Dressed for: Flashbacks

Already Pretty outfit featuring denim jacket, striped top, asymmetric skirt, Birkenstock Gizeh, cognac handbag

Denim jacket – Kut from the Kloth
Striped tank – thrifted – similar
Skirt – Garnet Hill
Sandals – Birkenstock Gizeh in Licorice
Bag – Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar details, similar shape
Bracelet – thrifted – similar look
Earrings – Corset

Oh, Birkenstocks. I wore you for all of high school and college, destroyed my single brown pair with years of wear and abuse, and wrote you off as a shoe of my past. And now you are trendy. Like Vogue trendy. And when I found myself in need of a pair of on-your-feet-for-eight-hours comfy black sandals, I figured hey. Why not? This Gizeh style is a little sleeker looking than the old style Arizonas I wore as a kid, but just as supportive and comfy. And since I fully expect a late summer heat wave – we always get one in September – these will earn their keep before getting shelved for the winter.

Anyone wearing Birks for the second time around? Or did you wear them all the way through, trends be damned?


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12 Responses to “Dressed for: Flashbacks”

  1. lindaloui232

    Oh my gosh, did I have a Birkenstock collection! I wore them almost exclusively in the warm weather, even to work (not really sure how that was ok, but no one ever said anything about it and at the time they were just regular sandals in my mind). Several years ago, I donated all but one pair, because they were perfect for letting my toenails dry without smudges after a pedicure. I still slip them on around the house, or with a very casual outfit, but don’t wear them in any kind of “fashiony” way. Not that I have a problem with anyone who wants to wear them, it just doesn’t feel like me at the moment.

  2. Sarah April

    Every summer – all summer they are my go to sandal – in the Gizeh style.

  3. PolarSamovar

    If I were a hermit, or maybe a nun, I would wear Birkenstock-style sandals with thick wool socks every day there wasn’t snow on the ground. I would wear them indoors all winter.

    Why, oh why must such amazingly comfortable and healthy footwear be so culturally loaded, and do such terrible things to my already short-legged proportions? If I am lucky enough to become an ancient lady, I will sit on my front porch, smoking a pipe, wearing Birkenstocks with socks.

    I would wear them now and scoff at the haters, except that so many of my lifestyle choices already skew ‘old hippie’ — professionally, I just can’t accommodate any more counterculture in my image. Podiatric bliss must take second fiddle for now. But the day I retire …

  4. diane

    LOVE love love my birks. I have the Gizeh in silver, you know, like a glamorous hippie. I wore out the soles and had them resoled at a repair shop in my town that does birk repairs. A little tip, if you resole, you can get extra soft birk footbed instead of the plain one. Which is cool, because only a couple styles have the soft bed. I also love the Granada style (which has the soft bed as an available option). I like those because they are a little similar to the classic Arizona, but more femme. Trends be damned. I will always wear them. Just probably not with socks 🙂

  5. LaShaune DeJean

    I saw them all over NYC last week especially in the metallics.

  6. Jennifer

    I never had a pair of Birkenstocks until this summer, seeing as they were the provenance of classmates who listened to Dave Mathews and reeked of patchouli, which thoroughly opposed my punk rock sensibilities. 20 years later I changed my stance on Birks after trying them on and falling in love with them. I, too, went with one of the newer, daintier styles, and I’ve worn them to death. I took them on my summer vacation to Europe and were the only footwear I wore for 3 weeks. They acquitted themselves well whether I was hiking in the mountains, strolling cobblestone streets, or going to the beach. I now get all the hype and I doubt these will be the last pair I buy in my life.

  7. Lisa

    Totally wearing Birks now, totally haven’t for years:). But if the trends favor comfort, who am I to object?

  8. Elena DeLoof

    I started wearing them in the 90s and haven’t stopped. They never seem to wear out and I’m always adding to my collection, so I own a lot of Birks, including 3 pair of Gizeh. I guess I lean toward the boho look so I like the way they look with most of what I wear even though I’m short with long, skinny feet. I would never wear them with socks.

  9. ss

    I do not know the cultural implications or background of birks. I discovered them 3 years ago and have been wearing them since. They are so comfy and you can walk on for hours in them. I am not really fond of uncomfortable footwear.

  10. Leslie Le

    I have 2 pair similar to Birks, but they’re SAS brand. They have SAVED my feet in the past 2 summers, and I’ve gotten SO many compliments on them. To me, they are old lady hippy sandals… but then I get teenagers telling me they’re cool. I’ll take it! 😀

    And if they weren’t so stinky from wearing them all summer, I’d wear funky socks with mine. Fashion be damned!

  11. Anamarie

    I wore them in the 90s for a short period of time. This spring, I bought two pairs- black Mayari patent and silver gizeh. I haven’t been able to wear them very much because of the threat of rain most weekends. I also had an awful breaking in period with the first pair, but my feet are used to them now. I will likely wear them again next summer and then hang them up until the next go-round!

  12. Carol

    I didn’t wear them back in the day, but being an old hippie chick they’re exactly the type of shoe I like. I tried a pair last summer, and unfortunately even though I tried for days to break them in, the soles felt rock hard and very uncomfortable. I guess not everyone can wear them. Maybe I should try another style? Or maybe I should just let well enough alone…