Refined Chic

    Wow…I'm glad I'm not the only one to make a running list of outfits from my closet! I've been doing this for about a year now, and it's so much help on the days where I say I don't have anything to wear.
    I'm obsessed with buying fashion magazines for inspiration on color combos and new clothing items that would be a great addition to my closet. My list is rather long now, about 8 notebook pages, front and back. Thanks for sharing the great idea!! 🙂

  70. Charlotte

    like a lot of other people, i'm so glad to find that this isn't just me!! i live in fear of people finding my seemingly ridiculous outfit lists, but they're SO useful in a morning!!
    i've recently moved from minnesota from england so i have a new list to write just of the clothes I have over here (I miss my clothes at home!!) but I love writing a new one each season!!

    Charlotte xxx

  71. Ahcarr

    This was a great idea! I only decided to start an outfit list because I’m going out of town with my in laws and decided I did not want to over pack or trust in my last minute decisions, but as a person who wishes to be organized I will start to make one for everyday purposes. Thank you!

  72. Anonymous

    I have a similiar list taped to the inside of my wardrobe door 🙂 works brilliantly

  73. Salazar

    Since I’ve only recently updated my wardrobe, I don’t know if I’m quite at this level yet, but come to think of it, nothing is better to help me get better acquainted with my new wardrobe, right? Thanks for a great idea, Sal!

  74. Kay

    I have a spreadsheet of all pieces of clothing I have, grouped in different categories.. helped me see what was missing. and how much I already have and enjoy that goodness!!

    fantastic idea,Sal! Thanks for sharing.. Your ideas are very practical and make my life much more easier. I think I’ll do some outfit planning using that spreadsheet, come up with combos and make a list on the next tab.

  75. Sylvia

    Wow. Very organised. I have always dressed on the fly but am thinking more about my wardrobe now and how to mix and match. I’m thinking of creating a nice database of outfit images and different ways of organising clothes and acceccoires, as I’m a very visual person..

  76. amanda

    I HAVE to make some time to do this, because I always leave getting dressed till the last minute and chaos ensues in the form of half my wardrobe on the floor (which does not endear me to the hubs) and/or an outfit that doesn’t feel right.
    thanks for the tips!

  77. Denise

    One of my New Year’s resolutions was to try to keep morning closet panic from making me late to work too often. I’ve tried lists like yours, but in the last couple of months have been taking snapshots of outfits laid out on my bed (including all accessories). I can flip through the photos on my computer the night before and pick something to wear. Every couple of weeks I have a weekend try-on session for new outfit ideas and to incorporate things that I like but have forgotten about.

    Blogs like yours have inspired me to be a little more creative in my outfit choices and to use more of my wardrobe and weed out things that aren’t working. Thanks!