My name is Luanne and I have fat arms

Weesha wear Forever 21 plus size maxi dress, New Look gladiator sandals, Forever 21 long necklace, Bershka statement necklaceWeesha wear Forever 21 plus size maxi dress, New Look gladiator sandals, Forever 21 long necklace, Bershka statement necklaceWeesha wears Topshop beetle bracelet, Forever21 bangles, h & m rings, Mizz Chatz eye ringWeesha wear Forever 21 plus size maxi dress, New Look gladiator sandals, Forever 21 long necklace, Bershka statement necklaceDress- Forever 21 Plus (out of stock, similar here)

Statement necklace- Bershka (out of stock, similar here)

Long pendant necklace- Forever 21

Rings- h & m, Eye ring- Miss Chatz (similar)

Beetle bracelet – Topshop (old)

Bangles- Forever 21

Gladiator sandals- New Look

Bag- Michael Kors

You’re looking at someone who has accomplished a major milestone in her journey of body positivity. Although it seems trivial to some, there are lots of plus size women who are insecure about showing their upper arms and I used to be one of them. It’s something I’ve tried to overcome for a while but I just couldn’t get myself to walk out the door without a cover up. It’s an insecurity I’ve had ever since I was a kid, and it’s been a source of frustration for me recently. There are so many plus size bloggers and women around me who rock sleeveless or strapless clothing, and look amazing. I wanted to be as inspirational as them. I didn’t want to be older and still hiding behind a cardigan or blazer, I was fed up of the control it had over me because it basically meant that I was letting other people’s opinions decide how I should dress.

To sum it up, it was the fear of letting myself be vulnerable that was holding me back. I might be a strong woman but what if it just took one rude comment to knock me down into a pile of negativity? I’m very protective of all the hard work I’ve put in to overcome my body issues.

So here’s how I did it – I’ve been building myself up for it for a while but instead of letting myself over think it as usual, I just walked out the door in a sleeveless dress. You know what’s the funny part? Nobody around me cared. Nobody stared at me or commented on my fat arms, it was no big deal. I’ve also had to deal with the fact that I personally felt like my fat arms were ugly and made me look bigger, but I keep forcing myself to wear something sleeveless everyday and instead of trying to ignore how big my arms are, I acknowledge that they are big and it’s OK. I remind myself to appreciate their functional value rather than dwell on their size.

It’s been working well so far, I’m really enjoying this feeling of accomplishment and I love how empowered I feel because I know I’m  not only defying the fashion “rules” but I’m also breaking my own. The fresh new perspective on my existing wardrobe is an added bonus too, every sleeveless dress I own feels new!

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22 Responses to “My name is Luanne and I have fat arms”

  1. fashionforgiants

    Wonderful post! You look gorgeous and I appreciate that you shared your struggle with us.

  2. Christi Johnstone

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love this! I am a total inverted triangle, and have loathed my arms and broad shoulders since I was young. Living in Phoenix, it’s a heck of a lot of work to avoid sleeveless tops. Time to move past that. 🙂

    • Weesha

      The comfort factor was so surprising to me, I had really convinced myself that it wasn’t so different but omg, this desert heat is so much more tolerable without sleeves! Best of luck, I believe you can do it!

  3. l s

    Wow! You look absolutely terrific, Weesha! The dress, your hair, the accessories, and yes, your arms too — what a great look! It’s much bolder than anything I’ve ever dared to wear, but after reading your post, why not? You’re right — people don’t really care about those things that we’re so hung up about. Thanks for a thought-provoking and important post.

  4. Kristine Rose

    You’re perfect and that jewelry is to die for! I hope you share more outfits with us!

  5. Ruth Slavid

    My arms aren’t great but I don’t mind them. But I still avoid sleeveless tops particularly during the day. Because of problems with bra straps, fear of sunburn and the worry about giving people a whiff of armpit. Anybody else worry about these things.

    • Weesha

      I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one, did you know there are bra strap holders that you can attach to your top to hold them in place? I think I saw some on Amazon 🙂

  6. JB

    I think you look gorgeous and I wouldn’t have thought twice about your arms if you hadn’t said anything. My favorite accessory is that adorable pup!

    • Weesha

      Thank you! she is my absolute favorite everything and I love how she poses for pictures me with so patiently 🙂

  7. Curvily NYC

    Love this post! Arms are a point of insecurity for so many women, and this is a great reminder that we are often so much harsher on ourselves that anyone else would be. You look amazing, and are seriously a pro at accessorizing!

    • Weesha

      aw thank you! You know I love all the statement, chunky stuff haha. We really are too hard on ourselves, which is a shame because we grow so much when we are kind to ourselves.

  8. Sarah Destrehan

    I’m glad you got out of the negative mindset. It’s too hot for sleeves!

  9. PolarSamovar

    You have beautiful arms! That outfit looks great on you.

    I appreciate that you wrote about your feelings about your arms. I think many women have similar feelings – I know that I do – and posts like yours demonstrate that these feelings aren’t written on our bodies for other people to see. When I look at these photos, I see a pretty woman in a maxi dress with some really cool jewelry. And also a very cute dog. 🙂

  10. Rebecca Wilson

    I don’t know that I’ve resonated with a post as much as I have with this one. My arms are probably my #1 fashion insecurity. I remember my mom telling me as a teenager that I should or should not wear certain tops because ‘[my] arms were too big to pull that off’. I don’t think I wore a tank top or sleeveless dress in public (in Texas) until I was 27 years old.
    I think your dress, jewelry, and arms look lovely!

  11. Laura A

    Luanne, I first scrolled down the pictures without reading the title or content of the post and I thought to myself: “Wow, this woman in rocking that hair color!” I also noticed your smile and how well dressed you are. It didn’t cross my mind to think anything about your arms. So yeah, power to you for embracing your body because there’s nothing wrong with it!