Not your usual Animal Print

Asos Curve dog print shirt, Forever 21 skirt, New Look boots, Asos Curve tights, Michael Kors bag

New Look boots and collar detail of Asos Curve dog print shirt

 Shirt- Asos Curve (no longer available) similar

Skirt- Forever 21 Plus (no longer available) similar

Boots- New Look ( no longer available) similar

Tights- Asos Curve

Bag- Michael Kors

This shirt very well maybe one of my favourite Asos Curve purchases but cooing over how cute it is usually gets me thinking about age appropriate prints. I know animal prints like leopard, cheetah and snake are pretty timeless, and so are florals, but what about the whimsical ones? If I still loved this shirt in ten years, would I be considered immature for liking something with cute little dogs on it? I definitely believe in wearing what you like, so that got me thinking about what the styling options would be if someone in her 40s wanted to wear this shirt. I might be over-thinking this (I usually over-think a lot of things) but that’s just what’s going on in my head right now and I would love to know what you think on the subject.

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13 Responses to “Not your usual Animal Print”

  1. Carol

    I think this outfit is ADORABLE and it’s very on-trend. I’ve noticed lots of these types of whimsical prints at Anthropologie and other stores targeted toward women in their late 20’s and beyond. What is “cute” and “age-appropriate” completely depends on context. Also, I think you’re wearing the print in an “adult” way. The print is whimsical, yes, but it’s also on a collared, long-sleeve shirt –you’re not wearing a tutu and a giant dog-ear headband. 🙂

    Now in 10 years, who knows? I think, if you have the confidence to pull it off, are still into the shirt, AND match it with a current silhouette/shoe/color paring, I wager you will still look awesome!

    • Weesha

      Thank you, Carol 🙂 As cute as those ear headbands are, I just know I wouldn’t be able to walk around in a mall in them lol. I wouldn’t mind a long tutu though! and you’re so right, confidence probably has more to do with it than anything else!

  2. mrs. eccentric


    what a fun blouse, and i love that greyed aqua with the saturated red – yummy and especially so on you 🙂 in my (half century of) experience, whimsical stands or falls on the person wearing it. No matter how in style a particular take on whimsy becomes (which really isn’t all that often), it always takes a certain person to really bring it to life. I’ve found that experience and self knowledge makes a big difference in wearing whimsy stylishly, so actually the added decades of practice help! Here in Berkeley a lot of ladies from 40’s or 50’s on all the way up do whimsy very well.

    If you’re loving wearing this blouse in ten years, we’ll be loving seeing you in it! Happy Day!!! steph

    • Weesha

      Thank you so much Steph! I found your comment so inspiring, I’m definitely looking forward to knowing myself better and being more confident in my body and mind. Berkeley sounds like an absolutely wonderful place!

      Wishing you a wonderful day too 🙂

  3. Linda B.

    Weesha, I love that ensemble–and I would wear it in a heartbeat. I am 56. I don’t care how old I am, I wear what I like. (And that is a wide, eclectic range of clothes, believe me!) We don’t ever have to stop wearing darling puppy print shirts! Unless we feel like it–not because someone says so.

  4. Kk

    Im over 40 and an ex punk rock thrift shop queen and I probably would not wear that print- feels a bit “cutesy” at my age, like I am trying too hard.Im not a cute print or bow person in general, and about 40 I dumped a lot of my cutesy/thrifty/ campy/very girly clothes. Part of it was purging my closet of the 90s, there is nothing more aging than wearing 10 year old trends. Part of it was some things were just too young for me. When a lovely young thing wears a battered dress it looks cute. When a 40+ does the same it can get a little ” bag lady”. However the shirt is a very pretty print and color, so if I did wear it I would wear it loose, not tucked in, with skinny black or black leather pants and plain black or gold ankle boots. It looks great on you as is though and you look happy, which is the most important thing!

    • Weesha

      Thanks! I agree with you about the happiness aspect and I hope I will be as self aware as you are about personal style when I’m older. I come from a culture of moms who still wear 80s clothes and I always worry that could happen to me. Your version sounds awesome too, I would totally wear it!

  5. Rebecca

    I think it COULD look immature, paired with, say, skinny ripped jeans and hair in a ponytail. But the whole look is whimsical+stylish, and grounded with a dressier skirt and styled hair.

  6. Stacy

    Hi…I love your shirt, and at first glance I thought it was the long-sleeved sister to a sleeveless shirt I own–one with bunnies on it. I’m 45. I love my bunny shirt, and frequently wear it with shorts or a skirt during the summer and under sweaters with the collar peeking out during the winter.

    Like others have commented, I believe a “youthful” print can look appropriate at any age depending on how you style the garment. And you have styled your blouse beautifully.

  7. beate

    yay for whimsical prints!
    i´m 45 and wear them with a midi pencil skirt or tweed suit – very grown up. at first glance it´s an classic outfit but at the second the “punk” shines thru…